Your Number 1 Laptop For College

Best Laptop For College Students

Your number 1 laptop for college 

In today’s era, the whole of college life depends on a fabulous computer. Nowadays, students are dependent on a laptop because everything works online now. From lectures to emails, everything in the college revolves around a good laptop. College students need a good laptop that can help them in doing research and uploading documents. Especially in the covid lockdown, a good laptop has become a prominent necessity. It will help if you interact with your students and classmates.

You must be a college student surfing the internet to find the best laptop for your college. The best laptop for college students is the one that can help you ace an exam. You can play games and stream videos in your free time to relax. As a student, you find it very difficult to decide which laptop to choose. There are various choices on the laptops, so you must select one wisely. The best laptop for college students must have long battery life and a fast CPU performance. Students must buy a lightweight laptop so they can carry other stuff around the campus. As a college student, you must pick a few things along with a computer. You must have a comfortable mouse and a printer to print your documents or assignments. Buy a reliable and durable backpack to equip your things to college with a laptop.

Every student has their requirements while selecting a good laptop. Many of you would need a computer with a good memory, storage, and specifications. Some of you would look for its battery life and preloaded programs. However, many of you would look for lower price tags because it’s evident that a college student is always down on a budget.

Finalize Your Laptop

If you need help choosing the right laptop for you, you have landed at the right place. Here you will find the top of the listed laptop that is considered best for college-going students. It’s not easy to finalize your computer because a college student needs a significant number of features at a lower price tag. However, don’t judge a laptop with its low price because it might end up costing you more with its barely functional characteristics. It’s better to invest one time and for the right thing. Whether you would invest a few more bucks, it will give you a better lifelong service. Let’s take a review on the best laptop for college students.


  • Acer Aspire 5 slim Best Laptop For College Students

Acer Aspire 5 slim is the best and top choice for college students. It is manufactured by Acer and sold at such a price that it became the best-selling laptop on Amazon. You can buy this laptop for just 500 dollars. This laptop is a favorite for students as it has several specifications in such a low price tag. Its features are worth the price. Please have a look at its specification to know why it is the best-selling laptop for students.

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An Intel i5 3rd generation processor is installed on this laptop. It’s a quad-core processing unit hence having four cores in total. To make this laptop faster and efficient, it has been manufactured by 14nmtechnology. The college student can efficiently multitask as the processing speed is 1.60GHz hence you get no lag.

Graphics and display:

The Acer aspire 5 Slim has an outstanding display of size 39.6 cm (15.6”). The Screen type is LCD with ComfyView technology. You can watch videos in Full HD mode. The Display has a high resolution of 1920 X 1080. Intel graphics are used, and the Graphics Controller Model is UHD Graphics 620. DDR4 SDRAM Graphics Memory Technology. Graphics Memory Accessibility is shared. This laptop has a powerful integrated GPU so you can study or do some mid-range gaming. Two hundred fifty-eight nits brightness of the display is too good for such a low-cost laptop.

RAM/Memory Best Laptop For College Students:

Random-access memory(RAM) or generally known as memory, is an essential part of a laptop. To multitask on a computer or to install a heavy software laptop requires a lot of memory. The standard memory of the Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop is 8GB because of DDR4 technology. You can upgrade to the memory of the computer anytime as it has two memory slots. You can also insert a card in it as it has a card reader slot. The Acer aspire five slim laptops support SD and SDXC microcards.

Storage Best Laptop For College Students:

This laptop facilitates you with 1 Terabyte of storage. The hard drive used as a storage drive can reach more than 100 Mbps of speed. It’s up to you if your extra data in terabytes here. To get super loading speed upgrade it to an SSD.

Network and Communication Best Laptop For College Students:

 IEEE 802.11ac wireless LAN standard is used in Acer aspire five slim. This means that you can access the internet on your laptop wirelessly. Ethernet technology used in Acer Aspire 5 slim is Gigabit Ethernet. Take help from direct Ethernet to get a higher speed. Fulfill all your needs with this wireless technology. The Bluetooth standard in Acer aspires five slim is Bluetooth 5.0. This standard is known as the latest and fastest Bluetooth technology that can transfer files in no time. You will find all the devices easily connecting to your laptop with zero latency in sound.

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Built-in devices Best Laptop For College Students:

You will find a preinstalled microphone and two stereo speakers on this laptop, hence providing excellent sound quality. See the pre-installed webcam on top of the display with 720presolution. To get the best results from pictures and videos, use ideal lighting around you.

Touchpad and Keyboard Best Laptop For College Students:

This is the best laptop for college students having a responsive and smooth touchpad and keypad. You can type anywhere without disturbing anyone as the keys make no sound at all. The Acer Aspire 5 slim laptop has smooth and premium finishing to flaunt it to their classmates. The size of the touchpad is 4.1 x 3.1 inches; therefore, elementary to use. All types of touchpad gestures work great on Windows 10.


 This laptop is manufactured with three different sound modes, including Music, Movie, and Game. You can opt for music mode to get a strong bass experience. Both the bass and audio quality are mind-blowing. You experience clean audio transferring because of pre-installed dual microphones. 


You can easily use an external monitor by utilizing the HDMI port.2 USB2.0 ports are given, and 1 USB3.0 port is also available. You get external USB hubs in this laptop if you need more USB ports. To your amazement, you will also find a Generation 1 USB 3.1 port here. Therefore, you now have 4 USB ports and among them is a Type-C that delivers up to 5Gbps of speed. How To Be Single

Operating System:

There is no doubt that this laptop is best for college-going students. The student will have a preinstalled windows ten home with a 64bit architecture. You might already know that Windows 10 home is the most famous Windows 10 as it gives many extra features.


Acer aspires five slim has a preinstalled four-cell lithium-ion battery that has a total capacity of 3320mah. This capacity of a shower is ideal for college students as it will last more than 7 hours.

Power Adapter:

It would help if you had a maximum power supply of 65 watts or 65W for this laptop.

Package contents:

You will find a notebook of Acer Aspire 5 slim within the package with a Lithium battery, an Ac adapter, and a warranty card too. This laptop is ideal for you if you are a college student because its approximate weight is 1.8 kg. It will be effortless to carry around anywhere in a good backpack. You will find this laptop with a premium finishing of silver color. Your desired Laptop height is 17.95mm, width is 363.4 mm, and depth is 247.5mm.



When you started searching for an ideal laptop, there were many things in your mind. You must have needed a computer at a reasonable price with a lot of specifications. You demanded an excellent battery life that can work all-time at the college. Without a doubt, the best laptop for college students is Acer aspire five slim. It has several specifications for just 500 dollars. It would help if you did not think twice before buying it with an excellent memory and colossal storage with great audio quality and perfect screen resolution. In short, you have found the best laptop for college students already.


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