How long Should a laptop last?

How long does a laptop last?

How long does a laptop last?

The laptop’s demands are high, and they keep increasing daily. People want to have a better laptop more than a better life partner. This is the time of Information Technology (IT), and this life is impossible without a useful device that can connect you to the internet and gives you some relaxed and reliable environment to do your job in. Keeping in mind this situation, people are curious about their laptops, especially. Laptops bring them a different life to live and make it very difficult to live a life without a computer.

There are different competitors in the market, giving plenty of laptop models to the market. When a person goes for buying a laptop, he gets confused with these models because everybody does not have detailed technical knowledge of laptops and therefore end up having a device that can run through one summer only. People always ask for the lifetime of their laptops, to which there is no perfect answer because there is not a single device in the market. One machine can be estimated better, and it can easily be predicted how long it will last. HP Laptops Best Buy – Trendy Tarzan

In This Article

But with thousands of models out there, it is tough to find out a standard time for all types of laptops. However, we can decide by looking at different aspects of a computer that how long this laptop will be lasting. In this article, we will talk on this issue of how long does a laptop last. So no matter what brand you have in your lap, or what model you have in your lap, laptops mostly can last for around four years and maximum up to five years with limited usage. After that, there comes gradual degradation, and you can feel it. Sometimes you will face issues with your keyboard, sometimes your storage runs out, and so on.

It is regardless of any brand you use or regardless of the features that you use. In this article, I will be discussing “how long should a laptop last?” and my experience with my current laptop, and what problems I am having with this right now. This article is not sponsored by any company or organization or even any individual, but is a comprehensive research of hours of reading and watching, and also self-experience. Moreover, this article is not intended to do wrong to any specific brand based on self-inclination, but a very neutral discussion, which is only designed to give you people some better knowledge about laptops.

What self-experience tells me about this question of ‘how long a laptop lasts.’

I have been using Dell Inspiron, Heir touchscreen laptop, Dell latitude, HP, and MacBook since long ago. My self-experience tells me that a computer can work nicely for 4-year to 5-year maximum, then problems and issues start to show up. I have one Dell latitude and Heir touchscreen laptop in my drawer and currently have Dell Inspiron and Heir touchscreen in my hands.

A Dark spot on LCD:  

currently, my laptop has a black site on its display screen. This dark spot has come itself and is not invited by any pressure on the net. It has happened to me many times with many laptops and mobiles, some screens get yellowish spots, and some get black dots.

No battery is detected:

no battery is also seen as a prevalent issue that shows up after 2 to 3 years. Some laptops even get this problem earlier than that and start showing this option within a year. In this case, you can use your computer only when it is connected to a switch. As soon as you plug it off, your laptop shutdowns. So with your battery right there on your laptop and it shows you no battery option is a common issue with most laptops out there, and this issue is even more common after your laptop lives for 4 to 5 years. 

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Keyboard stops working:

this is an issue that I have encounter recently, and currently, I am using a detached Bluetooth based keyboard of Logitech. My Heir laptop does not type with its keyboard anymore, and that is hilarious. Laptop hangs while running an updated version of software or tool:

it is not easy to manage when you get stuck while opening a puppet for no matter the second or third time on your laptop. My Dell latitude started doing this 3 to 4 years ago, and I switched to Heir touchscreen 2 in 1 laptop. And the funny part is, I am having a keyboard issue with this one. Image Solutions For Digital Marketing

Speakers problem:

speakers of my computer got noisy, and I had to replace them, but still, I did not get any satisfactory results. If you are a gamer, then, of course, you need great speakers, and if you are a musician and creating notes on your laptop, then you have a big issue with your computer. No matter which brand you take, and no matter what specifications your computer has, you got to deal with these issues at the end.

Fragmentation of Hard drive:

while using a laptop, you get access to many tools offline and online as well. You get online services to get your jobs done comfortably and sharply. While doing so, you encounter some malware that causes fragmentation of your hard drive, and you start getting wrong information of used and free space on your drive. Your laptop even does not get well after defragmentation as well.

