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We don’t speak it often enough. Spanish has nearly 50 billion and is the official or quasi-official language in 21 countries/regions! Best way to learn Spanish These impressive numbers make it the second most spoken language in the world today, second only to Mandarin.

In addition to these numbers, this is the second most learned language globally after English, with 40 million learners in 90 countries. As a result, mastering Spanish has become a real necessity.

For example, almost all high schools offer this popular Latin language as a first language school or a second language school.

In addition to this phenomenon, companies have also begun to participate and begin to regard it as a communication medium for corporate success, especially in the South American market. Knowing the second most spoken language in the world will add a sacred rope to your bow. Travel in your career will always be useful!

As a French, learning another Latin language, such as Spanish, seems easy and allows you to learn quickly. All you need to do is put in a little bit. Thank goodness we have developed a complete guide! You will explore all the resources you need to learn Spanish in a complete and easy-to-read article. Visit here

Make your choice: beginner, intermediate or higher level, you will find your happiness according to your level! Through paid or free services: the best blogs, mobile apps, videos, podcasts, dedicated websites, you will have all the turnkeys to start your training independently.


The excesses of general websites exist on the Internet! We have selected the best blogs, professional and cooperative websites, magazines, dictionaries, the most complete and professional. Those who can fundamentally help you learn or perfect all aspects of the language. Modify your vocabulary, reading, conjugation, writing, and practice. What is the goal? Whether it’s professional or coffee, don’t be afraid to have a conversation. Speak confidently and calmly.

BBC language Spanish

The official website of the famous BBC channel is a gold mine of information for learning English and provides free online courses for beginners and intermediate levels of excellent quality! Grammar, vocabulary, expressions are mixed with a good dose of radio, television, video, magazines, and other media. In short, she has maintained a serious and professional status in the field of language learning.


CNED has established a new program: “#jeveuxparler.” Provide online courses and telephone conversations.

You can choose a 3-month, 6-month, or 12-month subscription to have unlimited access to all resources and activities. You can also choose specific courses, such as oral practice through a 30-minute conversation with a Spanish-speaking trainer. A professional and complete program can improve you!

Simple Spanish

Learn Spanish 100% for free on this platform!

For real cooperative websites, the courses and exercises introduced here are all created by registered members only after the moderators verify them. Interest is that they are part of the community. Therefore, this model can also moisturize your feet and contribute to the building by providing the content. With the millions of accounts created by 4, this is a real community that allows you to progress at an extremely fast pace. Level 5 exams, courses, spelling exercises, grammar, audio, pronunciation exercises, games, communication forums, and communities… We rarely see websites with so many suggestions and free tools.

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 Vent Mundos

This is another type of online magazine, read unrestrainedly. It gathers articles about the culture, landscape, culinary profession, geography, and society of Spanish-speaking countries. Each article is accompanied by an audio file that can be used as a podcast.

For beginners: Learning Tools is an easy way to start learning Spanish online for free. This practical and interactive tool allows you to acquire the basic Spanish language: common languages, familiar languages, numbers, and hold simple conversations.

You can also purchase e-books to deal with verbs and grammar in the form of comprehension exercises.

French magazine in print or online. Very useful for practicing reading and writing Spanish. It not only contains articles but also includes a vocabulary list to help you learn new words. There you will find online tests and advice on the language. Provide different packages, such as full text + Spanish digital reading, How to become a better writer to practice understanding and improve your pronunciation. You will understand that this site is your platform for creating a member area. The formulas provided are all chargeable. Vocable is a recognized organization dedicated to language retention for more than 30 years. It offers language courses in more than 30 countries/regions.

Spanish courses

A very easy-to-use interface with free and open access to many courses, such as letters, pronunciation, spelling, verbs, sentences and expressions, audio and video courses. You will also find articles ranging from “History of Spain” to “Football in Spain” in a small trip and cultural area for more information!

Spanish in Golodrina

Canadians offer free courses on her website. Start learning grammar, vocabulary, exercises, hands-on activities, and online games. She explained that she took a class every week to start an apprenticeship, and then brought books and tapes by herself…you see that everything is possible, you need to start!


Spanish used in 21 countries/regions depends on national conditions, and its words must have different meanings. This is the professional knowledge of the website, exquisite and practical, and it will help you find a way to explain the possible meaning of words ((language or familiar vocabulary) different from country to country. Therefore, by country/region, you will see There are exact definitions of words. This site can be called a Latin dictionary. It is user-driven, so if you learn new words, please don’t hesitate!

