Best Airtel DTH plan for households with kids

Best Airtel DTH plan

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Families with children often have unique entertainment requirements. The little ones aren’t keen on the news or stock market updates. Instead, their realm is one of animated characters, educational shows, and youthful entertainment. Thankfully, DTH providers, like Airtel, have tailored packages that cater specifically to these junior viewers. But which Airtel DTH plan is the most suitable for families with children? Let’s journey through the options and identify the best!

Understanding the Needs of Young Viewers

Before diving into specific plans, it’s essential to understand what kids typically look for in television content:

  • Educational content: Shows that not only entertain but also educate are a hit. Think programmes that teach numbers, the alphabet, or even life values.
  • Animation: Animated movies and series, with their vibrant colours and captivating storylines, are bound to grab their attention.
  • Safe content: Parents want channels and shows that are child-friendly and don’t expose their kids to inappropriate content.

The Airtel Advantage

Airtel, as a leading DTH provider, has done its homework in curating packages that cater to diverse audiences, including kids. With its vast Airtel channel list, there’s a myriad of channels dedicated solely to young viewers.

Airtel’s Top DTH Plans for Kids

Pack Name Duration  Number of Channels Price (Rs.)
Hindi Family Kids Sports HD 1 Month Plan 1 Month 100 429
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports Sd 1 Year Plan 12 Months 113 4,699
Hindi Family Kids Sports Sd 1 Month Plan 1 Month 98 259
Hindi Premium Family Kids Sports HD 1 Month Plan 1 Month 118 539
Marathi Premium Family Kids Sports HD 1 Month Plan 1 Month 107 527
Telugu Family Kids Sports HD 1 Month Plan 1 Month 72 413
Kannada Family Kids Sports Sd 1 Month Plan 1 Month 57 251
Bengali Family Kids Sports HD 1 Month Plan 1 Month 51 352
Malayalam Family Kids Sports HD 6-Month Plan 6 Months 63 1,554
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Here’s why Airtel Kids Packs stand out:

  • Diverse Content: The Airtel channel list in these packages offers a wide range of content, from animated tales to educational shows, ensuring kids never run out of options.
  • Parental Control: Airtel DTH plans come with features that allow parents to control what their kids watch, ensuring a safe viewing environment.
  • Affordability: While offering a comprehensive list of channels, these plans are pocket-friendly, ensuring quality entertainment doesn’t burn a hole in your wallet.

In the vast universe of television content, children form a special audience. Their needs are unique, their preferences are distinct. Recognising this, Airtel, with its diverse DTH plans, ensures that these young viewers are never left wanting content.

Parents, as you ponder over which plan to choose, remember that with Airtel, you’re not just opting for a DTH plan. You’re ensuring a world of safe, educational, and entertaining content for your children. Dive into the Airtel channel list, pick the plan that resonates with your requirements, and open the doors to endless entertainment for your young ones. Happy viewing!


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