How to end a letter?

How to end a letter?
Staff manager signing a letter in response to a job application

Letters are used for sending greetings to people, and it is also used to convey information about specific things. There are two types of letters, formal and informal. Standard letters are used for business purposes mostly and casual for friends, family, and relatives. If you will write a formal letter, then ending is important for this purpose. On any note, anything that weighs more than other parts is its ending since it can make or break a letter. It can even spoil the image you have built up in your communication. In the following article, we learn how to end a letter? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Here we will discuss the best ways to end a letter. 

Letter closing examples to send a letter

There are different closings for different kinds of letters. Mostly it is suggested to send a letter with a positive note, but it depends on the situation. Let us have a look at all these in detail.

Yours respectfully and best regards

These closings are used if you know the person you are sending this letter face to face or you had some conversations with before.

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Best regards, regards, cordially.

Sometimes the person who is writing a letter and the recipient both have a very strong relationship, and they are in contact, then such closings are acceptable.

Best wishes, warm regards

Initial connection or knowledge about the person is a must for using such closings; otherwise, it is inappropriate to use it. One thing that must be kept in mind is that the ending should relate to the discussed situation. But if you are writing a letter to any family member or any friend, then you can use it for them too but make sure that it matches the tone of your letter.

Looking forward to hearing from you to send a letter

Letter written to apply for a job must end with these lines because it shows the good manners of the applicant and his determination for getting this job.

Provide contact number and address

Some letters demand contact and address like sales letters written to customers. That’s why they should be provided in the end to avoid any disturbance.

Recommendation letter closing to end a letter

Its ending can be positive or negative, and it depends if the recommendation is made or rejection is made. So here are the following ways to close this type of letter.

Positive ending

I am very pleased to recommend ……for

I highly recommend……..

Negative ending

I respect him too much, but I am afraid I cannot recommend his name…..

Based on these qualities and experience, their recommendation is not possible.

Important note

In all formal letters, the closing first letter of the first word is in the capital, and the second word is always small. For example, Yours truly, not Yours Truly.

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Letters closing you must avoid

If you want your letter to sound more professional, the following endings must not be used in business letters.


Talk soon

Take care




Lots of love

Lovingly yours

So these are the best ways to close a letter and use it appropriately considering the people you are sending letters to. Formal letters require words that sound more professional, and informal letters written to family and friends demand to end differently. Ending lines also make a good impression, so you should choose words wisely.

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