How to Factory Reset Windows?

How to Factory Reset Windows?

How to Factory Reset Windows? 

Factory Defaults or Factory Settings typically refer to executing a reset or restoring your system to its original formation as it was when you purchased it. How to Factory Reset Windows?

A return to factory features is also known as a restore to factory features or reset to shop defaults.

Resetting a Windows to its factory settings will delete all personal files: music, movies, pictures, and any installed software applications or drivers that were not included in the original configuration of that Windows.

You can repair your Windows to its factory features if any of the subsequent are valid to you:

  • You have a retrieval partition installed on your Windows. That partition is typically installed by the PC producer (examples: Dell or HP) and is used to restore a Windows.
  • You should have a set of recovery CDs/ROMs for your Windows. These discs usually come with your Windows purchase and use to perform a repair.
  • You have a genuine Windows installation CD. This is the forthcoming disc that has Windows Vista, XP, 7, 8, or 10. One can use this disc to reinstall Windows.

If none of those mentioned earlier is appropriate to you, you still have these choices to reset or restore your Windows: Your Number 1 Laptop For College.

  • Use computer Restore. Windows XP-8 systems have the computer Restore feature. Permitted by default which uses it to restore a personal computer to an earlier time. How to Factory Reset Windows? If computer restore does not enable you, you will not be able to reset your personal computer.
  • Use Easy Recovery Essentials. Reliant on the fault your Windows shows, use the Automated reset feature to fix boot faults inevitably or its Computer Restore feature to reset your Windows. Other useful features are a web browser, access, backup of your files, an antivirus scanner, etc.

    Other choices for restore How to Factory Reset Windows?

    Method #1: Reinstall Windows 

    If Fix #1 (reset with repair Install) explained above doesn’t fix your Windows, you can also reinstall your windows to have a hard restore of your system.

    Reinstalling Windows will remove all private files. Use Easy Recovery Essentials to restore your files before you continue.

    To do so, follow the following steps:

    1. Insert the Windows CD in the CD ROM
    2. Turn on your system
    3. Press any key to run from the disc, when at the “Press any button to boot from disc” screen
    4. Wait for the disc to load the crucial files.
    5. At the Welcome screen, press Enter to start the installation.
    6. Agree to the License Agreement—Press the F8 button to do so.
    7. Select where to reinstall Windows. You can use the D and C buttons to remove and then make a new partition of your disc.
    8. Press the Enter button to reinstall the system on your selected partition
    9. Press the Enter button to continue
    10. Choose to format your partition.
    11. Wait for the procedure to finish.
    12. Remove the disc from the CD ROM when Setup shows that your Windows will start.
    13. Wait for the system to start into Windows.
    14. Follow the steps of the wizard to set up the Windows again.
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