Dedicated Data Center Proxies: Are they worth it?

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An Internet Protocol (IP) address is a series of numbers assigned to devices connected to a network. 

They identify a specific device and will link any online activity you do with the device you use. A naked IP address limits your ability to browse anonymously, and going incognito does not hide your information from the web host. 

It makes it impossible to access certain restricted sites when carrying out research and could expose too much information about your company to web servers. 

Proxy servers resolve this problem by hiding your IP address. Dedicated datacenter proxies, in particular, are fast, have over 99.9% uptime, and are much more secure than shared proxies. 

So what exactly is a proxy server?

A proxy server, like the name suggests, is a device with a separate IP address that you authorize to make web requests on your behalf. Once data from the site is provided, the proxy server then forwards it to you. Its purpose is to mask the true origin of the web request.

Proxies come in different types, serving different needs. An anonymous proxy server will identify itself as a proxy when making a website request but will provide no information regarding the user or their location. Residential proxies use the IP address of real existing devices, making them reliable.

Dedicated proxies provide each user with a different IP address, while shared proxies allow several users to share proxies and their corresponding costs.

A data center proxy is an artificial IP address created in a data center. They are created on the data center servers and are independent of the user’s internet service provider (ISP). They support HTTP, HTTPS, and SOCKS network protocols. These proxies are well maintained, making them stable and dependable. 

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Where is a Data Center Proxy Used?

The primary reason for using a data center proxy is the anonymity it provides when surfing the web. Once you visit the site, the web host will receive the request from the data center IP address and cannot trace it back to you. 

They are great when web scraping. Web scraping is an easy way to generate leads for your business from numerous pages within a significantly short time. Web scraping anonymously using a data center proxy reduces your chances of being blocked, and you can bypass geo-blocking.

You can use a data center proxy to carry out market research. Getting information from your competitor’s websites for market analysis can be challenging and could send the wrong message. But with a data center proxy, you can carry out your research anonymously. 

If your business involves social media management, investing in several data center proxies can help in managing numerous social media accounts at a go. Making too many requests from a single IP address could be considered illegitimate, leading to an IP block. 

As an SEO service provider, the work of generating SEO reports, finding keyword ranking data from various search engines and geographical locations involves making lots of web requests. Too much of such activities from a single IP address could cause search engines to block it.  Using a data center proxy prevents such an occurrence. 

Dedicated Data Center Proxies

Datacenter proxies can either be dedicated or shared. A dedicated proxy is when you purchase an IP address to use solely for your business. Shared proxies are when a number of users are connected to a pool of IPs and share the cost.

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Advantages of Dedicated Data Center Proxies Over Shared Proxies  

Unlike shared proxies, dedicated proxies are fast. Connection speed for shared proxies can get slow during peak hours. But with a dedicated data center proxy, it is always stable and reliable.

With a dedicated data center proxy, you have the whole service to yourself. The risk of having your IP banned is lower than shared proxies. This is because, with shared proxies, one person could abuse the proxy, causing everyone else to be banned.    

With several proxies, you can choose IP addresses from different geographical locations. This makes maneuvering geo-blocking easy.

You can integrate your private proxies with third-party software at your convenience. The same is not easy when using shared proxies. 


A data center proxy is a perfect choice when finding an IP address to support anonymous browsing for your business. They can help your business to effectively carry out automatic web scraping without having your IP address banned. Anonymous market research is also made possible.

Social media managers can run their pages without the fear of being blocked, and SEO service providers can collect SEO data without appearing suspicious to search engines.

A dedicated data center proxy is always a better choice than shared proxies. Due to the fact that you are not sharing with other users, the connection is always conveniently high-speed. It is always reliable, and you can easily connect your proxies with other software.   

There is no risk of facing a ban due to other users who abuse the proxy.  And the ability to select an IP address that meets your needs based on geographical location makes it more attractive.


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