Virtual Voice Assistants Turning to Be Everlasting Part of Our lives

voice assistant

Virtual Voice assistants can be simply defined as an application working out to understand and interpret voice commands and take action appropriately. These voice assistants are now almost integrated with every device, either its smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computers. Even gigantic websites like Google and Amazon are also offering the feature like Amazon Echo and Google Home. They are made up of specialized digital chip, microphone, and AI-powered soft wares that listen to your queries and answer back accordingly. But do not confuse with virtual assistants that work remotely for companies and individuals to perform their clerical staff. 

You will find five types of virtual voice assistants available in the market there are a lot more but aren’t popular enough. 

•    Google Assistant
•    Bixby
•    Alexa
•    Cortana
•    Siri

The virtual assistants are powerful enough. They have got the potentiality to answer search queries, perform digital tasks, control your home appliances, and a lot more. They are built with advanced AI-powered technology to complete all the tasks by voice commands. If you are using virtual voice assistants, then they will get to know about your habits and perform better with the passage of time. They can understand natural human language, facial expressions, and surprisingly also communicate with other devices as well. 

Sooner or later, everyone out there will be using and get addicted to these digital voice assistants. Google and amazon are performing well, but along with the other brands are also working hard to gain prominence in the digital market. The voice assistants are usually cloud-based services, and internet connection is required to perform the actions. 

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Voice Commerce

As with the growth of voice assistants, it is also impacting the e-commerce industry. Over time it is becoming the next big future of the online market. As you might have an idea that voice commerce is dedicated to looking for products available over the web instead of typing keywords in the search bar. Now, most of the people are using voice command to buy online products and services as well. It is not only confined only to look or search for products but also helps out in placing order or buying. The process of online shopping is accelerating with the help of this technology. And anyone can place the order or buy at any time of the day. 

Now, most of the e-commerce sites are using this feature to increase their online sales. With the emergence of voice search, now people are brands enhancing their personalized recommendations according to the search patterns. Now people are trusting more the products that get displayed in from of them by the voices assistants. 

Natural Language Processing 

The search pattern of typing keywords is different from that of voice search. Now consumers and online searchers communicate with the voice assistants in natural language instead of using a generic phrase. It is the biggest challenge for the online industry to align their sites in accordance with the voice search patterns. And over here, artificial intelligence needs to be implemented in the more advanced form to grab online market share. 


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