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Roulette, given its advantage for the players to be in great demand in the aussie online casino, but in today’s gambling establishments (both online and real), it is quite rare. Try to understand the reason for the disparity of supply and demand.

Recall that the roulette in general terms very similar to the option. She has one zero, numbers from one to thirty-six, and the same payment rates. The major differences in appearance (a special table with a single markup for all the color and names), and the presence of rules. For newcomers to the portal roulette game, who have not yet read our previous publications, we recall that this rule implies the return half of the players even money bets, the losers in the loss of a zero (usually under the condition that the player did not set well at zero).

Thanks to this rule, the variety of this popular game has the lowest house advantage of the three most common options roulette – 5,26%, roulette – 2,7%, while the roulette – 2,7% for the game on the field and only 1 35% of the game on chances. Apparently, the operators of the online casino house edge are considered inadequate to offer their customers this game.

At least, this view is confirmed by the fact that the online casino you can meet a variety of modifications of the roulette, but they remain a rarity.

Of course, many readers may object, noting that in a virtual casino is full of games where the casino advantage is even smaller, if not entirely absent. As an example, some varieties of video poker or blackjack. In the same video poker, there are many variations, where a long segment of the game may return more than 99% of invested funds. Hence, why the problems arise precisely from the roulette.

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In fact, the answer is pretty simple. The point is the very essence of these games. Roulette does not require the player skill. Casino visitors of all skill levels have the same chance of winning. Enough to make arbitrary rate on red / black, odd / even or high / low numbers in the roulette, to receive an average return of 98.65%. In other words, in this situation on a long segment of the casino games cannot get more than 1, 35% of the set of players.

In blackjack and video poker, everything is different. To achieve the minimum benefits of an online casino us (and sometimes completely reverse the balance of power in their favor), to accurately play the optimal strategy. This requires a player to not only serious theoretical training, but also the concentration and the ability to control him.

Needless to say, that to achieve such a measure can only very few players. The skill level of the rest of the casino visitors is much lower, leading to an increase in the benefits of casinos. According to publish some online casinos, the average real return of video poker is about 97%, although theoretically the percentage advantage in this game should not greatly exceed 1%. Blackjack reliable such data could not be found, but it can be assumed that the situation for the players in it is no better.


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