Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: The Best Brands of Waterproof Speakers

Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

Summer means two things: swimming pools and beaches. But these aren’t the best places to show off your electronic devices. Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers. It doesn’t take a scientist to figure out that it’s not a bad idea to mix water and electricity. This means that if you want to bring your speaker to play your favorite tunes on the beach, you will have to give up unless it’s a waterproof Bluetooth speaker.

Fortunately, many companies produce them, but which is the right choice? All brands hope their product is the one that will end up in your hands.

But which is the best waterproof Bluetooth speaker for you?

Waterproofing Assessment

The first thing to know to evaluate a Bluetooth speaker’s waterproofness is how much water it can withstand. Not all speakers are created equal, and some are stronger and more durable than others. One way to know precisely how rugged a speaker is is to see its IP certification. It is a set of standards that a product must comply with to obtain certification. The complete parameters are several, but the common ones you need to know are the following.

Waterproof Bluetooth Case: Water Resistance

IPX0 Not water resistant

IPX1 ✓ Dripping water (1 mm / min) Limit: only vertical drops

IPX2 ✓ Dripping water (3 mm / min) Limit: a maximum inclination of the device 15 ° concerning the drops

IPX3 ✓ Spray Limit: a maximum preference of the apparatus of 60 ° from the sprays

IPX4 ✓ Splashes, omnidirectional

IPX5 ✓ Water jets (12.5 L / min) Example: water guns

IPX6 ✓ Strong water jets (100 L / min) Example: Powerful water guns

IPX7 ✓ Full immersion Limit: 1 m. for 30 minutes

IPX8 ✓ Full immersion Limit: 3 m. for 30 minutes

Depending on where you will be using the Bluetooth speaker, some requirements may be more important than others. If you take it to the beach, you may not be so worried about water damage, but dust and sand resistance is something you should consider. If you’re going to use it by the pool, there won’t be much sand around it, but if it accidentally falls into the pool, it’s always good to know how waterproof it is.

Pros and Cons of Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

So, what are the advantages and disadvantages of a waterproof Bluetooth speaker?


Besides the obvious benefit of saving you from worrying about water damage, they are also quite durable. Like any electronic device, throwing it on purpose is not a good idea. But these devices are made to understand that users will take them out of the house, so they’re usually a lot tougher than standard analogs.

Another clear advantage is portability. In most cases, these crates are designed to be easily transported. Sure, there are more robust and larger models, ideal for those who prefer sound quality over portability, but the ability to be thrown in your bag and taken anywhere shouldn’t be underestimated.


As always, some sacrifices must be made when one demands a product’s exceptionality on a specific aspect. When it comes to waterproof Bluetooth speakers, that sacrifice is borne by the sound quality.

Drivers need to be protected from water and dust to varying degrees, meaning they don’t sound as clear as non-waterproof competitors. Don’t get us wrong. There are plenty of Bluetooth speakers with good quality sound, considering they are waterproof, but few can match Bluetooth speakers in the same price range designed to focus on sound quality.

Another flaw when it comes to waterproof Bluetooth speakers is the price. Not always, but most of the time, the waterproof speakers will be just a little bit more expensive due to the added functionality. That said, if you’re looking for a waterproof case, it’s worth spending a little more money.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Case: UE Boom 3

The UE Boom 3’s clever design impressed us and took the top spot on this list.

The EU Bluetooth waterproof case has been redesigned so that it not only retains a cylindrical shape, like the previous model but is virtually the same size and shape as an average water bottle.

It may not seem like who knows what, but on closer inspection, it means that now you can put it wherever you can even put a standard bottle of water. Best air purifier. Be it the cup holder of the car, the motorcycle, the backpack, or a deck chair. It’s a waterproof speaker that you can take with you anywhere.

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It’s not just the size and shape that make the UE Boom 3 a compelling option. Of course, it has buttons on the front to adjust the volume, but you can also connect it with over 100 other EU speakers.

