How to get rid of cellulite?

How to get rid of cellulite?

Summer is in the starting blocks, and the skirts and shorts keep getting shorter the warmer it gets outside. So if you dream of the perfect beach figure and beautiful legs, then watch out! Because if you pay attention to a few things, it is not that difficult at all. We have collected the ten best tips that can help with cellulite for you. In this article, we read about How to get rid of cellulite?

1. A healthy and balanced diet against cellulite

Cellulite is caused, among other things, by fatty deposits in the adipose tissue of the subcutaneous tissue. Therefore, diet plays a massive role in the fight against dents. A healthy and balanced diet with the right fats and few carbohydrates prevents the formation of orange peel. Foods that are rich in protein and vital substances support the breakdown of fatty tissue. Fresh fruits and vegetables ensure that the body gets enough vitamins.

2. Sport, sport and again sport to get rid of cellulite

Yes, there is, unfortunately, no way around it. Exercise is one of the main factors in preventing cellulite from developing. When it comes to keeping cellulite at bay, targeted practices are most effective. Fine leg and bottom exercises such as squats or the so-called squats build muscle tissue and automatically tighten the skin. Yoga and swimming are recommended to help prevent cellulite. Jogging is less helpful because regular vibrations weaken the connective tissue.

The training can also be integrated into everyday life: Take the stairs instead of the elevator. Those who train consistently will be rewarded with firmer skin. In addition, regular exercise and healthy cardio training are not only helpful in preventing cellulite but also keep you fit and healthy. But here, too, the following applies: Please do not overdo it and find a good measure. Otherwise, you will damage the body.

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3. Alcohol and cigarettes are taboo in the fight against orange peel

Alcohol and cigarettes are not only unhealthy, but luxury foods also promote the formation of cellulite. Essential nutrients are withdrawn from the body through nicotine and alcohol consumption. However, these nutrients are needed to form collagen, which is responsible for wrinkle-free skin and firm connective tissue. As we age, our bodies automatically produce less collagen. This then leads to wrinkles and also to weaker connective tissue. But if you give up alcohol and cigarettes, you can slow down this process and postpone it. In addition, regular alcohol consumption leads to water retention and slows down fat loss. This also promotes the formation of unsightly dents.

4. Sun worshipers, watch out to get rid of cellulite!

We all enjoy it when we can relax in the sun and let ourselves sizzle properly. It doesn’t look too bad for a healthy tan. However, it would help if you always were careful not to lie in the sun too long. Strong sunlight damages the skin permanently and breaks down collagen. This leads to premature aging of the skin and favors deep wrinkles. So don’t forget about extensive sunbathing and the regular application of lotion!

5. Targeted messages to get rid of cellulite

By massaging with a brush or a loofah sponge, you can stimulate your blood circulation and thus declare war on cellulite. Treat the affected areas regularly with the massage sponge and move over the skin in circular movements. The application not only stimulates blood circulation but also acts as a peeling and, at the same time, cleanses your skin of impurities.

6. Cellulite creams, cosmetics, and other miracle cures

Millions of creams and body lotions on the market promise to make the annoying orange peel go away. The question is: do these supposed “miracle cures” keep what they promise or are, above all, expensive products a pure waste of money? There is great skepticism, and, at best, the effect of such cosmetics is only superficial.

Retinol or caffeine are popular ingredients in products that are supposed to help against cellulite. This is why the so-called coffee peeling is also very popular when it comes to reducing orange peel. You can even do it yourself quickly at home because it is super easy to use: Mix coffee powder and shower gel and massage well into the skin. Then let it work briefly and rinse off thoroughly, done! Even if the cellulite does not go away completely, such tricks make the skin look firmer on the outside.

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7. Alternating showers for firm skin to get rid of cellulite

It sounds like a lot of overcoming at first, but it’s not that bad and is refreshing: regular alternating showers. The hot and cold showers stimulate blood circulation and can thus help tighten the skin. So just overcome it and try it out.

8. Optical tricks to hide cellulite

A little cheating is also allowed. With this little trick, you can improve the outward appearance and distract a little from the dents. Self-tanners for tanning creams make the skin look softer and smoother. There are also complementary products that have a moisturizing effect at the same time. This is an excellent way to hide irregularities in the skin. When applying, make sure that the self-tanner is evenly distributed and that there are no unsightly stains.

9. Body wrapping and other therapies

The cosmetics industry is imaginative and has developed several forms of treatment over time that are supposed to help against cellulite. Body wrapping is a standard treatment in beauty salons. A pack is massaged into the legs, arms, and buttocks, then the individual parts of the body are wrapped with a unique film. When it takes effect, heat is generated, and so the body can absorb the substances in the pack particularly well.

The aim here is to stimulate blood circulation and the lymphatic system, ensuring tighter connective tissue. However, the treatment must carry out several times to obtain a visible result. Ultrasonic wave therapy or radiofrequency treatment also suppose to stimulate the connective tissue and thus promote collagen production. Whether therapies of this kind help has only vaguely scientifically proven. What certain that you will have to dig deep into your pockets for these orange peel beauty treatments.

10. Cosmetic surgery for cellulite?

Those who have given up the fight against cellulite with natural weapons may consider a cosmetic procedure like liposuction. However, such an operation always involves risks and often does not lead to the desired result. In the worst case, the system can lead to complications, and the skin structure after liposuction may even be slacker than before. Doctors recommend such cosmetic surgery only to overweight women but inherently connective solid tissue in the best-case scenario. The cost of a surgical procedure of this type can be around 1,000 euros and up.

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