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Death toll, due to Corona virus, half a million as cases surge in United States, Latin America

Experts and figure say that Corona cases are increasing in numbers in large parts of the United states and in Latin America, with the death toll neared half a million on Wednesday, 24 of June 2020.according to a tally, the number of deaths due to Corona Virus is increasing day by day, as the worldwide deaths from the outbreak has surged past 477,000 doubling the death toll in less than a month. There is another outbreak in the city of Wuhan, infecting 256 people, since early June, is said to be under control, but fears remain over the risk of community transmission. Zhong Nanshan, a leading Chinese respiratory expert says, “There may be an increase in the cases in the winter or next spring, but I do not think that the outbreak will be as big as the first wave of the pandemic was”.

Europe and Asia are equally hit by the pandemic 

Europe, being the epicenter of the pandemic remains the most effected region with over 194,000 dead from more than 2.5 million cases overall. Due to outbreak, many events in the world has passed not-remembered. Same is the case with Russia, as it held a grand world war 2 commemoration, chaired by the president Vladimir Putin, which were postponed from nine may due to Corona England, after the biggest lifting of the restrictions yet medical experts warned the British government to prepare for the risk of the second wave. Following a cluster of infections at a slaughter house, Germany on Tuesday re-imposed lockdown measures on more than 600,000 people. World men’s numbers one Novak Djokovic tested positive after an exhibition tournament. It was hoping that tennis was to follow team sports like football back into arenas and stadiums, nut the positive test of Djokovic and three others have dampened its prospects. The most infected country due to this pandemic is United States, with more than 121,000 death tolls from more than 2.3 million cases. The next two weeks would be critical to our ability to address surging in the states including, Florida, Texas and a few other.

In Pakistan, with a surge in the daily cases the confirmed cases are now crossing 190,000 with 3,808 reported deaths due to Corona, and 77,754 people have managed to recover from the epidemic. Province wise figures are 74,070 in Sindh, 69,536 in Punjab, 11,483 in Islamabad 9,817 in Baluchistan, with KP on 23,887 and Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit Baltistan having 892 and 1,337 respectively. Emirates, the UAE airline, announced temporary suspension after 30 passengers who arrived in Hong Kong on board an Emirate flight on June 22 tested positive for Covid-19.

International Monitory Fund and World Trade Organization predict deeper global Economic downfall due to Covid-19 

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The six months into a crisis that has devastated the global economy the IMF was set to issue latest growth prophecy on Wednesday June 24, 2020. The outlook for the world economy over the last two years is uncertain, the World Trade Organization (WTO) warned on Tuesday. Due to this pandemic, the world GDP is expected to be plunged by 4.9 percent this year and wiping out 12 trillion dollars over the next two years.


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