How to get a passport?


What is a passport, and what is the use of a passport nowadays?

A passport is a travel document usually you get it by country’s government. That certifies the identity and nationality of its holder for the purpose of international travels. Standard passports contain the name of the holder, place of the holder, date of birth, a photograph of the passport holder, signature and other identifying information. Passports are moving towards including biometric information in the microchip embedded in the document. Making them machine-readable and difficult to counterfeit.

Passport issue by the national government to its nationals. It makes international travel easy, for you as well as for the country you are travelling to. It tells everything about the nationality of any person, through Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Place of Birth, Photograph, and signature of the holder of the passport. Passports are of three types including Regular type passport, official passport, and diplomatic passport. Regular type passport is a navy blue color passport, that is for vocational trips and business travels.

The validity of the regular passport is for 10 years. Official passport is a white grayish color passport and is issued for official travels and to government employees for their business purpose. Diplomatic passport is a dark reddish color passport that is issued to diplomats and consulates by the national government. Best Laptops For Engineers and Students

Differences between passport and visa, people mostly get confused in

Before going to learn about how to get passport. Let us clear a confusion that most of the people have, and that is the difference between visa and passport. Passport and visa are two different document. But they are used together that is why people get confused in making difference between passport and visa. It is the international identity card of a person, and without passport you cannot travel internationally.

The passport contains complete necessary identification details of the passport holder. When a person applies for passport, the government of that country elicits previous record of that person and on that basis decides to issue or not issue passport to that person. If that person has a criminal record, then his passport application gets rejected. People can also check if someone has an arrest record through Visa is a permission document or it can be issued on passport of traveler. Depending on visa, you can stay in any country. It is issued by the government of that country where you want to go.

How Long A Person Can Stay In Other Country?

It is mentioned on visa that for how many days can you stay in a country. Its is a legal document of identification to a person by his national government. Its a permission to a person that a person needs to have in order to work, study, and do business. It is just like a small diary, whereas a visa is mostly in the form of a stamp on the passport. That permits you to do something in other countries like student visas gives you permission to study in other countries.

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Visa is issued by the government of the country where you want to travel. This is for identification purpose, whereas visa works differently and makes a person live somewhere for a specific purpose. It is issued by national government, whereas visa is issued by embassy of the destination country.

Now we have a complete understanding of what passport and visa are, and what is the difference between them. Let us know how we can get a passport and what documents are required by a person to have it.

Documents and fees required for a passport

For a machine readable passport, what documents are required by a person. According to passport act 1974, section 3, talks about departure from Pakistan without it. No citizen of Pakistan shall

(a) depart from Pakistan by any means whatever unless he is in possession of it, nor otherwise than from such port or place by such route and in accordance with such conditions as may be prescribed; or

(b) visit a foreign country unless his passport is valid for such countries. For a Pakistani passport, every country could be visited except Israel.

Documents required by a person are:

  1. Original Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) of the applicant along with two photocopies of original CNIC.
  2. Challan form of deposited fees, that is original challan slip.
  3. Expired or previous passport (if any) along with its photocopy, if you are applying for the first time then you can skip this option.
  4. Child registration certificate (CRC) or B-form for those who are less than 18 years, along with its photocopy. Photocopies of parents’ National Identity Cards and parents (one of them) also needs to come along.
  5. For government servants, No Objection Certificate (NOC) is must from their respective departments. for armed and other uniform holder sectors, they must come in uniform if possible.
  6. Correct contact number and address should be mentioned in passport form is necessary.
  7. Dual citizenship should be mentioned by the applicants, so they do not have any issue later.
  8. Fees for ordinary passport, which contains 36 pages, is three thousand rupees, for non-urgent passport. However, for the same passport, fees are 5000 if it is urgent.
  9. For the same passport (mentioned in 8, if the pages are 72 then fess is 5500 for non-urgent passport, and 9000 for urgent passport). In this way with increase in pages, fess is high. Frequent travelers need more pages in their passport.
  10. The police report is compulsory if you lose it, and fees is double. If you lose your passport for the second time than fess is 4 times, and if it is third time then the inquiry will be there in the headquarter.
  11. And after checking eligibility and their satisfaction that there is no issue and problem, The Person gets it.
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The process for applying for a passport starts with the challan form. Submit your challan form before the day you go for applying. When you apply the very same day you submit your challan form, it takes a whole day. The Challan form is available in any national bank branch.
There are other companies like which helps you to get a passport early especially if you are from UK.

Fee structure explains in detail in the section of documents and fees section

First of all

When you arrive at the passport office, They will check your challan form and only those who have challan will be able to enter in office. How To Reduce File Size 

After that

You get to the picture window, and do not go here and there to waste your time. And do not forget to get token, that is number token. The minimum number you get on your token the early you are get a call by them. You get a call according to token number you have. On the same window, your documents to verify and if everything is okay, then your take a picture and you have token number on the same slip. 

Next step

is fingerprint verification. You will get a call according to token number you have, and you simply put your fingers on a fingerprint detector.

4th step

is of data entry. Data on the basis of CNIC, B-form or birth certificate. After data entry is complete, you will get a printed form, so you can check it and verify that all of the information is correct. Double check that form with spelling checking so you do not have any issue later.

5th Step

After that you go to record officer. Record officer normally checks record in two to three minutes and stamps your form.

Next step

is the attestation from the assistant director. Submit Your Form along with your application for attestation. If you are less than 18, then attestation is necessary from a gazette officer. After checking your complete form and application and your documents, you attest it from a gazette officer and submit the form in same office. A photocopy of that gazette officer is also compulsory as per new rule. Most of people waste a day for this mistake as they do not know that id card copy is also required. After submission your documents to assistant director your procedure is complet. How to Edit A PDF File?

If you have applied for normal delivery, then within 10 to 15 working days you receive your passport. For urgent applications, you receive your passport in 4 to 5 working days. Do make a photocopy of the slip that you receive as a result of form submission. You can track your passport from that slip.


An important thing you need to know that your passport is a very important document. Do not give it to any unknown person and in case you can not find it. Report you near the police station as soon as possible.


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