How to clean Mattress?

How to clean Mattress?

How to clean Mattress: You have to rest on a mattress and pillow for a healthy life. But clean beds are also important for health. It sounds strange about cleaning the mattress but do you want to lie with bacteria, fungi, mites, dirt, and bugs? Yes, your bed also needs cleaning to eliminate bacteria, fungi, stains, and mites to avoid skin problems. In the following article, we get to know about How to cledon’tttress? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys. For cleaning and maintenance of the mattress, keep reading this article. Here we have some tricks to maintain the let’sne of your bed so let’s get !!!

How to Clean Mattress


All stains, mites, and bugs must be removed by cleaning the mattress once a month. For this, we have a few home remedies without using chemicals.

Lemon and hydrogen peroxide

Lemon has antibacterial properties that kill bacteria and germs and is also used to maintain hygiene and remove stains. Hydrogen peroxide is also used to remove stains.

Mix lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide and apply it to mattress stains.

Start rubbing with a cloth to clean the mattress.

Also, use the hot steamer for better results.

Baking powder and vinegar

Baking powder and vinegar are used in home cleaning and easily prevent oil, grease, and dirt.

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Make a mixture with baking powder and vinegar and apply it to yellow stains. The bubble starts appearing, leaves for 10 minutes, and then cleans with the brush. 

Vinegar is used to prevent stains and bad odors, so we all love vinegar for hygiene.


Use detergent to maintain hygiene. Just wet a little mattress, sprinkle some detergent, and use a brush to rub. Rinse with water and let it dry.

Tips for mattress maintenance

  • Here we have a few tips for maintaining the mattress and your nights.
  • After a short night’s sleep, open the door and windows to avoid moisture and odor for 2 hours. The humidity and sweat give a perfect temperature for bacteria and fungi production. By doing this, the fresh air gives you an odorless and hygiene mattress.
  • Dead mites and bugs remain in your mattress to avoid sanitizing the mattress by vacuum. It prevents mites and bugs, and your bed remains a healthy space for you.
  • Change the bed sheets and pillow covers after 1-2 weeks.
  • Use white vinegar and water to avoichildren’sains on your children’s mattresses.

  • So, use ammonia, water, and liquid soap to clean sweated mattresses in summer.
  • Use hydrogen peroxide to remove blood stains. If the blood stains penetrate the mattress, use cold milk to clean.
  • For dried blood stains, use bicarbonate and water mixture.
  • To avoid moisture and humidity, air the mattress and use a vacuum cleaner after that.
  •  Flip the mattress as the season changes for long time maintenance.

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