How to Edit A PDF File?


Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the most used data sharing and data saving formats. PDF is considered reliable and efficient software worldwide. There are many uses and advantages of PDF, that we will have a glance upon at the end of this article. The main goal of this article is making you capable of editing your PDF file in the best possible ways available.

About PDF, can you create PDF on the different operating systems?

PDF is a very commonly used file type on a computer and it uses .pdf extension. Well now you know that what are the documents actually used for, the main thing is that documents preserve the Layout, Formatting, Fonts and Images within the document. So basically, why is this good is that you can create a document and you know, that document is going to look the same, regardless of any computer that a person uses. They could be using a personal computer, Mac, IPad, or any other tablet or even a smartphone, and the PDF is going to look exactly the same.

That is the reason that it is good for sending documents that you do not want to be altered and edited. So, PDF is not primarily used for editing, but keeping in mind the importance of PDF there are many ways we are going to look at, in order to edit a PDF. One of the good thing is, you do not need Adobe program to actually view a PDF file, as most internet browsers have free viewer on them.

What if You Are Using Google Chrome or Mozilla?

So if you are in google chrome or Mozilla Firefox, there are chances that you will be capable to open a PDF file directly from your internet browser. So opening a PDF file, as mentioned above can be directly from internet browser, or you can use a program called Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free, or you might have it on your computer already. You can create your PDF file from Windows, Mac and any other operating system.

Within Microsoft office you can go to the File tab and if you click export, it will say create PDF/XPS. You can go in and create a PDF file. You might be wondering that why would I not send it in Microsoft word format, well the reason is what if you send it in word format and whoever gets that file, what happens if they do not have Microsoft Word. One of the main reason is that PDF preserves file formatting, that is your file is not going to end up with any formatting or font errors.

So the last thing here that I have is a Mac and you can actually create a PDF on Mac as well. It is also in the print dialogue box and if you use the PDF menu, then that will allow you to change it to PDF.

Top best free PDF editors available

Many people ask, what is the best free Adobe Acrobat alternative for PDF files editing. To that question, there is no simple answer. Adobe created and still owns most of the technologies associated with the PDF file format, and you will not find any free options with the full feature set of Adobe Acrobat Pro. There is free PDF editor, that have the tools you need to edit your PDF file. Let us discuss some free PDF editors


PDFESCAPE comes in two flavors, they are free online editors and can be used with the most popular browser on any operating system. While their desktop program is only available for windows, and includes a trial of their premium edition. In this article we will discuss the free online editors. The key features include, being able to create simple PDF forms and serve images from your personal computer and you can create your own text. Unfortunately, existing text and images cannot be changed.

Select free online version and you get four options, create new PDF document, Upload PDF from PC, Load PDF from internet, and load PDF previously opened. Create a new PDF file and you can have text, images, shapes according to your requirement. You can use it and create a PDF file like you work on the Microsoft Word document. This is a very reliable and comfortable source of having PDF of your choice totally free of cost. It includes the ability to add sticky notes, insert text, and a highlighting tool.

Inside page option, it allows you to move and crop your page. To save any document you create to your device, when you are finished, select the download icon below the to save icon and then save file wherever you want to.

  1.     OnlyPDF is an editor with minimal features. To edit your PDF in a very short period, of time you can use it online for free on any operating system. You can also use its desktop premium version as well. They are free online PDF editor, that offers a limited toolset to quickly add text, images, shapes or draw on any PDF. It does not let you edit existing text or create a new PDF file.

  1.     Icecream PDF Editor

Icecream PDF Editor is the best free pdf editor, you can edit, modify, and create a new pdf file in this software. After downloading this software, you need no other tool to edit your PDF file. Click on to get the editor downloaded on your computer. Download it and install it on your computer. When you are doing with the installation,

Follow these simple steps to do your job.

  1.   When you get into the tool, you have two options there, Open and Create PDF. With creating an option you can create a new PDF file and Open is used to open a PDF file in this tool, so you can edit it.
  2.   Click on open if you want to edit an existing file, and select a file.
  3.   On the very left side, there are two options, one is Edit and the second one is Annotate. There is not much difference in these options, besides some extra features in annotate.
  4.   Options contained by Edit are hand, selector, Text, Image, and shape options. With hand option, you can move your page left, right, up, and down. Further, with a selector, you can select any text potion and edit it with new text. Then we have a text option, with the help of this option, you can add new text in any part of the PDF file.
    Next comes the photo option, you can select an image of your choice and place it on PDF file anywhere you want to. Photo option gives every facility a photo needs to adjust size etc. then we have other shapes that can be added in a PDF file so you can have a PDF file of your requirement. Line options are useful while working on something other than text-only.
  5.   Inside annotate.

  6. other than the options available in Edit are as follows.
  7.   With the manage stamp option, you can stamp your file with whatever stamp you want. You can choose standard, as well as a custom option.
  8.   With the comments option, you can add comments in your file.
  9.   Highlight area gives you a selector and you can select the area of your choice and highlight it with any color.
  10.   Other options are highlight text, underline, strikethrough, wavy underline, and then shapes again as we studied already in Edit option.]
  11.   And in the last, handwriting pencil option gives you a pencil, write whatever you want anywhere you want on your PDF file.

There are no page limitations, and limited features type irritating drawbacks in this tool. No need to pay a single penny to anyone.

There are many more online PDF editors available on the internet, but the above mentioned are reliable and easy to use software that you can use for editing and creating a PDF file.

Bad about PDF

Many files created in PDF format are essentially images of documents, which present a big problem to people who rely on basic text-to-speech technology: there’s no machine-readable text in there for the software to read. Alchin thinks publishers should always be an alternative version of the PDF document.

Disadvantages of PDF

  • Absolutely all programs for editing PDF files are premium, free analogs allow only reading;
  • The difficulty of editing. Unfortunately, things are not as simple as with Word documents. …
  • It is often very difficult to even copy a fragment of a PDF file, sometimes it reads like a picture.

We have discussed the advantages, disadvantages, and editing features of PDF in detail. Now it’s all upon you either you prefer to use PDF or not. One thing is the guarantee, you need not worry about editing PDF files, that most people do.

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