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HP Laptops Best Buying
HP Laptops Best Buying

HP Laptops Best Buy

Hello visitor, in this article, we are going to be learning some best HP laptops from best buy that you can buy right now. This list is made on personal experience and after hours of research, and these laptops are listed on the basis of performance, features, and price. I have included options for every type of user, so whether you are looking for an affordable laptop for school or a premium-rich business 2 in 1 laptop. If you want to purchase any of these laptops, then do check prices in your country as well because there are different tax and duties on electronic devices in other countries, and also check out for updated price and version, so you do not get any discomfort later on. Okay, it is enough, so let us get started with a detailed discussion of these laptops.

Chromebook X360:

This laptop comes in a very reasonable price range of 53691 to 98434. After reading this part, you will be able to decide whether to buy this touchscreen laptop or a regular laptop. Some people do prefer touchscreen laptops while some people go for standard laptops. When you get into this fantastic machine, you are into Google Chrome, as this laptop comes with the Chrome operating system. The chrome operating system is a totally app-based system. You can download applications from the Google app store and use them. You can install WhatsApp, TikTok, pub-g, and many more games and applications on this laptop of your choice. Let us talk about what this laptop gives you externally and internally.


Touch screen full double display of this unique and smart machine. This laptop gives you a full touchscreen display, so you can use this laptop as a tablet when you need it. When it comes to connectivity, this laptop, on its left, gives you a USB fast charging type C port, a headphone jack of 3.5 mm for enjoying a good quality of sound. It also offers a micro SD card slot, where you can directly put SD card and access it. In the end, this laptop on its left gives you a power button on and off your machine.

On its right side, this laptop gives you a USB type C port and external volume button. It also gives you a simple USB port on that side of your computer. This Chromebook boots faster than even a MacBook becausHP Laptops Best Buye this laptop comes with a chrome operating system, which is a light operating system than other operating systems in the market. Therefore, the booting time of this laptop is less than other machines with different operating systems.

If you love mobile apps and want to download these apps on your system, then this laptop can do this for you. You can download all mobile applications on this laptop and enjoy them on a large portable screen. Due to the touch screen feature, this laptop gives you two options of playing a game or run other mobile applications.  One is, you can play games on a keyboard or touch screen of this laptop.

Pros and cons of this laptop:

  1. This laptop has a chrome operating system, which is lighter than all other operating systems.
  2. So This laptop gives you a touch screen and full double Display, so you can use it in any of the four ways, including tablet, laptop tends mode and display modes.
  3. This laptop gives you play store features, so you can enjoy all android applications on this laptop.
  4. You can install photo editing, video editing, and Microsoft office application and do basic tasks on this laptop.
  5. This laptop is 100% perfect for students and daily workload. If you are looking for a computer for your daily tasks, you can do this on this laptop very smoothly.
  6. This laptop gives you a Google personal assistant, so you can use it when you are not in the mood of typing and mouse clicks.

And when it comes to cons, due to the chrome operating system, you cannot install any windows based software on this laptop similarly, as you cannot install any chrome operating system on a computer with Windows operating system. You cannot expect anything extra-ordinary and dedicated in this laptop, because this is not a laptop dedicated to any specific purpose. This laptop is perfect for personal and family use. Flipping on 360 degrees is one of the fantastic features this laptop offers, so you can use it in any mode that is working and enjoying movies in your spare time. Now let us have a glance at the specifications of this laptop. You can also check the list of laptops under 600

Specs of this laptop:

CPU: 8th-gen Intel Core i3-8130U, gives this laptop power of handling day-to-day tasks smoothly and also provides this laptop with speedy calculation capability. Technology is getting more and more revolutionized with the passage of time. So you should consider the future value of your computer. If you get anything less than that, you will have nothing to deal with future tools and programs. Although AMD processors are also good, you are recommended to have a laptop with an intel processor. 

