Top Inexpensive Birthday Gift Ideas

birthday gift ideas

Birthdays are a special occasion for you and your loved ones, no matter where you are. It marks the beginning of a new phase in your life; therefore, how you celebrate it speaks volumes about the coming year. If you choose to celebrate it amongst your friends and family, with happiness, the chances are that you will be more excited to face what is coming in the future. However, it is no secret that getting your loved ones the best presents can be a tedious and expensive task. People have different tastes, preferences, and various likes and dislikes that have to be considered before picking out a present.

Moreover, once that hassle has been figured out, the next step is to see if it fits your budget or not. This will limit many suitable options for you, which is disappointing. The purpose of this article is to mention a few of the best gift ideas to give to your loved ones on their birthdays, without making a dent in your wallet.

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For those who love to write and record their daily thoughts and experiences, gifting a journal or diary is the best present. Moreover, this present is also something that is affordable and can also be actively used by the birthday boy/girl. Also, you can get them in different styles; for example, you can get a memo book for your friends that have busy lives, and everyday hardcover journal for those who enjoy aesthetic looking books and writing in them. Furthermore, diaries and journals come in so many different varieties that they are bound to stand out, making it a cute and memorable present. 

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Personalized mugs

For your friends that enjoy a good cup of tea or coffee in their regular routines, giving a customized coffee or tea mug is the best idea. Any local printing shops will provide you with this facility; all you have to do is bring in a design that connects the mug to the birthday boy/girl. Through this, you are not only giving a cute and thoughtful present, but also saving a considerable chunk of your money. Furthermore, they will enjoy drinking coffee or tea in their mugs extensively after receiving these cute personalized mugs.


Another excellent and affordable gift idea for friends that enjoy drinking tea could be to purchase a tea box for them. These tea boxes contain various varieties of teas that a tea lover will be all too ready to explore and enjoy. This method is also quite thoughtful and also affordable for those looking to buy presents on a budget. Furthermore, this idea can also be paired with the personalized mugs to create a cute and thoughtful package birthday present. Find coupon codes for birthday gifts on CouponKirin.

Diamond painting kit

Another affordable but excellent birthday present could be to gift diamond painting kits. A diamond painting set it like filling in a painting but using colorful and shiny beads to fill in your pictures. It comes with an applicator that can help you place your diamonds in your art. This present is not only very innovative, but it is also very engaging and will keep the birthday boy/girl entertained for a while. After this, the painting can also be used to decorate the house, therefore adding more value to the present.

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If you have friends that are fond of wearing dainty and minimal jewelry, gifting them a variety of cute rings, necklaces, and earrings is a great idea. They will not only get something they can put into active use but also look good while doing it. Furthermore, they are also quite affordable and will not cause a strain on your bank account.


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