Use Of Drone Technology In The Agriculture Sector

Use Of Drone Technology In The Agriculture Sector

Agriculture can be considered as the earliest and most primitive invention of the human civilization, and the major demography of many economies is still making their major share of income through this very agriculture sector, yet in the recent past we have seen the use and widespread implementation of drone and infrared technology in the agriculture that has literally turned the agriculture in to a thing of future. 

Ever since the very beginning of the Green Revolution in Great Britain, farmers have remained much inclined towards the use of modern-day technology in agriculture. In the past, the farmers had to walk the lengths of their fields to find out any disease or pests impacting their crops. 

This was a very tiring and time taking process and still, they couldn’t have a comprehensive and absolute view of the crops. While now we see the use of modern-day Drone Technology where drones are being used to monitor and document any such threats to the crops.

How It Helps The Agriculture Sector?

Technology has emerged as a part and parcel of the agriculture sector as we see its implementation from the start to finish in various processes. From tillage to planting, and spraying to harvesting, at each step we see the use of technology helping improve the yields.

With the drones’ technology, they can even take pre-emptive measures before the outbreak of any certain disease or even the pest attack. They can monitor the entire fields while standing right at one spot. And the best part is they can monitor every nuke and corner of the field that otherwise could have been missed if patrolled manually to find any such threat. 

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The drones are integrated with GPS technology and they just don’t monitor but also help make recommendations in order to take steps in advance.

Drones are regarded as the things of the future and they are closely associated with efficiency. With the drone technology, all you need to do is to buy a properly programmed drone carrying infrared cameras that are designed for this specific purpose.

Bird’s Eye View From The Height

You can sit right inside your office, use the drone, let it fly and have a bird’s eye view from the height as much as you want, you can capture as many pictures as you want as these pictures would help you assess the overall health of growing crops and would also alarm you about any emerging threat that needs to be taken care of right in advance.

From these images the clear green shades are signs of goodness, means this area is growing perfectly right, there might be some shady areas that need to have more attention, while there would be some red areas that need no growth at all, these areas need to be taken care of on priority basis.

The issue with the use of this technology is only the price factor as such technological gadgets are pretty high in cost and for the small scale farmers, this is usually hard to pay the price for such technologies. Although large scale farmers can easily arrange these drones. 

The good thing about this is that many governments around the world are subsidizing such technologically driven tools that may aid in having more yield in agriculture, while the rest are freeing them up from duties, taxes, and tariffs. 

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Some are offering them on subsidized rates while in some countries many easy installments options are provided to small scale farmers as they know at the end of the day not only the farmer would benefit from this technology but this would impact the whole economy as well. 

We are witnessing clear per acre yield differences among countries employing modern technology and the ones without it.