Elite dangerous ship size comparison

Elite dangerous ship size comparison

New ships are planned for future updates to Elite Dangerous. However, Beluga Liner is a ship that Saud Kruger manufactures. Elite dangerous ship size comparison It is bulkier in volume and designed to carry passengers to their destination in luxurious comfort. It is considered one of the giant elite dangerous ships. 

 Here’s a brief look at the most noteworthy ships currently available: 

Multi-purpose ships

Some of the multipurpose ships come in elite dangerous ships category are as follows: 


This is an all-rounder starting ship considered good for sampling lots of different activities in the game without appealing disaster upon the user’s credit balance. Though it is not the most influential ship in the game, it is agile. Its size is usually 14.9, almost similar to a General Dynamics F-16 Fighting Falcon (15.06 m).


This ship indicates the halfway house among the default Sidewinder ship and the beefier Cobra Mk III. It possesses an excellent jump range for exploration fans, and its cargo-hold can also improve to turn the boat into a valuable transporter. The sizes of its compartments are as follows:

  • 1x Size 1 Compartment
  • 2x Size 2 Compartment
  • 2x Size 3 Compartment

Cobra Mk III

It is the best option to smuggle ill-gotten gains from one part of space to another. Its low heat signature capacity will keep the police at bay, whereas its valuable cargo capacity guarantees that users will efficiently use time. In addition, there are decent weapons systems that round off the package. Its size is about 130m width ×30m height ×65m length with a Cargo capacity of 20 TC. 

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Imperial Clipper

It is one of the most influential all-rounder ships in the Elite Dangerous category. To purchase it, it is compulsory to achieve either the Empire rank of Baron or the Imperial Navy. In addition, achievement of Allied status is also essential. The Clipper extend to 18.9m compared to the longest ship that can easily fit on a medium pad (Python) and 44.4m broader than the broadest ship that can easily fit on a medium place. 

Combat ships

Some of the combat ships come in elite dangerous ships category are as follows:

Eagle: Elite dangerous ship size comparison

The Eagle is a well-known combat ship for those starting their career as a Bounty Hunter, although they need to invest in better shields as soon as they have the funds to do so. The overall length of the eagle is 667 feet 6 inches (203.5 m).

Viper: Elite dangerous ship size comparison

This ship from the category of dangerous elite ships is good enough for the authorities and police space. On the negative side, it burns through both fuel and power like nobody’s business, so it’s not wise to expect that it carries much.

Anaconda: Elite dangerous ship size comparison

It is pretty much massive and armed to the teeth, but it is compulsory to put around 150 million credits on the table if someone wants to fly one of these beauties. Its length is 152.4, with a width of 61.8m. 

Transport ships

The Hauler machine is best at shipping goods from one galaxy unit to another with excellent efficiency. Always keep in mind that it is extremely limited in combat, so be ready to run rather than stand your ground. Its cargo capacity expands from the default eight to 22 slots.

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