Cheap Laptops Under 100 Dollars

cheap Laptops Under 100

Cheap laptop under 100 dollars

Laptops are the need of the hour and are almost part of every field as everything is online now. When it is said, a computer, this general term, is very dubious. If you are familiar with technical terms and details, then you can understand it in a better way. If you do not have a technical understanding of laptops, do not worry, this article is going to give you every bit of detail. Just read this article till the end, and this laptop will provide you with what you need to look into before buying a computer, and then a list of cheap laptops under 100 dollars. You can also check the list of laptops under 600.

Why is this list of great importance?

This laptop is of great importance because of the price it offers. It is obvious and a standard that when you pay more, you get more. Similarly, if you pay less, you get less. If you want to have a good laptop with great features and efficient hardware performance, then you have to pay more. To pay as little as possible, that is under 100 dollars, and get as much as possible. This list is going to help you in a better way. All budget laptops compromise on somethings, but in this list, we will have a plan that can give you more in minimum possible amount.

What should you look at before buying a laptop?

First of all,

you should look at the processor of the laptop. It is recommended that your computer should have a core i5 or core i7 intel processor. This is because you need to have a computer that can work for you for a long time, and you can go for it for an extended time. It is tough then to meet the basic requirements of advanced programs and tools. Modern programs and devices need a machine that can meet their required specifications. Games and videos nowadays are of high quality and definition. Minimum an intel core i5 or core i7 processor is vital for fast calculation, fast processing, and less power consumption.



you need an efficient Random Access Memory (RAM) for your laptop. If you do not have a good-enough RAM, then your CPU is of no use, and your computer will not perform as you want it to do. When it comes to RAM, you need a RAM of minimum 8GB or 16GB. RAM does not have any effect on storage, but it does have an impact on the performance of your machine. If you do not have enough space in your RAM to place recently running programs, then your laptop will need a RAM replacement or up-gradation. If your computer has integrated RAM, then forget about up-gradation, because you are going to need a new machine.


permanent storage of your laptop is also necessary to save all of your essential data on your computer so that you can access it anytime you need to. Storage is costly and very crucial nowadays. Therefore, a laptop with at least 1TB of HDD and a minimum of 256GB of SSD will meet the market requirements quickly. There is a massive difference in SSD and HDD. Make sure your laptop has both, as mentioned above. HDD is cheaper than SSD, but it is slow in reading and writing data. While accessing data on your laptop’s hard drive, your computer will need an SSD for speed. SSD is expensive, but it is very fast, as it does not have discs, instead it has mini chips that work more quickly. The power consumption of SSD is also less than a conventional hard drive.


GPU is what you will need for better graphical results. If you want to have a good gaming experience, especially, then, believe me, you are going to need a laptop with a GPU. GPU is the Graphics Processing Unit of your computer that supports and provides basic requirements to your computer while there is a need for some graphics processing.

Display: Cheap Laptops

they always want to compromise on their display screen. However, this underestimated part of your laptop can be a real headache later on. Make sure your computer contains a screen size of at least 14-inch. Less than 14-inch will not be a laptop you want to have. Besides size, resolution power is also vital for your computer. You cannot ask for a $K Display screen at this price, but make it possible that the laptop you are going to buy does not ignore the screen.

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What can be ignored by Brands in a budget laptop?

A budget laptop can have some of the features in an ignore list, and a screen display is one of them. If you buy a budget laptop, then make very sure that it has a proper resolution and size. After this, laptops may compromise on the keyboard. Although it is not a big deal, you need to focus on that too to have a good typing experience.

Now let us discuss some laptops that come under 100 dollars and are possibly best to be under 100 dollars.

Dell E5400 Latitude 14:

Under 100 dollars, you will not find a laptop better than this if you are looking for build quality along with performance. This laptop is one of the best cheap laptops under 100 dollars. This laptop promise stability with its strong hinges and hardcover. If you want to take this laptop on trips of bumpy roads, you can easily do this without any difficulty. When it comes to performance, this laptop is good in its hardware performance.

With healthy and nicely finished bezels, this laptop has a 14.1-inch screen display. Intel Core 2 Duo P9500 is packed in this laptop, which is a good processor at this price. Core 2 duo is the minimum processor that must a computer have to do day-to-day workload without any difficulty. Along with this, this processor gives a 2.53GHz of clock speed, so it can meet requirements when it is needed. Additionally, it comes packed with a plethora of hi-tech features, like an expandable 2GB RAM, 160GB hard drive, an 8X DVD writer, as well as Intel X4500 HD graphics accelerator. Although RAM is not enough for massive programs, you can upgrade it as much as you want. In this price, these features are very satisfying and enough. This laptop also supports graphics of medium quality.

Pros and Cons of this laptop:

Build quality and overall construction of this laptop is of good quality and can face rough weather and conditions easily.

The matte 14.1 screen is a plus point of this laptop, as most of the laptops ignore screen when it comes to budget. With strong and thick bezels, this laptop gives the screen extra strength and durability.

One of the prize-winning pros of this laptop is that the computer comes with an ability to prevent over-charging of the battery. Hence, you can leave the laptop plugged in at all times, without worrying that it might reduce the battery life. It means this laptop will not lose battery quality after it is plugged in all the time. For batteries of laptops, battery lifetime reduces when it comes to battery.

Dell E5400 is Based

The Centrino 2 platform and integrates a quick CPU, that makes it easy for you to handle multiple tasks at one go without any difficulty.

When it comes to cons, this laptop, due to the low budget, has some opposing sides too. Let us have a glance at them, so you can choose it yourself, which one is best for you.

As it is mentioned above, that budget laptops do compromise on keyboards if it is needed. The keyboard of this laptop is not that impressive, as the keys are way too soft and tend to give an irritating squeak upon being pressed. However, never consider this as a deal-breaker.

