How to kiss?

How to kiss?
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Nobody can teach you to kiss well with just words and some advice. A little practice is a must! But here, you will find all the secrets to transform yourself into a true expert in kissing of all kinds.

Kissing is a natural gesture, but it is normal to be assailed by doubts and small fears the first few times. The theory is essential, but nothing can replace practice: to become a good kisser, you need to practice a little and let yourself go without restraint and fear. Kissing is instinctive: the rules to learn are few. What matters then is to follow your instinct and try to be as spontaneous as possible. Kissing is pleasant and is also suitable for your health!

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The kiss in contemporary society

Kissing is a gesture of affection or a signal that there is an erotic tension between two people. The kiss takes on different meanings depending on society. If on the one hand, for example, the tribes of the Amazon do not like kissing on the lips, on the contrary, they consider it a disgusting gesture. In some cultures, it is forbidden to kiss in public, on the other it is a gesture full of emotional meanings. A study conducted by the Universities of Indiana and Nevada showed that kissing has a profound connection with the cultural landscape and is considered a more erotic gesture in more advanced societies.

The first kiss

The first kiss always causes a little agitation: we ask ourselves many questions to which, in the end, only practice can give an honest answer. There are undoubtedly good first kiss tips to follow to turn this experience into a moment to remember for a lifetime. However, it is good to remember that there are no precise rules for a man nor for a woman: it is a purely instinctive fact, and the first thing is always to let yourself go.

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However, it is customary to wonder how to kiss and especially how to kiss well. Since emotions are at the center of every kiss, remember that you are not alone, you kiss in two. Everyone, therefore, has his technique but only by letting himself be guided by pleasure and kissing with passion and transport can you communicate the joy you feel and the emotions you are experiencing to the partner.

By continuing to read, you will discover all the secrets of perfect kisses but first, let yourself be inspired by the most beautiful kisses in the cinema!

How to kisses: tips for new kissers

Here are some tips for novice girls and boys. When you lean towards your partner, tilt your head to one side, your partner will do the same in the opposite direction. Get close to his lips. At this point, close your eyes: this will help you relax and be as spontaneous as possible. And then it’s not nice to meet your lover’s gaze during a first kisses. It could be a little creepy and spoil the atmosphere! When the lips are close, start kissing each other with your mouth closed, unhurriedly, then slowly open and start exploring your partner’s mouth with your tongue, trying to find a rhythm and intensity that you both like.

How to kiss well: become great kissers

The first tip to kiss well is to let yourself go and try to move your mouth. And tongue in a natural and gradual way without forcing. There is no infallible technique and, above all, a correct way to kiss a person because obviously, it’s all a matter of taste. But knowing how to kiss also means this, moving in an exploratory and gradual way in search of perfect harmony with the partner. A great kisser always starts kissing lightly. It is delicate and does not impose a rhythm or a type of movement. Kiss very carefully, slowly, without forgetting the area around the mouth. Alternate the rhythm and intensity, mix freshly whispered kisses to small clamps, nibble. Use your tongue moving confidently, and let your partner do the same. If it works, you understand on the fly: it’s all a matter of chemistry!

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Different types of kisses

There is no one way to kiss because different kisses express different emotions and feelings. They range from the classic and friendly kiss on the cheek. One of the most tender together with the kiss on the nose to kisses. Typical of real couples of varying degrees of intensity. From the molded one to the French kiss with the tongue to the butterfly kiss. To sandwich to end with the kiss of love. The most classic of foreplay capable of unleashing the passion between the two partners.

The kisses in the Kamasutra

In the Kamasutra, there are four different types of kisses, the symbolic one in which the lips brush without pressing. It is a very sensual kiss, where the seduction comes from the touch. And the sensations that can be evoked, the ones with lifting. In which the partner’s chin exerts pressure and fascinating control over the other.

Another type of kiss, according to the Kamasutra, is then firmly pressed kiss with a high degree of eroticism. That mixes pressure and small games with the lips that are bitten and sucked. The last kisses told in the Kamasutra are then compelling kisses. Kisses are capable of involving the two protagonists, bringing them to the maximum of excitement. It is a delightful kiss: the pleasure comes precisely from the slow movement. And from prolonging the kiss over time to increase the level of oxytocin. The hormone of love and, at the same time, lowers the stress hormone.

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