How to get rid of rats?

How to get rid of rats

When faced with an invasion by mice and rats ( in the house or the garden), the probability of contracting dangerous infections and diseases increases considerably. How to get rid of rats Once the suspicion of the presence of mice is born, it will be crucial to intervene promptly, to block the very rapid proliferation of this infesting species, and to free yourself from the threat; infesting rodents can contaminate our food reserves, within beliefs, for example, to infect us through their urine and feces and carry ( indirectly ) various diseases through their fleas.

Therefore it is of fundamental importance to prevent them from reproducing and nesting near our home and, if they have already done so, it will be essential to know how to get rid of mice quickly.

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But why are mice attracted to our homes? How to get rid of rats

Let’s see together the main reasons why wild mice are particularly attracted to homes:

  • Homes are sources of food resources
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Food is undoubtedly the main reason that pushes every pest to get as close as possible to humans. Mice are particularly opportunistic animals, able to feed on anything; they are, in fact, omnivores.

Whether it’s fresh, rotten, or decaying food doesn’t matter – mice eat anything! From leftover pasta to pet food, fruit, vegetables, dried fruit to bread, and so on. For this reason, it is always not recommended to leave food in the bowls of our pets or leftovers in plates and pans in the sink as the mouse will pick it up and be attracted to it. In addition to the feed of our animals, we must also pay attention to their water bowl.

  • Homes provide sources of heat. How to get rid of rats

Infesting rodents are part of the mammalian order and need warmth and shelter just like any other mammal. How to get rid of rats They are strongly attracted by the heat that escapes from the houses during the winter.

If the hot air escapes from the house through memorable holes for the pipes of pellet stoves or air conditioners, for example, the mice will follow the heat and slip into any crevice to access the house. In the summer, on the other hand, they look for relaxed places, and what’s better than a house with air conditioning? Again, if any cracks allow fresh air to escape, they will follow it to the source and enter the house.

  • Homes offer many places to hide. How to get rid of rats

Mice love clutter and crevices to hide: if you have a cellar, a garage, or a tool shed, some mice will likely discover it and decide to nest inside it. How to get rid of rats Inside the houses, on the other hand, the places to be monitored more carefully will be the attic or the basement, if present and especially if dirty and in disorder.

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Pay attention to clutter, and there is a good chance of keeping these unwanted guests at bay.

Get Rid of Mice Quickly: Is It Possible?

Yes, it is possible. In any case, the first thing to evaluate is undoubtedly the seriousness of the situation: it has been proven that in the worst cases of infestation, the timing of total elimination of the threat is considerably lengthened. This is because, in those situations, a single rodent control intervention is not enough to solve the problem, forcing the rodent technician to schedule another intervention shortly after that.

Therefore, it can be said that eradicating a colony of mice or rats is not a simple operation, especially if one does not belong to the pest management and control sector; however, home and do-it-yourself remedies can help manage small mice infestations safely and permanently. But what are the most effective treatments to get rid of mice quickly? Let’s consider some options for managing rodent infestations together.

3 Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Mice Quickly

As we have already said, getting rid of mice is not like taking a walk. But if you are still convinced that you want to deal with the infestation with DIY methods. You will have to learn the best way to get rid of the mice.

Here are 3 of the best natural mouse repellents:

  • Eucalyptus Oil

Rodents have an exceptionally keen and developed sense of smell and taste. While eucalyptus oil smells pleasant to us, it is powerful and sickening to them. It can therefore be said that it is effective in repelling rats.
For use. It recommends mixing between 10 and 20 drops of eucalyptus essential oil with water and then placing the mix in a container with a spray bottle. Spray in areas where traces of mice have been found. Essential oils last over time, so that the procedure will be repeated after a few days.

  • Peppermint

Another effective essential oil for getting rid of mice is peppermint oil; repel rats is peppermint oil. However, there is no direct evidence of its repellent action. It is known that this oil can cause allergic skin reactions, eye irritation. And respiratory problems in both people and animals.

  • Black pepper

As far as this natural repellent is concerned. There are proven data only for some animals; black pepper proved to be an effective deterrent during the quarrels between dogs. Therefore, it assumes that it is also effective against rodents, as their sense of smell is very sensitive.

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