Pokémon size comparison

Pokemon size comparison

Pokémon come in all shapes and sizes. They range from the hugest of Pokémon to the smallest. Whenever people see Pokémon, they usually imagine them being huge. When people look at the sizes of Pokémon, they may be surprised to determine that a lot of them are not as big as they may think. Pokemon size camparison The favorite Pokémon anime has been known to have various sizes, so many players are surprised to realize that a Pokémon such as Groudon is 11 feet tall. There are almost twenty tallest Pokémon in existence. 

The massively massive size of many Pokémon is something to appreciate, even if some of the measures are unpredictable at best. Some of the best estimates are as follows: 

Palkia (14 Feet)

It is a member of the Creation Trio of legendary Pokémon. It is the shortest of the three. The character beloves and remembered compared to others, and it is far from being a temporary king. It is under 14 feet and is tied for height with Dawn Wings Necrozma. It is a bit of a hunchback, so if he has a better posture, it would be slightly taller. It’s mighty and is undoubtedly a behemoth as compared to many other Pokémon.

Giratina (15 Feet)

It is Another member of the Creation Trio, Giratina. It’s a foot taller than Palkia and under 15 feet. It’s the Renegade Pokémon who controls the antimatter and the Distortion World. It primarily serves as the undesirable creative tools of space and time. It possesses incredible power in both of its forms. Even with its slightly dopier beta artwork, it’s always been a frightening creature capable of bringing great destruction.

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Zygarde 50% (16 Feet): Pokemon size camparison

The incomplete form of Zygarde is two feet taller as compared to its Complete Form. Serpent-like Pokémon consider more significant than their bipedal or quadrupedal matching parts. Therefore, it also makes sense why the incomplete Zygarde consider more important.  Zygarde never gets the treatment of becoming a box legendary but is a powerful Pokémon. It played an essential role in the anime and a Sun and Moon side quest involving collecting Zygarde cells.

Lugia (17 Feet): Pokemon size camparison

Lugia is papular as an iconic and familiar legendary Pokémon. It is well known as the guardian of the seas; therefore, it needs a body fit for navigating the ocean depths. While it is still a bird of sorts, its serpent-like characteristics give it extra length as well. Its height is about 17 feet on the dot, making it nearly four feet taller than Ho-Oh. Its wings are gigantic, letting it use its signature Aeroblast move. 

Dialga (18 Feet)

It’s the third member of the Creation Trio, Dialga. It comes in the list of one of the giant Pokémon in the series’ history. It possesses a much better posture than Palkia. It’s stands with its head tall and a magnificent crown of silver spikes adorning it. As a lord of time, this Pokémon surely deserves its frightening yet majestic look. Its size is usually 17 feet and 9 inches. 

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