How helix piercings spice up your look?

helix piercings

Ear piercings or helix piercings are jewelry pieces that are attached to the ear by a barb or tiny piece of metal inserted through a small hole in the earlobe or another area of the ear. Ear piercing is one of the most common forms of body customization. When man first explored piercing, he experimented on his ears. It was done by some tribes because they believed that bad spirits entered the body via the ears and that metals repelled them. We have examples of ladies and even males piercing their ears and decorating them with exquisite jewels throughout history.

Unlike more significant changes to one’s appearance (such as haircuts or tattoos), piercings are simple to change—once they’ve healed, of course. Changing a tiny lobe piercing to a bigger hoop may radically transform your look. Even tiny adjustments, such as converting a helix piercing from a flat stud to a small hoop, can have a big impact on your attitude. You may change the color scheme from gold to silver, shine to matte, and monochromatic to multi-colored. All of them are little adjustments that involve little effort while still yielding a consequence. visit here

Helix ear piercing: From culture to fashion:

People used to pierce their ears as part of their religious ritual in ancient times. It’s also referenced in the Bible. This ritual was highly popular in the ancient cultures of various Asian and African countries.

Ear piercing was formerly only done by women, but as time passed, males began to do it as well, and it became an important component of their fashion statement. The most popular type of body piercing is ear piercing. A helix ear piercing has always been in fashion.

It’s important to go to a piercing shop you can rely on to do a decent job. Poor piercing placement can limit where the rest can go, and it’s frustrating to be unable to have a third lobe piercing because your second is too far away from your first. Remember that needles are superior to piercing guns in terms of cartilage safety and keeping bacteria out of your ears and that you might have to pay a bit extra to find a piercing studio you can trust.

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How Does a Helix Piercing Work?

Making a hole on the cartilage of the outer upper ear is known ad helix piercing. People like to get their ears pierced since it appears more unobtrusive and helpful if your employment prohibits you from having too many piercings. Ladies prefer getting pierced because it adds a beautiful touch to their ears.

The helix piercing ideas below are incredible and will leave you speechless! What’s impressive about them is that they can be worn with any outfit. Getting a helix piercing, a forward helix piercing, or perhaps both will improve your appearance. Furthermore, with economical and unique jewelry to adorn your ears, you’ll be your most fashionable self.

Helix Piercing Types

When it comes to helix piercing, there are a few different varieties to consider. Through the top cartilage of the ear, helix piercing can be made.

The top cartilage provides lots of room for helix piercing modifications as if there weren’t already enough options to personalize your helix piercing.

  •         Just before your ear twists and attaches to your temple, in the higher cartilage, the forward helix is located. Cartilage studs with tiny charms or diamonds are typically worn on the front helix. It looks fantastic when coupled with other helix piercing designs to form a jewelry chain that runs around the outside of the ear.
  •         Piercing the double, triple, or even quadruple helix. As you can expect from the name, these ear piercings have several helix piercings. Some people choose to combine several helix piercings with auricle, upper lobe, and forward helix piercings to form a long chain of jewelry that extends the whole length of the ear. There’s no limit to how many piercings you may have along with your cartilage; make sure there’s enough space between them to alter your jewelry securely while maintaining the integrity of your ear. If you desire numerous piercings, it’s best to have them one at a time so that you have to worry about healing one at a time.
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What is the procedure for piercing the helix?

Your piercer will ask you where you want the helix piercing before doing it. The piercing can be done on the top or bottom of your ear. There is generally a lot of cartilage at the top of the ear. The piercer would usually mark the area before getting pierced, so you can see if it’s the spot is correct or not. The procedure will begin once you have decided where you want your ears pierced. visit here

The piercer will clean the part where you will be pierced first. The piercer will use a thin hollow needle to create a hole. The jewelry will be put after the needle has passed through, and the surgery will be completed. You will be given specific instructions to follow after the piercing in order for the piercing to heal correctly.

Helix Piercing Jewelry – Inspiration and Ideas

Many different forms of jewelry can be used as piercings. Captive bead rings are a common style of jewelry for piercings. A piercing might be either silver or gold. Some people pick hoops, studs, bars, or anything else they can think of for their helix piercing. One bar can be connected to either end of the helix. Industrial piercing is also quite popular, as A helix ear piercing has always been in fashion from ancient time.

Choose your piercing carefully since it will be with you for weeks until the piercing heals. Also, keep an eye out whether you have a metal allergy; if you do, anything made of gold would be ideal. To stand out from the crowd, look for unusual designs online or at your local jewelry store, or ask your piercer for something distinctive. If you are looking for ideas, browse Pinterest.

Ear piercing may or may not be appropriate for everyone. It is determined by a person’s physique and facial anatomy. In certain cultures, ear piercing is prevalent, whereas, in others, it is uncommon. Piercing should be done with all of these considerations in mind.


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