High Protein Breakfast

High protein breakfast

If you work out in the morning in the gym, start the day with a healthy breakfast, or need some ideas for a bodybuilding breakfast, having a protein breakfast (or high protein depending on your needs) is the best choice.

In this article, you will find examples of breakfasts that will allow you to limit the introduction of fats and sugars, replacing them with a more significant share of proteins but without giving up a first meal of the day that satisfies you.

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What is a protein breakfast?

For years, nutritionists have insisted on reiterating the importance of breakfast. The problem, however, arises when the first meal of the day is often the poorest and least healthy meal, rich in sugar.

For this reason, a breakfast that contains proteins can often be an excellent solution to introduce quality foods, which provide energy for several hours and help the sense of satiety until lunch.

Examples of protein breakfast

In recent years, the protein breakfast has also been proposed in Italy. A breakfast that includes

  • Low-fat or Greek yogurt
  • Dried fruit
  • Eggs
  • Protein pancakes
  • Protein powder (for athletes)
  • Smoked salmon
  • Toast (healthy)
  • Oats

can bring you a good protein intake from the morning, thus helping to improve the sense of satiety, glycemic control, and above all, leading to a better caloric partitioning of nutrients towards the muscles and not the fat cells.

Protein breakfast with milk

except for coconut milk with a large lipid fraction (and consequently a much higher caloric intake than the others of the same weight), macronutrients are more or less present in the exact percentages. Proteins are few, so it is better to choose milk with the lowest lipid content for the same protein and carbohydrate intake.

Considering a 200 ml cup of milk, Best weight loss pills whether you choose coconut milk rather than semi-skimmed milk, the protein intake will be 10.6 g and 7 g, respectively, a minimal difference and a small intake to reach the daily requirement.

Only soy milk differs for the low values ​​of carbohydrates (0.8 g against an average of 5 g) and fats. It is the least caloric.

However, to drink milk in the morning (an excellent source of calcium, essential for bones), you can add protein powder to make it more protein.

Protein breakfast with egg white (eggs)

The egg white is made up exclusively of proteins. In 100 g of egg white, about 11 g are proteins (the remaining grams are of water).

For breakfast, you can use it to make protein pancakes or make an egg white omelet. It is, in fact, essential to eat it cooked because with the cooking temperature, the avidin protein is inhibited, which otherwise active (raw egg white) would prevent the absorption of a B vitamin.

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Protein powder for breakfast

Taking protein powder guarantees their immediate availability and also does not tire digestion (therefore excellent in the pre-workout)

Sweet breakfast

    • 0% or 2% Greek yogurt with dried or fresh fruit, to which you can add a few drops of chocolate, a teaspoon of honey, or jam to make breakfast more palatable (pleasant).
    • Protein pancakes with fresh fruit and low-calorie syrup.
    • Slices of wholemeal bread (also toasted) / rusks with reduced sugar content jam.
  • Protein and fruit smoothie
  • Oat porridge with egg whites and dried fruit

Protein pancake breakfast

Cooked with protein mixes or a simple egg white and flour mix, protein pancakes take 5 minutes and no particular cooking skills.

You can enrich them with fresh fruit, dried fruit, jam, or whatever you prefer.

Salty protein breakfast

  • Wholemeal bread with lean meats (such as chicken breast, turkey breast, bresaola – even if the latter contains a lot of salt).
  • Healthy toast (lean meats, vegetables)
  • Eggs or cottage cheese with slices of toasted wholemeal bread

Vegan breakfast

A vegan diet must be based on a protein intake by vegetable proteins (which we know have an incomplete amino acid spectrum compared to those of animal origin) and therefore on vegetable drinks (coconut, rice, almonds, soy), which however we have seen contribute little to the protein requirement.

Support for the vegan protein breakfast is legumes and hummus, a cream based on chickpeas. To do this, it is better to use dried chickpeas or chickpea flour, not canned ones, as they have a much lower protein fraction than the other two.

Vegetarian protein breakfast

Suppose an omnivore considers a vegetarian’s diet restrictive. In that case, this definition does not apply to breakfast: they could have the same protein breakfast, with the apparent exception of starting the day with meat and cold cuts.

So if you are a vegetarian or have a vegetarian friend as a guest, you can have the same breakfast, in which you can insert eggs, pancakes, yogurt to your liking.

Protein breakfast for the gym

It is essential to maintain the right amount of protein without exceeding a high-protein breakfast: not all protein foods you eat for breakfast are good. The bacon used so much in some countries is definitely to be avoided: its saturated fatty acids (including some fatty acids such as myristicin high%) make it an unhealthy food. Smoked salmon, due to its high salt content, should also be limited.

If we eat cheeses, it is better to choose those with a low fat intake, such as cottage cheese.

In the morning, try to limit the bresaola, which, even if lean, remains a product rich in preservatives and with excessive salt content.

Example of breakfast before the gym

Healthy pancakes made with egg whites and oat flour, and fruit (e.g., banana) to ensure protein, carbohydrate, and micronutrient intake. Do not overdo the quantities to limit digestion times.

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Example of breakfast after the gym

After the gym, you can take protein powders dissolved in whatever you prefer (to quickly integrate both the amino acids and the fluids lost with physical activity), wholemeal bread, and lean meats.

Protein breakfast at the bar: how to make it?

Reluctantly, the classic freshly baked croissant with protein cappuccino has very little, as, in reality, most of the products are found in a classic bar. Between croissants stuffed with creams or sugary jams, pastries, biscuits, buttery or cheese-rich toast, having a protein breakfast at the bar is quite a feat.

If you can find one that has fresh Greek yogurt to add dried fruit to or a savory dish with eggs and toast, this is the bar for you.

Protein breakfast for weight loss

The protein breakfast is a valuable tool. For those who want to lose weight. When eating Greek yogurt and dried fruit instead of bread. Best yoga mat Nutella becomes a good habit over time. It indicates a better distribution of macronutrients healthier lifestyle choices. Which will be reflected not only in the choice of breakfast. But also in the other meals of the day.

Furthermore, in exclusive association with a low-calorie diet. It is a valuable tool because inserting proteins at the expense. Of sugars support satiety and glycemic control.

Sugar-free protein breakfast

If you go shopping. You will surely have noticed that the healthy foods. We have mentioned so far occupy very few shelves compared. To the numerous full of various types of biscuits and snacks proposed for breakfast. Rich in sugars and fats.

This is why the diet starts at the supermarket: buying something high in sugar is much easier and faster.

To make a sugar-free protein breakfast. You will have to make this effort at the time of shopping and focus on the shelves of eggs. Low-fat yogurts, nuts.

Is it possible to have a gluten-free protein breakfast?

Even if you are celiac or sensitive to gluten. You can have a protein breakfast. Basically, You have to eliminate from the diet foods that contain wheat. Kamut, rye, barley, and spelling, since they could cause unpleasant effects (bloating, diarrhea, abdominal pain).

So an idea for breakfast can be to combine the drink of your choice. (milk, tea, coffee – not barley) with Greek yogurt, Best blood pressure monitors dried fruit, eggs, pancakes (paying attention to the flour composition!).

Bottom line: a protein breakfast is needed

Breakfast is not the most important meal of the day. Let’s always remember not to look at a single meal. Which in itself says little. But at the complex of everything we eat during the day or better than the week!

Choosing a protein breakfast is definitely a healthy choice that brings you advantages, in terms of:

  • satiety,
  • glycemic control,
  • support for anabolism 


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