This laptop does not have a fast SSD. Therefore, this laptop takes some extra time while accessing data on it. The difference between SSD and HDD is mentioned at the start of this article.

 Overall, this laptop model has just kept the standard; that is, dell laptops never disappoint you when it comes to performance. Design-wise, dell laptops like to have bulky laptops. When we keep all pros and cons in mind, then we can easily decide that this laptop is worth buying or not.

If you are looking for a laptop that has good hardware performance and low price, then do consider this laptop as one of the best laptops under 100 dollars. If you are a big fan of design and outer look, then do not go for this one, as this laptop is not that smart from outside.  Best Laptops Under 500 Consumer Reports

Lenovo ThinkPad 400:

With premium performance, this laptop seems to be one of the best business laptops in the market under 100 dollars. With blackish color, large screen, decent bezels, and soft keyboard, this laptop looks great in this price category. It looks bulky and sturdy, but it is also light enough to carry it in your backpack without any difficulty. This laptop is not dedicated to gaming or multimedia, but the regular users can find this laptop an acceptable doer of daily tasks.

This laptop comes with Windows 7 operating system, which is also best for doing day-to-day jobs. When it comes to performance, this machine has an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, which gives it the power to do daily tasks very smoothly and efficiently. This powerful enough processor is supported by a powerful enough Random Access Memory (RAM), which is 4 GB DDR3. Enough GBs on the hard drive, as well as a DVDRW drive, give this laptop extra features, so you do not go here and there to do your daily tasks. This laptop includes a 14.1-inch display screen, which is a plus point and is also enough to house content in it and present it in a better way.

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Pros and Cons of this laptop:

This laptop has a 1200×800 resolution power screen that provides a satisfying experience using this laptop for daily tasks. Be it photo editing, web browsing, and anything else, leaving heavy jobs besides.

Sturdy and compact build quality of this laptop gives this laptop a very powerful out covering, and also provide this laptop protection against occasional fall.

Being an entry-level laptop, this laptop does not mind it and is replete with a host of modern features to keep you on your toes always, with very little out-of-noting delay time.

For Seamless Multitasking

and smooth and speedy calculation, this laptop has an intel core two duo processor, so you never need to compromise with your performance at work. With this processor in your hand, this laptop also has enough RAM for delicate tasks, which can be upgraded if you want to do it.

When it comes to cons, this laptop comes with many, but the main are the following:

For those who love speakers with loud sounds, this laptop is not the best choice, as this laptop has not done enough in this field.

Due to the minimum needed processor in this laptop, this laptop could not handle multitasking for a long time, and at the same time, therefore, this laptop gets heated soon.

To sum up, Lenovo ThinkPad 400 comes with enough build quality, design, and hardware performance for your daily workload.

Dell Chromebook 11:

With quality and performance, this laptop has an affordable price tag on it. This laptop comes with an integrated Intel Celeron N2955U Processor that makes it robust enough to support super-fast multitasking. When it comes to storage, this laptop comes with a 16GB of SSD, which helps in fast accessing and speedy booting. Suppose you save all of your valuable files and data. This laptop can give you fast access to your files and data. However, this laptop has an 11-inch display screen. But it is not very small, and one can easily manage to work on it.

Pros and Cons:

With in-built Operating system updates and virus protection features. This laptop brings you the ultimate peace of mind to handle multitasking in a risk-free manner.

This laptop comes with a 16GB of SSD, which helps in fast accessing and speedy booting. Suppose you save all of your valuable files and data. This laptop can give you fast access to your files and data.

At a weight of just 2.9 lbs., the Dell Chromebook is ultra-portable. You can carry it wherever you go. Its battery life is high at 8.5 hours. This means that you can stay online all day without charging it at intervals.

This laptop Chromebook 11

provides you super-fast wireless connection. With higher speed and greater ease of computing the convenience, you can enjoy WLAN and 4.0 Bluetooth connectivity.

This laptop has built-in speakers that do not meet. The requirements of users, most especially for audiophiles. As it sounds hollow at times. If you do music production on your laptop, then this laptop will not help you in this regard. For day-to-day tasks, you need external speakers to have sound in better quality.

To sum up, this device is a compact machine that houses almost everything that is required for daily tasks. This is not extraordinary, but of course, for a laptop under 100 dollars, this is more than enough.

Samsung Chromebook:

Processor: This laptop is power by 10th Gen Intel Core i5. This processor makes sure that your work is done smoothly.


With 8GB of RAM (LPDDR3), this laptop supports CPU in a better way. If you have a computer with a good processor but low-grade RAM, then there is no use of this. Your CPU will not work on its pace, as it will not have enough data to switch to.


256GB SSD gives this laptop additional speed and quick access to data in permanent storage. This laptop is with a plus point because of this. Laptops under 100$ mostly do not have SSD because SSD is expensive than HDD. Who needs more than a 256 GB od SSD at this price.



When it comes to portability, this laptop weighs 2.29 lbs, which is quite portable. Having as light like this at this price, a computer is hard to find. You have to use advanced and updated hardware to reduce the size of the laptop. This is very appreciable and is one of the contributing factors. For this laptop to get this position in this list. If you are a student, then you can take it to the library. If you are a freelancer, then take it to the coffee shop. This laptop fits in your backpack. Best Gaming Laptops Under 300 Dollars

Thickness: 0.38 inches.

Battery: 49.2Wh gives this laptop a whole day of running time. With one charge, you can use it for 5 to 6 hours. Which is your average laptop using time per day?

Display: 13.3-inch, 4K OLED touchscreen (3840 x 2160) is also a plus point in this  laptop model.

Camera: 1MP (front), 8MP (keyboard deck) helps you in having clear online conversations, and many more.


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