So if you and a friend both have UE speakers, you can download the app and double the sound. The battery life is about 15 hours, is not great, but it has an IP67 waterproof structure and, as the smallest EU Wonderboom, can float.

The sound quality on the Boom 3 isn’t great, but if at the beach or poolside you want something loud and portable, it’s a good option.

Bose SoundLink Revolve +: Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker with Best Design

The most durable Bluetooth speakers tend to be minor, super portable, and much more rugged. It’s rare to find a waterproof speaker that’s also beautiful, but the Bose SoundLink Revolve + waterproof Bluetooth speaker has an attractive design.

This model isn’t cheap, but it pays off for your money, as it’s a gorgeous waterproof Bluetooth speaker, perfect for swimming poolside in the summer.

This case is IPX4 certified, so even if it can take a dip or catch some rain, we recommend avoiding throwing it into the pool, as it is not submersible.

But if you’re willing to sacrifice this property and pay a little attention to where you put the speaker, you’ll get a waterproof case that’s as beautiful as it is good. OK, maybe more attractive than good, but it’s still a good Bluetooth speaker.

The SoundLink Revolve + waterproof Bluetooth speaker may not be practical enough to be carried attached to your backpack while hiking, but it has a small handle, making it easy to move from one place to another. It has a battery life of around 16 hours and even lets you access Siri or Google Now via a button right on the top of the case. It also has a lantern-shaped design that allows it to pump out sounds in 360 degrees, so no matter where you are relative to the speaker, you’ll be able to hear the sound.

JBL Charge 3: Waterproof Case with Best Sound

The Charge 4 is the newest line-up and has a few minor improvements that might convince some to prefer it, but most may want to save a little by purchasing the older JBL Charge 3 waterproof case more compact Flip 4.

While the Charge 4 has a new connectivity option for connecting a group of speakers, everything else has remained the same, including the sound quality.

The JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth waterproof case offers 20 hours of battery life and can charge your mobile devices via the built-in USB output.

On top of the speaker are basic playback and volume controls, a Bluetooth pairing button, and a JBL Connect switch. This allows users to sync with the latest JBL Bluetooth speaker models.

If you think you want to use it with 100 other JBL speakers, you should go for Charge 4, but otherwise, Charge 3 will suffice.

You will have the benefits of a large case, tops sound, and battery life, in a patient with dimensions that allow you to fit it into a suitcase or backpack easily. The IPX7 Charge 3 is covered in fabric, which protects the driver’s inside. The bass sound is slightly better. JBL says it can be submerged for up to 30 minutes in one meter of water.

UE Wonderboom: The Waterproof Bluetooth Case that Floats

Unlike the disc-shaped UE Roll 2, the UE Wonderboom waterproof case has a classic cylindrical shape: short and compact, with the + and – volume buttons. The sound quality is OK, but that’s not what we’re looking for when looking for waterproof speakers.

We want it to be durable, and the EU Wonderboom is; besides, it has a PX7 certification that testifies its durability. Plus, it can float, which makes it a great waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the beach. Best hairdryer. The fabric covering that wraps the case is double, protects both the exterior and the interior from water, and guarantees a good grip for the user, even when wet.

The elastic case of the Wonderboom leaves a lot to be desired. One drawback is the battery life: it lasted two hours during the test. An EU representative said it must have been a problem with our piece.

However, despite the battery problems, we couldn’t help but enjoy the Wonderboom. It’s one of the few waterproof speakers that are perfect for picking up and throwing in your bag on the way to the beach or a friend’s house.

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Anker Soundcore Flare: the cheapest waterproof Bluetooth speaker

Anker is no stranger to making affordable products that know their stuff. But the new Soundcore Flare cabinet does more than sound good (for its price). It is also beautiful. It’s hard to find a cheap waterproof Bluetooth speaker with this style, and if you find it, it usually has terrible sound quality.