Intel processor has good power and burst speed and handles massive programs without any effort. Make sure when you buy a new laptop nowadays, you have something like this; otherwise, you are going to have a real problem with your calculation now or then. You should at least get a laptop with a Core i3, i5, or Core i7 intel processor, as intel will consume less power than other CPUs of the same category.  


This laptop has 8GB DDR4-2400 SDRAM. Computer memory or random access memory (RAM) is your system’s short-term data storage; it stores the information your computer is actively using so that it can be accessed quickly. The more programs your system is running, the more memory you’ll need.  


64GB eMMC is good enough for a laptop like this, most people count this in cons, but I will say, this is not an issue in notebooks like this. If you are looking for a standard laptop, then you should consider this: laptop is nothing with massive storage these days. If you have a computer with good storage, then you can have a computer that can play multiple tasks with one laptop, including watching movies and your favorite shows, and your important file in your hands all the time and so on. When it comes to storage, there are two options. One is a conventional hard disc, and the second is a Solid State Drive (SSD). Make sure you have an SSD for better performance.

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14-inch IPS WLED Full HD (1920×1080) touchscreen. With this screen on your laptop, you can enjoy watching movies and working on your computer. A large enough display screen with a powerful resolution is critical nowadays. This is because video editing and gaming are at peak. This laptop in its price gives you more than what you pay for. If you are looking for a computer with no compromise on-screen display, then this laptop can be a better choice for you now and for your future.

If you are looking for a laptop other than a 2 in 1, then in this modern age, at least a 2GB of GPU is an excellent choice to have. Having a computer with a lower GPU is like nothing on your laptop. Gaming and video editing are getting more and more graphical with high definitions. So it is essential to have a computer with a minimum of 2GB of GPU.

Note that many models do compromise on laptops’ Display while focusing on other parts of the computer. When it comes to screen size, it is essential to have a 14-inch laptop display. Besides the laptop screen size, it is also vital that your laptop has an HD (High Definition) display.  


This laptop has Intel UHD Graphics 620. Intel consumes less power than other brands. Hence it is also better for the battery life of your computer.

HP Stream 14-inch Laptop:

The fifth product on the list is the HP Stream 14-inch laptop. This is the best cheap Chromebook alternative. If you want one of the most inexpensive Windows laptops without jumping on the Chromebook bandwagon, the $230 HP stream 14 is one of the most affordable laptops available and comes with windows 10. So whether you have got papers to write for class, emails to prepare for the next meeting, or you want to see what is trending on your social media accounts.  Best Laptops Under 500 Consumer Reports

You will be able to rely on the dual-core stream 14 to get you through your day. You will be impressed with how the 14-inch Display gives you some visuals at 1366 by 768 resolution, with the right color and exact sharp text. This laptop is an excellent choice for everyday use, and you won’t have any problem with incompatible and limited software because you are on a different operating system, like the Chrome operating system on Chromebook. You will like the sleek design, and the plastic looks higher quality than many entry-level laptops and Chromebooks. The slim and light design makes it extremely easy to carry around. If you want a little power and still want the portability, check out the sleek ultra-book hp envy 13 T, coming up later in this article.


the key features are

Cloud Storage: HP includes one year of subscription to 1TB of online cloud storage on Microsoft one drive and use of office 365 personal edition.

Design: The slim and light design, measuring about 0.7 by 13.27 by 8.9 inches and weighs only just over three pounds.

Processor: You get the AMD dual-core A series and AMD Radeon R3 graphics card with 4GB of memory.

Some pros are very prominent that are as follows:

Price: it is incredibly well-priced to even compete with Chromebook.

Battery: this laptop has a great battery life with up to nine hours of runtime.

Storage: 64GB of emmc flash drive for the significant performance boost.

Ports: you get plenty of input and output options, including HDMI 1.4, USB 3.1 Gen 1, USB 2.0, and a headphone slot.

There are, of course, some cons for this machine, and the prominent ones are:

Viewing Angle: it is narrower than high-priced laptops.

