A Brilliant Game For Your Daily Game Dose : Call of Duty Mobile

Call of Duty Mobile Download

A brilliant game for your daily game dose: Call of Duty Mobile

For a long time, PUBG has been in the limelight of the online mobile gaming world. It got popular day by day, and no one could compete with it. Many other games tried to steal its popularity, like battle royale, etc., Call of Duty Mobile Download, but no one could win. Then some other studios tried to compete and almost took over the limelight of PUBG. 

Activision studios launched the Call of Duty series for both mobile and iOS. Call of Duty had given a significant rivalry to PUBG as it has provided users another level of thrill. Users have felt the fresh air of a brand new fighting ground after playing PUBG for really long. There is no doubt that the Call of Duty mobile download version will be a big name in the world of mobile games. The graphics and the variety of choices offer the same experience as a PC version.

Review on the call of duty mobile download

If you are someone from the video gaming world, you must have heard of Call of Duty. And if you are a fan of mobile gaming, you would know about Player’s unknown battleground. What if you get a thriller game that would combine all the COD pc version and PUBG mobile features? So Activision, in collaboration with Tencent and Timi studios, has collaborated to make something divine. They have unveiled Call of Duty mobile to the public amalgamating all the features of renowned shooter games. The number of installations worldwide showed that it’s one of the best shooter games made for mobiles ever.

The Call of duty mobile download version is expected to be the same as any new age mobile game world. You get a reward by logging into it and a premium pass monetization for those who intend to. If you one of the early players of the game, you get added rewards for it. This game has some basic features adopted from the classic call of duty. The maps, gear mods, weapons, and character classification are all the same. However, to make it look more real than the classic version, the graphics are focused mainly. The elements look so real, like bullet and gun coils’ closeness—the game designed by adding modern technology and modern war equipment. The users have been given control over the drone and where they want to dispose of it. The crosshair scope is a new age technology added.

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Explore In This Game

The players have many things to explore in this game, from running in different maps and locations to unlocking various equipment. The game has a lot of versions within itself, like an average match and death version. So there is no doubt that today’s date call of duty mobile version is the game to play now. You can select to play with your friends within the game by making an in-game clan. However, if you don’t have any in-game family, you can play multiplayer mode. The multiplayer match allows you to play with players from around the world. How Many Hours in a Year

The game has some geo locking, although the publisher does not say it. Nonetheless, you would have noticed several times that playing a multi-match would always match you with players of your countries. The popups are not too much to disturb you in the game. You would get a premium pass and special crates with the premium pass. The call of duty mobile has won over hearts because it won’t provide you with circumstances where you have to use money. There is nothing that would force you to purchase something to level up. 

Call of duty mobile download in Highlights

According to an estimated number, Call of duty mobile downloads have exceeded more than 25 crore downloads worldwide—this number calculated by collecting all the figures from Google Play and the App Store. The call of duty mobile version has been most downloaded in the US and India. The most number of models gathered from these both areas. Only the US has contributed more than 18 percent of the total installations of the game. It was comparing the number of figures with its rival mobile games like PUBG and Fortnite.

The call of duty mobile version is mostly downloaded in the US, followed by India and brazil. Comparing the figures from both the apple and google play COD: Mobile has still managed to be on the top. PUBG Mobile has a total of 23.6crore downloads, and Fortnite has 7.8 crores. Hence the Call of Duty mobile download is in the limelight with 25crore downloads. The player spending of the users in the Call of Duty Mobile version has crossed more than a 327million dollars. The amount gathered from Call of duty is 78 percent more than accumulated by PUBG. The most revenue was collected from the US(134milliondollars), followed by Japan and then Brazil.

The primary reason for the growth in the user base is considered the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown. The Call of duty mobile download version was published on 1st October 2019. Activision published it in collaboration with Tencent. Amazingly within the first two months, it had more than 17.2 crore downloads.

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Call of duty mobile download

Have you jumped here while finding ways to download call of duty on your mobile? Yes, you have visited the right place because here you will find what you have been searching for. Whether you are an android user or an iOS one, you can download the game on your phone. The call of duty mobile version takes up to 1.5 GB of space on your mobile phone, so if you have enough space, then you are good to start. You don’t need a lot of effort for the download, because you need a mobile, great internet and a few minutes. So read further to know everything about the call of duty mobile download.

Call of duty in android

If you are an android user, then there is no trick to download this game. Visit the app store and search for the call of duty: mobile. You can also search by the need of duty mobile android page. You can guarantee the authenticity of the application by looking for its publisher and logo. Call of duty published by Activision, and the icon’s image is a soldier with a facemask of the skull.

Call of duty in iphone

Downloading a call of duty mobile version on an iPhone is also not a big deal. It’s similar to the android version. You can visit the browser and search for a call of duty mobile iOS page or visit the play store. However, the logo for an iOS user is different from an android user. To know if you are downloading an original application, then authenticate by looking for the Activision publisher. The icon would have a skull mask soldier in front and two soldiers in the back with a yellow background.


Call of duty: Mobile safe for kids?

Parents need to know that the Call of Duty mobile version is safe for their child and the device. It’s a first-person multiplayer shooter game available for both iOS and Android. There are a lot of objective-based matches where players from around the world compete with each other. They use realistic war weapons to fight and use military tactics.

There are two main issues which the parents must know. This game is all about fight and violence. The kids would see a lot of blood and graphic violence. Since the game allows voice chat with all the players, the kids are vulnerable to listen to all types of languages and accents. They can get affected by harsh and rude comments too. 

The player gets a lot of free rewards by continuously playing. However, the game might demand many paid items that need to be purchased via the game store. So you have to take care that your kid is not too young to be affected by such things. And you don’t need to worry about the purchase. The app is genuine, and your card details are safe. There is no fraud here. So spend without any tension, 


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