I am not here to make you afraid, so you never want a laptop again, but also to discuss some tips that will cause your laptop lasts longer than usual:

 let us have some crucial information for the long life of our laptops:

Keep the lid of your computer open as long as possible. Now let me clear on what do I mean of that, do not close the cover of your laptop like a transformer machine. It is just a laptop, not a superhero from avengers. If you do not take care of what I say, a couple of things are going to happen. Firstly, you will get issues with the hinges of your laptop, so the excellent and still display of your computer will not be able to hold itself anymore, and it will continuously be flapping around, or it will not hold at all. I do not say not to close your lid at all, but when you do so, do it nicely and slowly.

Go for a solid-state drive instead of an old-version hard drive that shows has a visible motor and a controller on it. Most of the time, people do think that their laptop is just a piece of garbage, but this is not always the case. Sometimes their hard drive gets infected by the controller tip on it. So make sure you have a solid-state hard drive instead of the old vulnerable one. Because there is no motor and this is all chips. There is no spinning disc and no head that reads the data in a solid-state drive. There is no delay time for searching spots on the disc, reading, and writing.

Information Instantly Accessible 

So all the information instantly accessible, and you get crazy boot time and loading. So now this will not make your internet faster. But it makes your machine pretty much operate at its full potential. There is no waiting time. You are spinning the disc, finding the data on the drive. Pulling the data and writing the data at empty spots. The solid-state drive has no motor on it, so in theory. You get a little bit of extra battery timing as it does not consume any battery. You will not have the problem of getting your hard drive damaged if you have a solid-state drive instead of that old motor and head controller type of hard drives.

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Next on the list is exercising your laptop battery, now what do I mean by this. When your laptop has a full charge. You are going to unplug the adapter from the wall and use your computer on battery power. You are going to use it until your computer starts complaining that it needs to be plugged-in. Once it happens, make sure you plug it in and fully charge it back. Try to charge your battery full and get the full potential out of your battery. Do not do this half charging and whole night charging carelessness with your laptop.

Laptop Power Cord

Next on the do not list is, never use your laptop on any fabrics like blankets, towels, pillows, and anything that will not allow your computer to breathe. There are fans under the hood to cool down the processor as well as the Graphics card. When a fabric like a blanket. Or pillow or anything. These fans are not able to pull in air and cannot cool off the processor or the graphics card. So what you need, if not any fabric? There is something famous as a lap desk, which is a hard material and allows your laptop to breathe openly.

You have to be mindful of your laptop power cord all the time. It could get caught up on your foot on a chair leg, creating some tension on the line. When you lift your laptop, it could break the connector inside your computer.

This one looks simple, but most of the time, it causes a laptop to get into a repair shop. This tip is never to get your drinks near your computer. Keep your drinks that can be tea, coffee, beer, Champaign, away from your machine. Because of a drop of glass on your keyboard sheet. It can damage the whole keyboard, and you will have to get your keyboard change. How to Reduce File Size

Finally, do yourself a favor and buy a compressed air can for your laptop. Essentially, dust is the enemy, and it can damage your RAM badly. Make sure when you are doing that dusting part, your is turn off because it can do permanent damage to your machine if you do not follow the instructions.

Protect Your Laptop

Protect your laptop screen from jerks, as it can damage the LCD of your laptop. And also can make it difficult for you to hold the lid on.

Make sure you have a protecting glass on the screen of your laptop. It will be more beneficial for those who have touchscreen laptops.

Do not pull the power cord. As it can seriously damage connectors of your laptop and if it connects to the board inside. Then you can have a severe issue with your computer.

The world is changing very quickly through its faces. It is tough to take things to halt at one point and need continuous updates. Devices need to be up to date to meet new requirements. Hence it is also not possible to take things with your old machine. So when you get sick, then go on and get yourself.  A new laptop that should be compatible with new world requirements. Do not go for repairing options ever. Update yourself with the world and make it easy for yourself as well as for you. And let your laptop rest in peace as we wish for ourselves.

However, it is essential to notice that no laptop lasts forever, so you need to understand. This and keep it in your mind for good. It will help you out, and you will have a good life if you do not expect too much from you. That is, some people want their work for a lifetime. This is not possible, and you will never have any of this kind. However, you can do one thing, and that is, you can follow the above mentioned. Precautionary steps to have a better life story with you. As long as it does not come to its natural death at the end. 


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