RAM (Random Access Memory): You only get 4GB of RAM, which is not much, but it is on par with lower ended Chromebook. Suppose you do not need to edit videos and touch-up high res photos and just want a reliable laptop that performs daily workloads very efficiently and also at a very affordable price. So the HP stream 14-inch laptop is one of the cheapest laptops available.

HP omen 17T:

This is one of the best gaming laptops. If you are a gamer and looking for an affordable gaming laptop, the $1350 HP omen 17T is a gamer’s dream machine that is incredibly priced. Looks can be deceiving. It may look conservatively designed on the outside with the mix of metal and plastic, but open and you will instantly know that it is a gaming beast. You will love the fact that the 17-inch ultra HD gaming laptop is g-sync enabled with high brightness and excellent color and anti-glaring surface and wide viewing angle, so you will find an incredible gaming experience.

You will also find six dedicated macro keys along the left side of the four-zone RGB backlit keyboard that looks definitely come in handy, which is a bonus that even some premium gaming machines do not have. The omen machine 17T is one of the few to use full strength NVidia GeForce r-tx graphics with a g-sync display, a pairing even not found on more expensive laptops for one of the smoothest gaming experiences around. On the downside, the NVidia GPU is a battery eater.

Of course, great gaming is not completed without great sound. The side was facing Bang & Olufsen tunes speakers are fantastic, which delivers a full dynamic sound. The key features are under the hood. 8GB GeForce r-tx 2070 GPU, core i7 processor, 16GB of dual-channel memory, and a 144 Hz full HD display. Omen command center utility lets you customize the RGB lighting and other features. The pros are


Excellent gaming performance with full power NVidia GPU

G-sync: High refresh g-sync Display is one of the prominent features.

Options: lots of factory options to customize your machine

Speakers: Bang and Olufsen speakers

Macro Keys: you got six programmable macro keys

And when it comes for the cons:

Noisy: cooling fan can be a little noisy

Keyboard backlighting: keyboard backlighting is relatively dim and not per-key configurable

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The HP Laptops best buy omen 17t is a gaming beast with power performance and options that can compete with the big boys but cost you significantly less. If you are a severe gamer, looking for a serious gaming laptop and without seriously damaging your wallet, the Omen 17t is a sign that you should seriously consider.

HP Envy 13T: 

This is our best HP Ultrabook from best buy. If you are looking for an upscale, but not too premium laptop. The $800 HP Envy 13T fits in nicely between the pavilion and the spectra model. It is an excellent Ultrabook that is light and powerful that can empower your life on the go. You will love the Ultra- =sleek design and powerful entertainment features, state-of-the-art security, so your privacy and data stay secure, whether you are at home or on the road. It is a very portable being an Ultrabook because you will find it. Easy and convenient to take it with you anywhere. The battery life is substantial, so you will have no worries there too.

The picture quality from the full HD display is brilliantly clear and saturated. It can be upgraded to a touchscreen or 4k touchscreen. If you are interested in a touchscreen, you may consider it. The HP Specter X360 is coming up next in this article. Which is two in one, that has a touchscreen, and that can be used as a tablet. The 720 webcam captures above-average images sharp and well-lit with minimal grain or noise. It is not a face recognition camera. But if your Windows hello fan, you can skip passwords and use the fingerprint reader on the keyboard deck. The full-size island size backlit keyboard itself is comfortable to type on. You will feel it is entirely and snappy, but the travel is a little shallow. The wide buttonless touchpad glides and tapped smoothly and clicks almost silently. The key features are:

Under the hood: performance-wise, it houses. An intel core i7 8565 u processor with integrated graphics, 8GB RAM, and a 256GB of nvme SSD.

Security features:
facial recognition in onboard fingerprint reader. There is also a little sliding switch. Kills the webcam if you are concerned about the online snoops. The pros of this laptop are as follows:

Design: the gorgeous clamshell design with anodized aluminum chassis

Display: the full-HD Display is brilliantly clear and can be upgraded as a touchscreen or a 4k touchscreen display

This laptop is also brilliant with a shower and gives an almost 8-hour runtime battery.

