How to plan a wedding?

How to plan a wedding?

The most important thing is to plan them wisely when it comes to weddings. Some People get too depressed while considering all the expenses. We discuss different steps to better plan a marriage without facing any embarrassment on that big day to ease their problem. In the following article, we get to know about How to plan a wedding? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Step 1 to plan a wedding

Wedding date

People do not take it seriously, but the wedding date comes first while planning the wedding. Sometimes we see a clash of weddings in a family, which spoils the day when guests are divided. So go for the wedding date when family and close friends are free and can reach easily. One more thing that can ruin the whole mood is events in the surroundings since halls and parks are already booked, and you may find it difficult to book a venue.

Step 2 to plan a wedding

Wedding Budget

The only thing that can cause a headache to the bride, groom, and their parents is their wedding budget. It is suggested not to spend too much because people spend all of their savings on weddings and it creates problems later when it becomes impossible for them to manage things and other expenses.

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Step 3 to plan a wedding


Guestlist plays an important role since more guests can prove to be a burden on your pocket, so make a list of all the guests who will be invited. If you want to make it easier, the following list will help you make a final decision regarding guests.

Immediate family

Distant family


Work colleagues

Friends of friends

Step 4 to plan a wedding


Always visit the venue personally and check all the facilities before finalizing the venue. Lack of facilities makes things worse and even spoils the enjoyment.

Step 5 to plan a wedding


Sometimes, the owners decide hall or venue decoration on their own, but they charge too much for this. Therefore you can go for cheaper decoration ideas according to your choice and budget.

Step 6 to plan a wedding

Wedding card

It’s lovely to send hardcopy invitations to friends and relatives, and you can select the card’s theme and style as per your choice.

Step 7


Do not spend too much on the menu. First, look at your budget, finalize dishes, and keep in mind the number of guests coming to attend the wedding since excess and shortage of food both cause embarrassment before guests. Remember that food shouldn’t go to waste because there are many people in the world or even in your surroundings that have nothing to eat and are dying of hunger.

Sep 8


The wedding function lasts for some days, but its good memories always leave a deep impression on the minds of the bride, groom, and relatives. So photographs and videos always remind people of those beautiful moments when two people tied the knot and the arrival of guests and fancy decorations are all captured in the pictures. So always hire the best photographer who can make your wedding day memorable.

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Step 9

Wedding rings and makeup artist

Picking a wedding ring is another important task. Always go for two different styles of calls because it looks good. If you cannot decide which circle you should choose, then take the help of your parents or friends. They would feel happy to help you finalize the wedding ring.

To look beautiful and prominent on the wedding day is the dream of every girl, so hire a good makeup artist from your town who can make your big day more beautiful.

Step 10


After wedding functions, the newlywed couple needs some time to relax and their honeymoon period allows them to enjoy this time and understand each other, so choose a good place where the environment is so pure and serene.

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