What Are Different Types Of Lawn Mower??

Lawn Mower

Having the right mower in your lawn equipment is very essential for a landscaper. When it come’s to maintain your lawn, you need some of the best lawn mowers in the market. A lawn mower can be your best friend when it come’s to what tool one should use for maintaining their lawn.

A best lawn mower can reduce your physical work to almost 0.001%, as you just have to sit back and mow your lawn.

So, it is suggested that one should consider a lawn mower for their lawn equipment.

What Are Different Types Of Lawn Mower??

  • Riding Lawn Mower/Tractor

A mower on which you sit a mow your lawn can be called as a riding lawn mower. A riding mower generally works on Gas. These mowers are considered to be the “Best” when compared to their fellow members.

The top speed of these mowers can be 7-10kmph. A riding mower has a huge steel reinforced cutting deck, with help of this you cut your lawn in a single pass and it also gives a great precision cut due to it’s power. 

A riding lawn mower should be considered when one has a medium to huge lawn.

A walk behind mower comes in two types, Battery Powered & Electric Lawn Mower.

A battery powered walk behind mower works on batteries which can last for 1 to 1 and 1/2 hour. A walk behind mower does not produce a huge amount of power but are completely fit for small-medium lawns. A electric walk behind mower works when it is connected to a plug. 

A walk behind mower usually comes with 3 inputs, bagging, mulching & side discharge. 

If you ever think that a cordless/battery powered walk behind mower runs out of battery and you will have to charge again, I will tell you many users keep a charged spare battery aside while mowing their lawn, so that there is no interruption in their work. 

  • Reel Mowers

Reel mowers are the old school mowers. They are currently not in much demand as they are not fit for even small lawns.

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This is because reel mowers have really small cutting deck, which can really difficult for users who have small lawns.

Reel mowers went out of demand when the fellow Gas, Electric powered , Cordless mowers were introduced in the market.

A reel mower can be really good for tiny lawns or if you don’t have a big storage you can definitely go for reel lawn mowers. 

What To Look For In Best Lawn Mowers??

  • Deck Size

The deck size of a lawn mowers should be the first thing one should look for. A deck size is nothing but the area that a lawn mower can cut in a single pass. Usually lawn mowers give a precise cut in a single pass but, riding lawn mowers have the largest cutting deck and it also gives the best cut when compared to other mowers. 

The perfect deck size can be:-

Minus of 1/2 acre- 40” deck or less.
1/2 acre to 2 acre- 40-50” deck.
Over 2 acre- 50” 7 above deck.

  • Fuel Capacity

This factor can be neglected for cordless and electric corded lawn mower. 

Fuel capacity comes in the picture when you are using a riding lawn mower. You will want to use a mower that you don’t want to stop in between your work or mowing.

It will be difficult for one to understand how much fuel he/she might need, but if you have a lawn mower with huge fuel capacity then you need not worry about anything.

When you start using the mower in your lawn after few days of mowing you will get the idea about how much fuel you might require.

  • Horespower(Hp)

Greater the horsepower for a mower greater it’s strength. 

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Horsepower is generally a unit you can use to estimate what will be the strength of the mower.

Horsepower totally depends on what size of lawn and what size of grass you have to use your mower on. Larger the lawn higher the horsepower you will require.

Higher horsepower can give relevantly more speed when compared to other fellow mower family.

  • The Brand

When it comes to purchasing one should always trust a know brand.

When you are spending your money, you would want to spend it in the right place and on the right product.

A brand can give you trust and you can always turn up to them if your products are faulty or not working properly.

Before buying any product from any brand, you should always check for the product rating, user reviews on the product.

You should never believe on word of mouth. 

Conclusion :

Our team always works on how we can satisfy our customers. We always strive for user satisfaction, the ultimate aim for our company is to deliver the best from our side and the most knowledgeable content in the whole industry.

The above mentioned are some of the most common points one should look for before buying a lawn mower. 

If you follow these instruction you will never be disappointed by the lawn mower you purchase.

These factors look common but are some of the most important factor one should consider before buying a lawn mower.

A lawn mower is a long term invest and will be with you for a long period of time, so you will want to invest in the best lawn mower present in the market.

One should always aim to make an educated purchase.

Thankyou & Happy Mowing



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