A few reasons why your car isn’t selling


Tired of waiting for calls from buyers? Maybe the appraisal from a dealer is much less than you expected? If any of these previous problems are familiar to you or if you aren’t able to sell a car, this article can be helpful. We have analysed thousands of car listings in various countries around the world and compared them between one another to see why some people are failing to sell cars at a price they feel confident in. Here are those reasons.

The car is dirty

You’d be surprised to know that a cleanly washed car can be bought for a price that is anywhere between 2% and 23% higher than a dirty car. Drive your automobile to the nearest car wash and have both the interior and exterior cleaned to near perfection. Trust us, you won’t be able to fend off hungry buyers then. Routine maintenance and paying attention to small details, even if it’s wiping your cup holders can help in the long run as it will remove the build up of dirt over time. You can check out this article from Budget Direct which provides expert tips on how to increase your car’s resale value.

Problems with the ignition

It turns out that 37-52% of the buyers are immediately discouraged to buy the car after the ignition fails during the pre-purchase inspection. It can be both cold or hot start issues, but it seems that this is the major point which used car resellers use to negotiate the price down.


Your dashboard and steering wheel are worn

Around 71 to 86% of buyers use the steering wheel condition as a first indicator about the car’s overall condition. About half of those very same individuals look at the dashboard as a secondary indicator. Due to this, you might want to consider steering wheel and/or dashboard restoration services.

Fault indicators

‘Check engine’ and similar warning lights are a major buying concern for about 87% of buyers. If it’s possible, try to remove as many minor faults as possible (removing them via computer) before listing the car. Put in enough oil and other fluids, check the brakes and tires as well. Make sure the lights are working.


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