Sound: sound is clear and sharp with a bang and Olufsen tuned speaker ports. There are ample ports, including a micro SD card slot.

Which There are always cons coupled with pros, and for scams:

So There is no thunderbolt through disappointing since many competitors in this class have them.

Suppose you are looking for Ultrabook without paying for 2 in 1 feature. And prefer a straightforward clamshell design. You will find this laptop a stylish alternative to 13.3-inch ultra-portables, costing hundreds more. How to Reduce File Size

HP Specter X360 13T: 

This is our best two on the HP laptop. At the same time, both DELL and Apple are taking features away in their thin laptops.  HP turns the trend to give you more. Suppose you want a top of the line portable 2 in 1 laptop that is features-rich then this laptop. The cost of $950 is one of your best choices for so many reasons. If you want portability, then this laptop is smaller than Apple’s MacBook Air 11. But HP is managed to pack in quite a bit into the small form factor design. You have probably noticed that most of the thin laptops first cut the keyboard travel to keep things light. But the specter gives you one and a half mm space, which doubles most of the competition.

You even get the world’s smallest IR webcam for facial recognition, on the already razor-thin top bezels. Plus, an Ethernet style dropdown mechanism to house a full USB a port and an amazing pen. The pen feels fantastic and is perfect. When it comes to taking notes, doodling, or highlighting aside from the extras. You will love this model performance. Go ahead and stream for different 1080 videos while surfing 15 browser tabs in the intel core i7. Delivers it all with no lag as far as speed goes.


You will be shocked to see your desktop. The screen in under three seconds from your lid closed. You’ll be impressed by the battery life with about 10 hours. If you hate the hassle of hot spotting your laptop from your phone. You can even get it with 4G LTE mobile wireless or check out. The HP elite dragonfly coming up next with it built in the key features are:

Security on HP Laptops Best Buy:

IR camera, fingerprint reader and webcam kill switch and mice mute button for increased privacy

Under the hood: it is powered by intel core 17 and intel iris plus graphics card. And for storage, you get 512GB SSD plus 32GB, opting to accelerate your hard drive. The pros are:

Ultra-thin gorgeous 2 in 1 design, and performance is incredible on-demand productivity performance. The keyboard has uncompromised travel and non-stop speed. Along with this, it has a great battery life with at least 8 to 9-hour runtime.

As long as for cons, a device also has cons with pros always:

Bloatware: Bloatware is loaded with HP software you might not want.
Speakers: With the smaller chassis, the speakers sit at the bottom of the laptop.

HP Elite Dragonfly:

This laptop is another one of the HP Laptops best buy. If you have been looking for a business laptop, you have probably reached the point where it is difficult to tell them apart. They all seem to just blend Li blend into each other. It also means that you have not considered the HP Elite Dragonfly. Suppose you are looking for a premium business laptop that sets itself. Apart from the pack with great features and gorgeous design, other laptops can only wish for. It costs you only sixteen hundred and sixty-thousand-dollar elite Dragonfly will stop you in your tracks. A business laptop needs to be robust with excellent battery life, but it also has to be portable. And in most cases, you end up sacrificing one for the other. And still, end with a drab looking piece of hardware.

It is only 2.2 pounds. You will not believe how much performance and features are packs into the tiny two for one, including extra core laptop security features, an array of ports. A great battery to get you through your day and a very cool stylish pen with 4096 levels of sensitivity. It has a Nano-sim slot for LTE coverage, making it indispensable for the traveling professional.

HP Laptops Best Buy: Main Features:

  • Core i5 processor with 16GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.
  • Security features protect you against UEFI targeting rootkits and also integrates premium security technology. The design is impeccable, and battery life is pretty impressive and gives you 8 hours of runtime.
  • It is an LTE compatible and has a built-in Nano-sim slot port.
  •  Abundant of port selection is also very beneficial for different level connectivity. 


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