Oppo Reno 4 Price in Pakistan

Reno 4 price in pakistan

Reno 4 price in Pakistan. Oppo pro series has added a new member to the family, increasing the competition level in mobile markets. It has all of the best features taught in it. It has to be admitted that this Oppo Reno 4 is equipped with all new and improved features and they have been so good in usage. Everyone, including me, is standing in line for our turn to buy and use it.

Oppo Reno 4 has been introduced in an expensive price range. But how can you stop all mobile lovers from buying it? Its new and innovative features have made it an all-time favorite phone for everyone to use.

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Price of Oppo Reno 4

Oppo Reno 4 is available in the price range of 59,999 PKR. It has 8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB internal storage. It is famous amongst gamers. This is because gamers require quick transitions and require heavy storage capacity.

Oppo Reno 4 offers an exemplary user interface. With a big screen, the movie-watching experience also becomes smoother. The big-screen displays high HD resolution as well as provides a good touch display. Besides these prominent features, Oppo Reno 4 has some other competitive features that make it a perfect smartphone.

Notable Features and Specifications of Oppo Reno 4

Some of the advanced features of Oppo Reno 4, which makes it the best smartphone in the industry, are as follows:

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The appearance of Oppo Reno 4: Reno 4 price in pakistan

It gives an exceptionally classy outer appearance with three changed shading variations. Dark, Blue, and Purple are three of its alluring shadings that make Reno 4 look. The front and the rear of Reno 4 are covered with a Gorilla Glass 6, which gives comprehensive insurance.

 Internal Structure: Reno 4 price in pakistan

Oppo Reno 4 has an Android 10 OS with UI in Color working framework 7.2. The UI of the cell phone gives a smooth and appealing display. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 720 G chipset upholds it. The chipset utilized in this cell phone profoundly adds to the ideal presentation of the Oppo Reno 4 cell phone’s Size and Weight.

Like a different cell phone from Oppo, this handset additionally comes in the lightest of weight. The absolute importance of this cell phone is 165 grams, a height of about 16.3 mm tall. Also, it is 73.9 mm wide and 7.7 mm thick. This load of provisions makes it simple to hold for the clients.


Oppo Reno 4 is a triple camera phone with a primary camera of 48 MP. With an 8 MP ultra-wide camera and a 2 MP depth sensor.

Storage and Memory

Oppo Reno 4 has good built-in memory storage, with 8 GB RAM and 128/256 GB internal storage. This has made sure that the phone runs smoothly and does not lag or slow down, affecting the user’s work.

Display and Battery

The addition of an AMOLED capacitive touch screen is a plus point of this phone. It has a large screen of 6.4 inches. It helps in smooth working, and also the user enjoys using it. Users enjoy watching movies, playing games, and doing many other things as well.

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Oppo Reno 4  supplies with a 4000 mah battery, which helps it stay active. It can get charged very fast as it supports a fast charging feature. It captures the phone in 25 to 30 minutes.

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