Difference between Tornado and Hurricane

Difference between hurricane and tornado

Hurricanes and tornadoes both are similar and destroy in many ways. But actually both are different from each other. Ordinary people get confused when they talk about the difference between tornadoes and hurricanes. In this article, we discussed tornadoes and hurricanes like; what is a tornado? What is a hurricane? How do they differ from one another? And what are the similarities between the tornado and hurricane?

What is Tornado?

A tornado is a powerful air cylinder with a perpendicular axis connect with the surface of the earth. They are most visible in the shape of a cornet cloud. Occasionally the cornet shape of the tornado is the invisible cause of a hidden form of a condensation funnel. A tornado is a severe windstorm illustrated by whirling cone shale clouds and winds. It is usually generated by a thunderstorm. The diameter of the average tornado tends to be a mile or smaller than a mile. Difference between hurricane and tornado Most tornadoes are over in less than 10 minutes, and some last for over an hour.

How tornadoes are formed  

A tornado appears in multiple places throughout the world. When hot water mostly occurs with moist dry air in this process, tornadoes form. Tornadoes mostly occur in the United States. The time period of tornado season is usually from March to August.

Types of tornadoes

There are five types of tornadoes. 

  • Rope Tornadoes.
  • Cone Tornadoes.
  • Wedge Tornadoes.
  • Multi vortex and Satellite Tornadoes.
  • Water spout and landspout. 
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What is a Hurricane? Difference between hurricane and tornado

The storm system swirling around an area of low pressure causes intense winds and heavy rainfall. Hurricanes are one of the extensively deadliest natural storms. The hurricane brings heavy rainfall, strong winds, and fierce waves.

How are hurricanes formed?

Hurricanes form over the warm water of the ocean near the equator. When the temperature of ocean water increases, the waves are produced; due to this reason, the air over the water surface becomes heavy with plenty of water vapors. The period of hurricane season is from June and October.

Types of Hurricane: Difference between hurricane and tornado

Hurricanes divide into five categories: 

  • Category 1 Hurricanes:  

Winds 74-95 mph (64-82 km) 

They caused minor damage.

  • Category 2 Hurricanes:

Winds 96-110 mph (84-95 km)

The hurricanes from this category caused broken down of windows and uprooted trees.

  • Category 3 Hurricanes:

Winds 111-130 mph (96-113 km) 

This is a type of hurricane that damages the windows and doors.

  • Category 4 Hurricanes: 

Winds 131-155 mph (114-135 km) 

 Hurricanes belonging to this category can tear roofs.

  • Category 5 Hurricanes: 

Winds156 mph and up (134 km) 

It is the most severe type of hurricane; it caused damage to buildings and houses.

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Major differences between hurricanes and tornadoes

  • The width of the hurricanes is more than 150 km, while the tornadoes spread over 1,2 km.
  • The location of the hurricanes, 8 and 15 degrees north and south of the equator, while tornadoes are located in most parts of the world.
  • Hurricanes develop over the warm seas, while tornadoes occur on both land and seas.
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