The Soundcore Flare may not be the best speaker on this list (see: JBL Charge 3), but it does more than we expected. Bass is strong and defined, while vocals and other instruments sound clear. There is some slight distortion in the treble, but that’s not too much of a nuisance. It is the design that makes this Bluetooth waterproof case model worthy of its price.

Soundcore Flare is wrapped in an IPX7 fabric and can play music in any direction, thanks to the drivers positioned around the cylindrical speaker. The battery life is about 12 hours, enough to power the colored LED on the bottom. Unlike other products that use colored lights to look cool, the Soundcore Flare does it with enthusiasm.

You can pair two speakers to double the sound. That’s good because one of the downsides is that the volume stays pretty low, so doubling up on waterproof speakers is a solution to this drawback.

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers: Honorable Mentions

There are thousands of waterproof Bluetooth speakers to choose from, and we have brought you the best 5. If none of these are really what you are looking for, here is a shortlist of products we have considered, but it was discarded for one reason or another.

Sony XB41

The Sony XB41 waterproof case is a tiny Bluetooth case, weighing 1.4 grams.

Sony makes some of the best speakers around, and its waterproof models are no exception. The XB-41 Bluetooth speaker is a safe choice, our best proposition for a long time, but has been ousted by the more practical Boom 3.

Braven Stryde 360

Braven Stryde 360, while not beautiful and good in its price range, is undoubtedly one of the most resistant. If you want to make some music with you on your adventures, this is a viable option.

JBL Flip 4

JBL Flip 4: If you’re looking for an inexpensive waterproof case to take to the beach or pool, the Flip 4 is one of the best models around. He played it to the last for the podium of the cheapest waterproof case with Anker Soundcore Flare.

Please read our guide dedicated to the best JBL Bluetooth speakers.

The UE Megaboom

This UE Megaboom: It can’t hold up the best in its price range, but it’s still an excellent speaker.

This UE Roll 2

UE Roll was already one of the best speakers you can find for its price, and the UE Roll 2 model is even better. It’s not much of an improvement over the original, but it’s an improvement. Best budget gaming laptop. It was among the best until Wonderboom replaced it. Because? Why Wonderboom Glleggia, which we think is much more helpful than being able to be immersed.

Bose SoundLink Micro

If you’re a lover of the Bose ecosystem and want a travel speaker that can stand up to anything, the Bose SoundLink Micro is a great choice.

Fugoo Sport XL

Fugoo Sport XL isn’t cheap, not at all. But you have a high-quality product, one of the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers around.

Sharkk Commando

Sharkk Commando is what you need if you are interested in a waterproof Bluetooth speaker for the beach. Just don’t expect incredible sound quality.

Altec Lansing LifeJacket 2

Altec Lansing LifeJacket 2 is a floating crate perfect for staying close to water. It’s not as beautiful or portable as the UE Wonderboom. But it has Qualcomm’s aptX codec for high-quality streaming. So if the sound is a priority for you, it’s worth a try.

Anker Soundcore Sport XL

Anker Soundcore Sport XL is a quality product from Anker. For its price range, you can’t go wrong with her.

JBL Charge 4

JBL Charge 4 is an update of the Charge 3 and is a bit heavier. However, if USB-C charging is a top priority for you, the upgrade may be justified.

JBL Clip 3

The Clip series has always been a line to watch. But with a new design and significantly improved battery life. The Clip 3 waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a real contender. Above all, because it is also economical.


We’ve spent loads of hours researching the best waterproof Bluetooth speakers all year-round to ensure our results are solid.

It is our work. If We like it. We are passionate about it, and we receive a lot of gratitude from those who benefit from our efforts.

We have done a ton of tests to test a wide range of audio products. This experience has allowed us to learn to discriminate between good and bad products quickly.

It is mainly for this reason that you shouldn’t doubt our judgment.

Suppose you want to explore other aspects of the speakers. Could you read our guide on Bluetooth speakers? Or the reviews section of the essential Bluetooth speaker brands.


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