How to check blood pressure?

How to check blood pressure

You can measure blood pressure under different conditions: at rest or under stress, at the doctor’s or home, in the morning or the evening. How to check blood pressure The proper time depends, e.g., B., on how the blood pressure develops over the day to get significant values. The measurement should, therefore, always be carried out at the same time under the same conditions.

What do I have to consider when measuring my blood pressure? How to check blood pressure

  • The blood pressure measurement should be done at rest. Sit down and wait 5 minutes before starting the height.
  • Clothing on the upper arm should remove to prevent blood congestion. Your feet should be flat on the floor.
  • The cuff or the measuring device must be at heart level when taking the measurement. With measuring instruments for the wrist. The arm angle accordingly.
  • To get reliable blood pressure values. It makes sense to measure several times, one to two minutes apart.
  • To ensure that the values ​​are comparable, it is best to always measure at the same time of day.

Under what conditions can you measure blood pressure?  How to check blood pressure

Blood pressure measurements at rest are usually done in a sitting position in a quiet environment. The circuit should have been idle for at least five minutes before the height takes place. To get reliable blood pressure readings, it is necessary to take at least three measurements one to two minutes apart on both arms.

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Mentally induced increases in blood pressure, e.g., due to excitement or restlessness, then have less influence on the values. Blood pressure rises during exercise, with the systolic blood pressure being more pronounced than the diastolic one. How much the blood pressure increases during practice depends, among other things, on the blood pressure at rest, age, the health of the blood vessels, and weight. It is slightly higher in women than in men and in people who are not used to physical training.

How does the doctor measure my blood pressure? 

B. in the doctor’s office or the hospital. The blood pressure cuff usually remains on the arm for 24 hours and measures the blood pressure every 15 to 30 minutes.

The intra-arterial (bloody) blood pressure measurement is in intensive care patients or during operations used in this way. Blood pressure can be continuously monitored.

Why is it important to know your blood pressure? How to check blood pressure

Too high blood pressure goes unnoticed for a long time because those affected do not notice symptoms until late. How to check blood pressure High blood pressure can lead to severe complications. Anyone with high blood pressure should therefore keep an eye on their values. A blood pressure diary can help. On this basis, you can decide with the doctor whether the current treatment is successful or whether other measures are necessary.

Which is the right blood pressure monitor for home? How to check blood pressure 

In principle, blood pressure devices can measure blood pressure on the upper arm or wrist. The cuff should fit well to be able to determine an exact measurement result. How to check blood pressure Digital blood pressure monitors are best for taking measurements at home. 

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However, CE marking alone is not enough, as many measuring devices available on the market provide unreliable results. Therefore, the blood pressure monitor should also have a seal of approval from the German Hypertension League. They measure instruments with a test—the seal list is on their website. How to check blood pressure The blood pressure measuring device currently recommended by the German Hypertension League and provided with a test seal is the upper arm blood pressure measuring device. 

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