How to start running?

How to start running

The headline “How do I start running as an unsportsmanlike beginner?” It May sound strange to a majority of runners. I get these or similar questions again and again personally and by email. I give suggestions to help you start running – even if you consider yourself unsportsmanlike. Who or what is unsporting? I think everyone has their definition here.

Well-trained people feel unsportsmanlike if they haven’t trained for a week. And others see themselves as high-performance athletes when they have hiked more than four kilometers. For ambitious runners, the following post won’t deliver anything new. I want to help people who turn their back on convenience to start running.

Unsportsmanlike Beginner: Training Plan, Videos, and More

In this post, you can expect:

  • a lot of motivation
  • Tips, instructions for getting started with running
  • In the end, you will even receive a fully-fledged sample training plan for 16 weeks (you are welcome to send me your feedback)

First of all, it is a commendable path, if the thought arises at all, to start running. You are a few steps further than many other people. Now the start of running is different for each person due to the requirements that everyone brings with them.

Age, gender, health, body weight, talent, and much more must be considered when starting. In general, people who believe themselves unsportsmanlike and who have turned their backs on sport for many years should first consult a doctor to rule out any possible risks. 

An unsportsmanlike beginner starts to run. 

If you stroll through forests and city parks with open eyes, you will see many runners – popularly referred to as joggers. A trained eye can quickly distinguish between old hands and beginners. Some of the novice runners start a running career speedily and finish it just as nimbly. Others stay and contract the positive running virus.

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Unfortunately, even if I repeat myself repeatedly, I run too fast and often way too many kilometers. A lot is demanded of the (untrained!) Body in a short time. The good news: a lot is possible. The not-so-good news: everything takes time, perseverance, and patience. Do not stress yourself. Look for an environment that you like, and create a pleasant setting for the beginning.

Make running comfortable for beginners.

For example, it is of little use if you want to start running in an area you do not like. In which, for example, the personal feeling is wrong. See if you like to be active in a room with many people or be more lonely.

I know that beginners have to struggle with all kinds of fears, especially at the beginning. One is ashamed of the lack of stamina, and the next feel even fatter in sports clothes. And some people suffer from observation syndrome—all nonsense. We shouldn’t care what others think.

However, when you start running, these can be factors that hinder you from starting running. That’s why I consider it essential to have an exemplary environment to dare to take the first steps in training.

Start running and make sure you have a variety. How to start running

Whether someone starts running right now or starts walking quickly is again a decision determined by the respective physical condition. It is not uncommon for it to be wiser to start with a quick walk. This can be the case if you gasp at the slightest movement or carry too many pounds of body weight with you. Here you need to use your mind or seek advice from experienced trainers, runners, or doctors.

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No matter how you start, it is essential in the long term to start slowly and deliberately. It is constructive to see running as part of the sport and not just focus on running from the start. Running stresses the entire body, and various muscles, tendons, bones, and ligaments are more or less stressed.

Various strengthening and alternative training are excellent ways to achieve long-term success to prevent bad posture, physical imbalance, and injuries. In addition, more variety can be provided, and the fun lasts longer than if you stubbornly tried to walk kilometers.

Step by step How to start running

Running is much more than simply collecting kilometers. Furthermore, one must not be blind to reports from other athletes. Getting motivation is good, and dreaming allows. Too often, people speak of a marathon in connection with running. Some people don’t even know what it means to cover the marathon distance.

It is worthwhile to have big goals in the long term, but start at A and look forward to small and large successes. For example, run the first 30 minutes at a stretch, then 5 km, then 5 km faster, etc.

Running is more than a marathon.

So I experience again and again that I am approached about my running training, be it by passers-by or acquaintances. And the question is always asked whether I’m training for a marathon. For the first: a marathon is the distance of 42.195 kilometers, and not every training of 20 km results in a marathon competition. Second, you can be a runner for years and never have to run a marathon.

I know successful runners who have been with us for a long time and ran during the GDR era. It would never occur to them to run a marathon. So really think carefully about what you want and then go ahead. And if it is to be the marathon, then it is essential to prepare for it long-term and not within three months, if it is certainly possible for a few.

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