Cover Interview: Chris Level Biography, Famous Cover Art And Being Discovered


Within this cover interview of web-zine ‘trendy tarzan’ we are going to ask and get answered some of the world’s most hot questions many fans around the world were asking themselves about global superstar and production music / sync artist chris level from fans in India, France, the UK and the united states; as well, we are offering away a 90% discount on Chris level’s socks (it’s not just your average socks, they’re high quality designer socks!).

How do you define an overnight succesful youngster?. Is it someone who was able to become the most popular production music artist of 2022 by smashing social media records of being the first production music artist in history to get mentioned over 10,000 times in less than 7 weeks? Is it someone who became the first production music artist in history to get offered 3 consecutive honor plaques including a really coveted ‘The most influential production music of GEN Z”? Is it someone who was able to get followed by thousands upon thousands of fans including some of the world’s biggest leaders like presidents of nations and senators (yup, even the president of countries like France, Maldive and other dozens upon dozens of countries are his fans!)? Is it someone who made the official anthem soundtrack for one of the most famous asian comedian tiktokers in the world (babag222 anthem soundtrack) at the age of 18? Is it someone who has ammased an estimated net worth of $2 million (there’s been fake news about his net worth being $6,000,000 or $4,000,000 but that’s not true, and the $2 million is because we put the value of his cover variations art prints of lose ma cool/babag222 anthem soundtrack into the equation) thanks to his self-made pieces of art? and yeah, he did all that at the age of just 18. Well, Chris level is back and we are really lucky to have him do this interview, and we were so excited we decided to make it a cover interview (not a cover issue though) so that people may read into his life as they want. 

Table of Contents

Chris Level’s Deep Biography

well, Chris level was born in a small but civilized place called ‘Nyamirambo’ in a big rwandan city called ‘Kigali’, growing up he loved and aspired to become an actor after films like the original MTV’ series teen wolf inspired him among others. With no luck he opted staying out of acting and at the age of 14 he started doing music so heavy that whenever there would be a party in his family circle (be it birthday or fun party) he would be the one to entertain the public singing, then after that he started making beats and uploading them on the internet by the name of Chris Tylr like on me and rush hour especially on Soundcloud. With nothing earned from the early mediocre releases he then he started doing more vocal and musical training (with having talents to play the guitar, he surely knew how to navigate the lessons he was going through) and at the age of 18 he made lose ma cool with the rwandan producer ‘Kush beatz’ which sparkled the interest of world famous asian comedian tiktoker babag222, the track immediately became babag222’s official anthem and made people start to talk about Chris level all over the internet so much that even world leaders like presidents were hooked into the know. Now Chris level is working with some of the world’s best production and music companies for more of his custom and official bespoke music. 

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Q&As And More

What was going through your mind when you first heard yourself trending?

I don’t know!? It was nothing but special. But it kind of got old because it was filled with highs and lows, but I didn’t take it so glorious, I only accepted it and continued.

During the cover shoot. They told us you used a phone camera, is that so?

Yup. I wanted to give a chance to my little brother who wants to become a photographer/ videographer. I thought it will make a good impression on his cv later in life.

Is there anything your parents advised you when starting in the celebrity world?

Yeah. To stay humble, creative and simple. That’s one of the reasons why you’ll never see me driving a car. The first reason is because I support the environment more than I accept fame to get to me.

Why do you support the environment?

I support the environment because I kind of sat down one day and saw how the world is rapidly being a discussing place to live all thanks to the pollution it gets on a daily basis. So, I decided to be different and I kinda like to live in greener places, that’s why you’ll never see me living in a place like a metropolitan area… just a safe and green place like Kigali.

What’s behind your pieces of print art that costs around $1,900,000 total? (This counts to his net worth even though it can’t be taken as collateral for bank loans as fine artists can’t get loaned using their art as collateral)

What’s behind! (laughing), well, nothing but authenticity and the love.

The 277 art works are the only works of fine art I will ever make and they are variations of the highly popular lose ma cool A.K.A babag222 anthem soundtrack which is the soundtrack that made me the most popular production music artist of 2022. (when creating the cover art of the song I created over 300 variations of the artwork having fun with doing so before I obtained the main one but I choose to put up 277 because I lost the remaining due to not saving their projects in the making and I’m telling you the only reason I decided to make like 300 variations it was because I was just having fun before I decided to make the final result). It might take years before someone purchases them, but it’s understandable for artworks of these values as each’s price is $10,000 for the babag222 soundtrack ones (181) and $1,000 for the lose ma cool ones (96). And lastly, they all cost the same because without one of one of them, the final results couldn’t be possible.

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Wow, you just broke the record of the most revisions per artwork with the cover arts. You make pop music, what’s pop music to to you?

Relatability, simplicity and danceability. Those 3

You have an estimated fortune of $2.000,000 at the age of 19, how do you handle your assets and savings?

None. I plan thats all.

Your son is doing great things and in the next few years he will do many other great things. What do you think about your son’s career? (addressed to Chris’s mother ‘umuhoza Marie blandine’)

I find it great. (She wasn’t in the mood for long conversations)

Chris, do you ever wish you were “an average Joe” rather than a superstar?

Well, it depends man. I like being simple which can drive me sometimes to stop this showbizz thing for good but I also want to build a legacy which drives me to not want being too simple. From time to time I do.

You obviously have an amazing singing talent and making instrumental soundtracks, what else do you got?

A lot. I can play the guitar, beat box, rap, write songs and draw as well.

There’s been some speculations that you and mark frieser (CEO of sync summit) are close friends, are you?

Nope. Maybe not close but we definitely talk to each other and I sometimes give him ideas of what to do and vice versa.

Tell us about the difficulty musicians like you face the most

I personally face a lot of difficulties but I thank God that he makes those rough edges a bit softer. From producers delivering my songs late to not being able to enjoy life… well, I can’t just go out and relax because of a really busy schedule and because of the paparazzi also sometimes. It always feels as if anything can go down when I’m out or when I’m in the middle of my busy schedule.

What things would you like to try out in the next few months or years?

I don’t know. I’m pretty not outgoing but I’ll definitely try renting out a whole 5 star hotel so that me and my future girlfriend can go on a date 

Woooh, tell us more about it. Do you have a girlfriend?

No, but I think I’ll try to go on a date with someone I can’t disclose here.

Ok, that’s pretty good though. Its been a pleasure interviewing you.

Nice to have you here on your interview as well!

Chris level is clearly the new hollywood musician we’ve been waiting for these whole years. Let’s sit back and take a look at the future rise of him some more as he is now (if not actually in history) one of the most watched upon and most followed musicians in the production music industry who can earn in the mid-to-high 6 figures per one official custom music / bespoke music project he takes on.

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