5 Cool Tips for Online Poker Players Stuck at Home


The world is facing an unprecedented global health crisis with no immediate speculations of relief in near future. The notorious COVID-19 pandemic has shoved us towards complete lockdown. But, the internet strives hard to open doors to newer opportunities. Especially for those who are seeking respite from this ongoing physical and mental hardship. One such sector that is enjoying a positive surge in users is online poker in India.

There are interesting games like  Online Cricket Betting ID as a new acquisition of players becomes effortless and quick post lockdown. The skill-based mind sport has been breaking records in not just daily free and cash games but also in online poker tournaments. Regular players now are able to find the time to prepare for such big games during the quarantine adequately.

Today, let’s check out some useful tips for online poker games that you can play in free time. So, level up and bring your A-game to the felts without hesitation and spike your win rate. 

Online Poker in India to Your Rescue

 It doesn’t have to be all bad news this lockdown. There’s always a silver lining for everything and since we have the time, why not focus on such excellent skill games that could just boost your brain but also improve your morale during quarantine. Playing poker online can be exponentially rewarding if you know your game well. 

The best online poker sites in India are on a rewarding spree during this period in order to offer more value for your time and skill. So, here are a few tips to improve your game and kick some ass.


  • Put your opponents on a range of hands

It is vital for every poker player to pay attention to every pot, irrespective of his or her involvement in it. You might lose valuable equity if you fail to read your opponents carefully. Not keeping your eyes at the table at all times will only make you lose in the long run and push you to quit. So, if you wish to hone your skills, all eyes at the table and set the trap!

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  • Start betting post-flop more often

Most new players in online poker are usually comfortable spending money on pre-flop only. But the fact is, most large bets usually occur post flop. So, if you are planning to register for a tournament of online poker in India, you need to practice certain moves such as – utilizing your position wisely, value betting effectively and recognizing the strength and weaknesses of your opponents say, for instance when he/she checks twice or misses a continuation bet while showing aggression.


  • Play different variants of online poker

The best online poker sites in India stream multiple variants of poker for exposure to various dynamics of this much adored game. Spending too much time on the same variant can lead to default thinking in your standard poker strategy. Besides, playing new and exciting variants could be your stress buster when you are at odds in your current game. 


  • Study your game diligently

No matter how many games of online poker you play, it won’t bring visible improvement unless you back your game up with theory. It might sound cliché, however, this practice never gets old. You will notice great changes if you study regularly before playing online poker for real money. With internet at your disposal, there are tons of stuff that you can read online today for free. Sign up for poker lessons online and watch videos from the pros themselves. 


  • Workout and eat right, sleep tight

The final mantra to get your mind ticking at rocket speed. No matter how many online poker games you have played, none of them shall bear results unless you give your mind and body proper rest. Power it up with a good workout session now since you have the time. This practice should be adopted as a vital part of your poker warm up routine.

These tips are enough to get you going and enjoy overall changes and big money in your online poker during quarantine. Moving ahead, let’s get your brain cells grooving to the coolest online poker games at one of the best online poker sites in India today.

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PokerBaazi (PB): Play Poker to Win Real Money

Online poker is not only about applying stellar game strategy but also making smart choices. Picking the right poker portal that gives you outstanding returns for your skills is essential in registering a win. So, whether you are a regular or joined the game just a couple of days ago, PokerBaazi is an online poker site that’s here to ramp your game no matter which stages you are at with perhaps, the best collection of rewards in the online poker industry in India.

Here’s what you can win at online poker on PokerBaazi this month while you are at home.


  • Sit ‘N’ Go cash games

Play online poker cash games for the tiniest blind levels in PokerBaazi’s S’N’Gs and spike your winnings just like that. Sit’N’Gos are also ideal games for new poker players to practice and improve their skills quicker and win real money. No scheduled breaks, no start times, just hit the “play” button and get gaming.


  • Free Entry Tournaments worth 25 LAC (FETs)

Here is another attractive round the clock offering for new players on PokerBaazi. Play as many games as you like every 30 minutes and work your way up the monthly leaderboard to win real cash bonus (RCB) for free. What’s more? Use these real cash bonus from the FETs to play cash games for free!


  • Poker Insurance

Cash game players have a strong reason to go nuts this month on PokerBaazi. The brand new Poker Insurance is your money back guarantee that will earn you both Reward Points and real cash bonus on cash games whether you win or lose. Simply opt-in on using the deposit code, “GETINSURED” to stay poker insured and play more cash games with RCB. There’s more, these Reward Points unlock some grand rewards from the Loyalty Rewards program of PokerBaazi.

So, get clicking on their official website to stand yourself in good stead this summer and become a better player this quarantine. 

Lockdown thoughts

Skill games like online poker are turning to be a great mental workout for players worldwide during these difficult times and as we mentioned earlier, the numbers keep getting bigger each passing hour benefiting players of all levels. It’s not too late to lockdown your earnings from online poker today.

All the Best!


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