How to learn Japanese?

How to learn Japanese?

Learning a new language isn’t easy as it seems, but if we understand it with effort, it becomes easier for us to grab the language command soon. Learning any skill or language needs hard work, focus, and spirit. To communicate in a second language, you should know how to read, speak, listen and write. And the same thing we needed to learn Japanese. As a beginner, you may don’t know anything about Japanese at the start, but as time passes and you learn with genuine intentions, you’ll be successful for sure. 

A brief comparison with English:

  • No doubt Japanese is different and challenging from English, but it’s patterns make it relatively easy to understand. It has no irregular verbs, and the best part is it has only two verb tenses; past and present. 
  • As we already know, English follows a subject-verb-object structure, but Japanese follows a subject-object-verb format. You do not need to tackle grammatical rules in the beginning. Just focus on patterns; these will save you.

Listen, Listen, and Listen:

Listen and watch Japanese songs for better understanding; many words seem similar to you at the start. Read English subtitles while watching movies, your vocabulary becomes enriched, and you’ll be able to distinguish the difference between two Japanese words by yourself. Search on Youtube for free different courses and download audio components from various but authentic websites. 

Set up an Environment:

Set up a Japanese house environment; no need to fly to Japan to master Japanese. Just immerse yourself in the language through a Japanese home environment. You can not resist being constantly exposed to the language in every way. Download Japanese language applications, games, and dictionaries. Facebook is an excellent app for the initial stage, switching the language in Japanese. Netflix is also a great way to start, watch tons of Japanese shows there and learn more. 

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Translation Apps and Extensions 

Sometimes when Google Translate is not enough to give full context for Japanese symbols and words, search for other resources. There are numerous resources available online, also on Google Play Store, to translate any Japanese word. Download some helpful Extensions on your browsers. 

Don’t Lose Hope:

Motivation is inside you; tell yourself, “Yes, I can do this.” If you are struggling with your Japanese assignment, remind yourself, “I’ll be fine and take some time to study and complete it.” You’re not making yourself commit to an excessive amount of time which means you’ll be much more likely to motivate yourself to finish it. When you’re starting, you’ll likely find your rhythm and continue to work. The key is consistency. 

Follow these tips, and you’ll gain momentum when you start learning Japanese. It’s easier to learn Japanese. It’s easier to learn Japanese when you bring your learning to the forefront in the form of food, culture, music, people, and food. There’s an endless amount of Japanese food and sights and sounds that will add excitement to your classes.

Happy Learning!

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