Private Internet Access VPN, the NordVPN Alternative

Private Internet Access VPN

Virtual Private Network (VPN), a number of providers online offers a VPN with varied features and many improvisations. With so much available, it becomes really difficult to choose one. But from all these different VPNs, the top two are the NordVPN and PIA VPN. Here we are going to talk about the NordVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA) Review. We will compare them and decide which is better but with a conclusion of what suits best for the current scenario.

Let us directly start with the comparison and check how PIA VPN stands better against NordVPN in various crucial tests. 

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Streaming and Browsing –

VPN is best for streaming videos and favorite content supremely on the net, when NordVPN has a massive edge over the Server Network, PIA doesn’t lag in any way and works equally with a respectable roster of its own. Countries like the US, UK, Canada, France, and Japan which uses more of the streaming platform rely on NordVPN due to its popularity. Yet, no VPN is perfect enough to get through the DAZN Block, not even NordVPN or PIA. 

Using Torrentz –

It is great news for BitTorrent that both the considered VPNs allow the P2P connections on their servers. PIA and Nord both work great with the protocol. A separate P2P tab is available on the server which offers more than 4000 suitable servers to play BitTorrent. PIA has a high edge as it allows any server to connect as secure tormenting, but a minor issue is, it reroutes the connections to one of the P2P Traffic.

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Costing –

Both NordVPN and PIA have features incomplete and offer a list of servers in their plan, even in the small packages. The offer is only available on special cases when you subscribe for a longer period, the longer you subscribe to it, the better discount you have. However, comparing both the packages for the same services, NordVPN costs higher than PIA Comparatively. For a greater user budget, PIA is the best category among the two.

Usability –

If the apps are not behaving properly, the VPN becomes useless. Both NordVPN and PIA VPN are aware of this thing, so they are included with a stability manager, they look stylish and carry an intuitive interface. Nord gives complete syllabus on the main menu and tries to make it sharp, to the point design giving one-click protection. PIA, on the other hand, has a compact design with more options on the menu page and is customizable for adding quick setting s, and information on data usage. They also focus on performance and follow a different path for settings, away from the regular route. PIA also offers higher freedom for Connection establishment. NordVPN doesn’t offer much with this and the appearance is also similar to that of PIA. Hence, PIA is considered a more user-friendly VPN. 

Speed of performance –

Usually, VPN slows the computer system, Nord and PIA fit in the quick executing category. When compared based on the speed, both show an interesting result on most of the locations around the globe. There are hardly any speed drops in the US, Australia and the UK for these servers. Though PIA is not as fast as Nord, it has proved to be the best alternative for Nord in these locations. 

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Compatibility –

Both Nord and PIA work smoothly on a variety of platforms, whether it is Windows, Mac or Android and IOS, Linux, Routers, browsers, Blackberry, Media and gaming consoles and browser extensions like Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.  

Verdict –

As we see, the latest versions are supporting almost everything and the NordVPN and Private Internet Access (PIA) review have resulted that both are equally potential and if in the newer future, by any chance if NordVPN gets discontinued, PIA is the only best alternative for the server as it is more user-friendly.


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