Facial Recognition – An Online Revolution

facial recognition

Everyone knows that along with the iPhone, almost all the smartphones are coming with face ID technology. It is built in a way to detect the facial structure of the individual who owns the device, and for these special cameras and sensors are used. The most widely used function is to unlock the phone. It is considered the safest way to protect your personal data on mobile. Just like previous generations were using passwords and thumb impressions. 

However, now Face ID technology enables certain exciting peripheral features. For instance, animated emojis are replacing old-style emojis, and the facial expression can now be animated with different styles, with a remarkable amount of precision. Well into looking at the future, the technology can also be used to increase the characteristics with real-time functionality of apps and other software programs.  Although, whereas the ordinary user thinks regarding overlapping his favorite superheroes with his face. Or using the feature to increase the quality of their images. However, on the other hand, online marketers are struggling a lot to harness something new to advertise their products and services with this amazing technology. And for that reason, they are figuring out multiple ways to utilize this highly advanced technology. 

Facial Recognition In Past 

Facial recognition is not a new and fresh approach or idea as a promotional tool. Like many brands in the past have attempted to use the technology with minimal capacity. 

Do you know that children’s charity Plan the UK used this technology to display custom messages on billboards by recognizing the gender of the rider? For example, if a girl is riding a bike, it will display a message to spread awareness about women’s rights. Along with that Virgin Mobile back in 2013 built a user-interactive ad that swipes the story according to the blink of an eye by the user. The movement of the eye worked as a “click button.” 

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Future of Facial Technology 

Does the question arise how precisely businesses will use this new technology? 

  • Advertisement Viewership 

At present, most types of internet video advertisers charge a fixed fee in predefined parameters for each ad view their ads receive. Although the measurement does not assess a “true” view at the moment. The advanced technology will recognize either the online ad is displayed and playing in the browser or not. Advertisers can delve deep into the insights to know who is genuinely watching their advertisement. And for that reason, they can use different ways to force the netizen to view the ad, it will annoy the user, but the chances of real-time will engagement will increase. Along with that, the advertiser can also improve their ad by adding more eye-catching material into it. 

  • Personalized Ads 

To develop a successful business strategy is to collect user data and analyze it with every aspect to extract more details about the habits of the users. If an application fully integrates with facial recognition technology and can assess the mood of the user by utilizing the feature. It can give them a personalized ad as if they are not in a good mood, the app can display a music streaming platform that plays rock music. The user will instantly get interested and will click the ad to know more about it. 

Lastly, this technology is bringing a revolutionary change in cyberspace, if you want to compete in the market, make sure to integrate this feature in your online business. 


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