How Much Does It Cost To Get Paper Shredded


If you have personal files or sensitive personal data on paper facts that are now not wished for, nicely disposing of them is important. One of the maximum secure approaches to address that is by utilizing a paper shredding service. So how long does it take to get paper shredded via a shredding employer? Some key factors have an impact on pricing.

What Type Of Shredding Do You Need?

One of the primary drivers of cost when shredding paperwork is the type of shredding you select. There are three main options:

  • Strip Shredding: The simplest and most affordable level, strip shredding turns documents into long thin strips a few millimeters wide. It provides basic security.
  • Cross-cut shredding: This creates smaller confetti-like pieces that offer enhanced protection for sensitive materials. Cross-cut shredding has a moderately higher cost than basic strip cutting.
  • Micro-cut Shredding: Micro-reduced shredding produces tiny paper debris that might be almost dust-like in length. This excellent particle size virtually eliminates legibility and provides maximum security. Due to the specialized equipment required, micro-cut shredding has the highest cost.

The type you choose depends on your specific security and compliance needs. For general home office shredding, strip cuts may suffice. In business contexts with financial records or healthcare data, for example, microcut is likely the ideal choice despite the higher pricing.

What Volume Of Paperwork Do You Need Shredded?

In addition to cut type, total volume is a major cost factor. Many shredding providers price their services based either on weight (price per pound) or by the container (price per standard bin size). 

Whether you’re exploring options for personal or business document disposal, understanding the volume of paperwork you need to be shredded is crucial in determining the overall cost. 

Keep an eye out for potential cost-saving opportunities, such as participating in free paper shredding events in 2024, which could be beneficial for both your wallet and the environment.

For instance, you could pay $X in line with a pound for paper shredding, or $Y consistent with a five-gallon bin. The more material you have to be shredded, the more cost-efficient the overall project pricing typically is.

One-Time Or Ongoing Service?

You can hire a shredding vendor for a one-off project needing only a few containers worth of secure document destruction. However, you’ll generally get better rates if you establish an ongoing service agreement.

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When you sign up for recurring shredding whether weekly, monthly or quarterly, providers can offer discounted pricing. It gives them predictable recurring revenue while saving you money over ordering multiple individual jobs. This can yield 10-30%+ pricing improvements.

On-Site Or Off-Site Shredding: Does Location Matter?

There are two common service models when getting paper records securely destroyed:

  • Off-web page Shredding: With off-website shredding, you p.c. archives into locked consoles and shipping them to the seller’s secured facility for destruction, either your self or via pickup.
  • On-website Shredding: On-web page shredding takes area proper at your own home or office area. The issuer sends a specialised truck ready with an business shredder and shreds substances as you sell off them.

In most cases, bringing paperwork to an off-site shredding location is the more budget friendly option. However, on-site shredding provides additional convenience and security if those factors are your top priority. There is a premium for shredding vendors to transport equipment and staff to your site.

Additional Fees To Consider: Fuel, Staffing And More

Beyond the base shredding rate itself, ask potential providers about any other common fees so your final cost doesn’t take you by surprise:

  • Fuel surcharges for on-site shredding requiring truck transport.
  • Additional staffing fees if you require drivers or helpers beyond the standard team.
  • Minimum service order quantities before discounts apply.
  • Container replacement fees if bins are not returned promptly after off-site plant processing.
  • Certification of destruction documentation for legal, compliance and audit purposes

Getting clear up front on any ancillary fees helps estimate total project cost accuracy.

Average Cost For Paper Shredding Services

So what’s the bottom line? Just how much does it cost to get paper shredded on average? Here is an overview:

The average range nationwide seems to be about $0.50 per pound on the low end up to $2.00+ per pound on the higher end for paper shredding services. The norm for most standard jobs is $1 per pound.

