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I am pretty sure that all the movie lovers have come across various websites that offer so-called “Unlimited Downloads” of your favorite movies and content apart from movies too. Apparently, they seem like charging a very nominal fee that seems to be too small for such an exquisite offer. Some sites like Gomovies, Movierulz, etc offer a yearly or lifetime membership that allows you to have access to thousands of the movies, series, and music available on their database. These movies usually range from classics to recently released blockbusters. In fact, there are a number of websites known for releasing the pirated content on the very same day it is officially released. And the best part is that all of this stuff is available right from the convenience of your personal desktop, laptop or even smartphone whatever you prefer to deploy for the purpose. 

The best part is that many among such websites offer you high-resolution DVD print of your favorite movies that again you can download for free or against that certain fee that you have paid on a yearly basis or one-time subscription fee once and for all. A few of these websites along with an array of movies, also offer music that is again pirated content and you can listen or download it on your device in that very same fee. All of this sounds too good to be true.

What actually happens is that they boast unlimited downloads, a wide range of different movies and a massive range of music of your choice along with a variety of formats to choose from like .avi, .mov, .mp3, etc. as there are different mediums that support just a certain format. When you are being offered all of these formats all at one place then you are free from the hassle of downloading different formats just to match yours. All of this sounds so great that you are provided with a bunch of options all at one place just against a nominal fee of a few bucks.

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What actually happens here is that once you have registered yourself by paying the fee, they direct you to download u Torrent software that is already available free online. If you register yourself as a beginner, then they simply ask you to download LimeWire. All of this is already available and pretty free of cost. What it does is that this software allows you to download movies through third party torrents and then you realize that all you paid in this regard was just a scam. All of this could have been downloaded pretty free of cost and all of this was nothing more than a scam.

Downloading movies, especially ones with high resolution from the internet could be a daunting task but this is not impossible at all. You just need to be aware of a couple of good websites. Movierulz is one of these websites that actually offer you loads of free content. Nowhere you need to enter any of your personal information nor you are asked for any kind of subscription fee at any moment. Even if you are asked for, just realize that you are at the wrong place. This website is flooded with the content that matches the choice of all and sundry. From classics to blockbuster movies, from drama series to local cinema releases, this offers you all that you need. Somehow you might be annoyed by frequent pop-ups and ads, still crossing them over and over again is far better than paying a few bucks through your credit or debit card. Movierulz might be banned in some of the regions still you can access it by using a VPN, once you have accessed the website, get ready for the unlimited fun to begin.

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