Lecturas Paso Paso

This free website is dedicated to reading. The content is entirely in Spanish. There is nothing like learning fast! Let us guide you! You also have exercises suitable for beginners, intermediate and advanced.

El Conjugator

A very useful platform because it allows you to conjugate any verb in Spanish! Enter your verb and click Conjugation to see “Spanish Conjugation” appear. Useful and easy, you can also practice games and grammar rules.

Spanish step by step

Spanish teacher Karim Joutet talked about his life in Spain, his travels, and Spanish culture through this blog. As the name suggests, he provided some tips and tricks to start Spanish gradually. In addition, high protein breakfast you have a video section that can take you to his YouTube page. Share experience and humans!


This free website has completely focused on grammar: times, sentences, verbs, pronouns, adverbs…a lot of information will help you practice speaking correctly! No more excuses for this website! You can also practice writing in the form of a seminar.


If you have a visual and auditory memory, this part is for you.

Accessibility, videos, and podcasts are a great way to learn languages. While entertaining you in a fun way, you can learn anytime, anywhere, and learn interactively.

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Video galore learning fluency and regularity

We provide the best websites, videos, or YouTube channels, with training in Spanish.

News in Slow Spanish

This is one of the top sites offering podcasts! Warning this website is suitable for intermediate and senior personnel. These podcasts appear in the form of episodes and broadcasts. They will let you listen. To useful things and master precise. Vocabulary on different topics. Such as entertainment. Ecology, politics, and economics. In addition, you will find vocabulary cards corresponding to each episode.

There is no doubt that this is the best podcast website, which allows you to receive relevant information in simple Spanish, adapt to the pace of teaching, and provide better assimilation functions every week!

Teacher’s video: The best way to learn Spanish

This website lists many video courses suitable for beginners: interactive videos, such as life scenes or focusing on colors, numbers, how to present yourself, and so on. Whenever you will also have grammar exercises and quizzes. Each video lasts between 3 and 6 minutes and is accompanied by a transcription of its content. Suitable for beginners and resources are very good. The good thing about this website lies in its name, the teacher’s video, so that you can access online courses in absolutely all subjects except Spain! Some modifications sometimes do not cause harm.

Pay attention to Spanish to learn Spanish

This website is written in English, so it is recommended to have a small level in English to understand the categories and steps. You will be able to choose advanced courses through a wide range of podcasts. You choose your level and download your package (pay).

This website is very suitable for absorbing vocabulary and grammar to gain a good Spanish level.

Small extra: You can read English and Spanish.

Tea Break Spanish

You will be accompanied by Carla, who is your student, and your teacher who is studying at the same time. Again, this website is in English and provides 20 broadcasts for beginners from 80 to 15 minutes each. Some more experienced learners want to enhance their written and oral Spanish podcasts by developing expressions and grammar!

Some content can be paid for because you can also purchase packages (4 different levels).

Espagnolpod podcast

This podcast is very good for beginners, it provides a lesson every day, so you have time to learn and study smoothly, In this way, the teacher translates most of the Spanish words into French in a slow and clear voice. However, you can still choose between several sequences: grammatical points, sentences, and expressions, vocabulary. The website is very intuitive and simple and lists 300 episodes. Provides a very good foundation for beginners.

In Carta

The best way to learn a language effectively is to go there and immerse yourself in your own culture. Unfortunately, you can’t always get there. A la Carta offers a choice of TV series, radio, and Spanish radio.  Best weight loss pills What satisfies everyone and makes major progress quickly!


This website is the Ecuadorian Association “Radialistas apasionadas y apasionados”.

You will get many audio files to solve topics such as citizenship, geography, history. Although you can also find interesting series and video conferences. You can find them as a text file for recordings, which will help you absorb the video better—the most curious mix of culture G and Spanish.

Hola amigo-learn Spanish: The best way to learn Spanish

An excellent YouTube channel, including various videos of courses and Latin culture: Spanish traps, verbs, frequent mistakes, Spanish conversations, pronunciation. Everything is helping you understand the language! These video formats are simple. However, it’s easier to stay focused and without stuffing! Visit here

Subscribe to the 52 000 YouTube channels, and Saby teaches us Spanish in some well-designed videos. Thanks to the images translated into Spanish, the video is very clear and concise. What enriches your vocabulary.


A real collaborative database of audio files for online download or listening, recorded by native Spanish speakers. The podcasts are very short (approximately 2 minutes). They are very well designed and registered in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). Indexing smartly, you can achieve your search by keywords, age, level, language, and duration. It’s really easy to use and intuitive—a great way to share Spanish happily.


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