To illustrate based on volume:

  • 5 pounds of documents = $5 to $10+
  • 25 pounds of paper = ~$25 to $50
  • 1,000 pounds of records = ~$1,000 to $2,000


The national Digital Hikes Institute for Records Management suggests cost breakdowns based on 96-gallon bin pricing tends to span:

  • Small bin (35-65 gallon): $30 – $75 per bin
  • Large bin (95 gallons): $40 – $100+ per bin

If we assume 175 pounds typically fits in a big bin…

  • $40 per bin / 175 pounds = $0.23 per pound
  • $100 per bin / 175 pounds = $0.57 per pound

So as you can see, per bin pricing can offer more value with larger quantities.

The bottom line is that paper shredding costs can vary widely, but $0.50 to $1 per pound or $40 to $75 per standard bin serves as a reasonable national average. Regional prices can differ of course.

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4 Key Questions To Ask Any Shredding Vendor About Pricing

If selecting a document destruction provider, make sure to ask several key questions upfront to clearly understand their pricing structure. This allows accurate comparing rates between multiple services. Helpful questions include:

  1. Do you charge by the pound, by the bin, or both? What is the base rate for each pricing method?
  2. What cost difference does shred type (strip, cross cut, micro cut) make?
  3. Can I achieve any pricing discounts for large volume projects or sign an ongoing quarterly service agreement?
  4. Are there additional fees beyond just the base rate to be aware of such as fuel surcharges, administration fees, etc?

Getting clarification up front on exact pricing models allows accurately compare your options.

Professional Shredding Options To Consider

When selecting a dependable and affordable shredding service, you have several solid options to consider including:

  • Local/Regional Shredding Companies: Hundreds of small independent paper shredding businesses operate in most towns and metro regions. Supports local communities.
  • National Chains: Larger franchised secure shredding chains like Shred-it and Iron Mountain have recognizable branding and standardized operations.
  • Independent Mobile Shredding Trucks: Self-contained shredding trucks offer on-site convenience powered by small startups.
  • Office Supply Stores: Some office stores like Staples and Office Depot offer shredding services either on-site or for drop off.

We recommend getting price quotes from 2-3 services before deciding. Compare rates, options and reviews to make the best choice matching your needs and budget.

Key Takeaways: What Does Paper Shredding Cost?

  • Average range is $0.50 to $2 per pound shredded
  • Typical per bin rate is $40 to $100 per 96 gallon bin
  • Ongoing service agreements can offer 10-30% discounts over one-time pricing
  • On-site shredding costs more than off-site drop-off shredding
  • Micro cut shredding is pricier than basic strip cut shredding

Analyze your security risks, data policies, and volume needs. This helps determine what shred type works best and the expected overall costs.

How Can Businesses Or Communities Organize Their Own Paper-Shredding Events?

Businesses or communities can organize their own paper-shredding events by partnering with a local professional shredding company to provide free paper shredding services events 2024 near me. They would need to choose a date, time, and location, promote the free event to employees, residents, or the public, and have the shredding truck available onsite to securely destroy papers.

What’s The Going Rate To Shred 1,000 Pounds Of Documents?

For 1,000 kilos of paperwork, shredding carrier prices frequently range from $five hundred to $two,000 nationally, with many providers averaging around $1,000 overall or $1 in keeping with the pound.

What’s The Difference In Cost Between Strip Shredding And Micro Cut?

Strip shredding tends to cost $0.50 to $1 per pound on average. Micro-cut shredding ranges from $1 to $2+ per pound due to the specialized equipment involved. Expect to pay a 100% or more premium.

What Factors Make Business Shredding Costs Higher?

Business shredding costs more when requiring on-site service, high-security micro-cut shreds, fast turnaround times, dedicated account management, and chain of custody reporting.


As you evaluate options to securely destroy old inactive paper records, understanding exact pricing models is key. The average range is $0.50 to $2 per pound, with per-bin rates spanning $40 to $100 per 96-gallon bin based on local market conditions. Be sure to ask prospective companies about any extra fees too.


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