Job Hunting Ideas For Fresh Graduates

Job Hunting Ideas For Fresh Graduates

Job hunting has never been an easy task, and in this covid time, the drill has got more exhausting and challenging. Only in Japan, more than a million people have lost their jobs since the outbreak, and many are still on the verge of it. 

In such times, young graduates are at greater risk of unemployment. Therefore, they must work on strategies to grow their job opportunities and find ways to chase employment and earn money.

If you just passed out of your university or are ready to graduate, look on to the following ten tips to have the edge over your competition. These tips will eliminate the daunting sense and will help you catch a suitable job. 

1. Choose The Fraternity You Want To Work With

Choosing the industry you want to work with is an elemental part of the job hunt. Until you are unaware of your preferred role, you won’t be able to find a suitable job for yourself. 

Jot down the responsibilities you want to work with and streamline your ideal positions. Think about the roles that you enjoy doing. It can be anything related to your degree or your skill. If you think your degree will get you the best job, give it a try. If it goes well, continue, but if it goes fluff, head on to the skill-based.

Also, always work hard on improving your soft plus hard skills because plan B never goes outdated. To choose your favorite fraternity, answer the following questions and rethink your decision.

  • What inspires you?
  • Did you enjoy pursuing your degree?
  • What skillset do you possess?
  • What type of work environment can you be more productive in?

After you have answered these questions, you can choose your industry best without any extraneous efforts.

2. Build Connections Outside Of Your Circle

Building connection outside of your sphere is very important in professional life. The more people know you, the better you can promote yourself.

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Experts recommend connecting with people of the same fraternity you plan to pursue on. See who your inspiration is, follow them and if you can contact them. These connections help you grow and refer you to your favorite market, which makes the job hunt easy and less frustrating. 

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Connection with professionals also introduces to you some great employment ideas, which can stand you out from the rest competition and ultimately help you get your desired job.

3. Create An Outstanding Resume And Cover Letter

Being a high school student, you must be aware of the standing of a cv, resume or cover letter. This first introduction of yours that employers receive plays a huge part in getting your desired job. 

If your cv and cover letter are up to date and intact, it will make you stand out. Make sure you write what makes you a perfect candidate for the applied role. Also, mention your dexterities that can impress your employer. 

Include in your hobbies, credentials, experiences, skills, etc. but make sure to write a concise and precise one. 

4. Register yourself at a recruitment agency

Another great way to get your desired job is by approaching a recruitment agency. These organizations help you throughout the hunting process and aid you in finding a suitable role.

Most of the recruitment agencies have an easy procedure. You just have to sign up for an account and give these folks a go. After signing up, you will be guided through each step, and an assistant will assist you through cv making trends. 

After you are ready to see employers, you will receive interview mails for your preferred role, and these guys will guide you through the interview process. 

5. Set Up Your LinkedIn Profile

According to a renowned site to buy dissertation online UK, one of the most used tools after 2016 to find a job is LinkedIn. According to them, LinkedIn is the best source to hunt desired roles for jobseekers. However, the trick is to have an impressive profile. 

Most of the recruiters today use this medium to hire the best candidates for their companies. They believe the better optimized a profile is, the sounder the applicant is. 


Via your LinkedIn profile, you can showcase your skills, achievements, experience and credentials all in one place, which makes it easier for recruiters to analyze you. You can also add an open work frame to your profile picture and gain the attention of employers. However, make sure your display picture is professional and exhibits a qualified look. 

6. Keep An Eye On Facebook And Indeed Job Postings

Apart from LinkedIn, sites like Facebook and indeed are also helpful in the job hunt. Also, the procedure is not too complicated or complex. You just have to register yourself at the Facebook marketplace, click jobs and add filters according to your preference and Ta-da! Next, you’ll see a list of your desired openings. 

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Indeed job search is also a great application to find a job for yourself. Just fill the required section and receive emails about job openings from your chosen role. You can also create an online resume for swift application. 

7. Be Open To Different Kind Of Roles

Looking for a single role can leave you upset and disappointed because the marketplace has got supersaturated, and more and more companies are hiring freelancers due to the covid lockdowns. 

To bring more opportunities to your door, experts suggest being open to different kinds of opportunities. This bucket of different opportunities helps fresh graduates analyze their interests, and since many companies are now looking for short term employees to cut high salary costs, this is the right time to experience different roles and then settle for the best one. 

Also, for the first job, overlooking salary is not a bad idea. Just try to enter the fraternity and polish your skills. With this, you can look for a better job simultaneously and shift because having a low paid job is better than wandering around. However, don’t forget your worth in between because all your skills are invalued. 

8. Pick All The Interview Opportunities

If you have ever missed an interview meeting, make sure next time you don’t. Whenever you apply for a job and receive an interview call, make sure to attend it. 

For your professional growth, it’s important to meet employers and have a conversation with them. This practice will give you a thorough idea about interview questions, and next time you won’t hesitate to tell about yourself. 

A company providing personal statement help UK states that interview meetings boost candidate’s confidence and helps them answer to question efficiently and decisively.

9. Drop Follow Up Emails

Follow up emails are the new ways to impress your employer. A few hours after your interview, you can leave a thank you email at the recruitment department and tell your employer how passionate you are about the role.


You can also drop a follow-up email and ask the recruiter if you were selected or not. Even if not, reply to the mail in a positive way and leave a good impression. 

10. Market Yourself 

Last but not least, market yourself. Join Facebook pages and add leverage Instagram and LinkedIn stories to publicize yourself. Bring yourself into the eye of employers by writing exceptional content about yourself and your journey.

This practice will help give your account an edge over others and will outstand you in the rest of the competition. 

Start Hunting Jobs Before The Final Semester Gets Over

After all the pro tips, this is advice that please start finding your job before you graduate. Don’t sit back and wait for your convocation. Build up your profile, craft your resume and start applying!



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