How to shave your Face?

How to shave your Face?

A smoother and comfortable shave isn’t always possible since people make many mistakes while shaving their face, but here we will discuss the step-by-step process of shaving your face without any cut and irritation. Both men and women can follow these steps while removing or shaving their faces. In the following article, we get to know about How to shave your Face? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.

Method 1

STEP 1 to shave your Face

Take steam

The first step in shaving is steam. Yes, you have heard it right. Steam opens up your pores, known as the best treatment for skin problems. And before shaving, it is recommended to take water steam for 2 minutes, then apply a scrub or exfoliator to remove the dead skin and impurities.

Hot water bath

A Hot water bath is also very helpful because it makes hair soft and opens pores. 

Step 2 to shave your Face

Shaving cream

Shaving cream makes hair soft and lifts the hair. It also prevents irritation on the face by making the process smooth. There are many good creams available in the market that are good for our skin.

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Step 3 to shave your Face

Use light or short strokes to shave your face.

Always use light and short strokes when shaving the face since it avoids cuts and wounds as a result of shaving. So, to prevent uneven shaving, use the light motion of the razor, especially on sensitive areas like the neck and cheeks. Remember to sterilize your razor before and after its use because bacteria stuck in blades can be the reason for many skin infections. So hygiene comes first when we touch or apply anything to our face. You can use Dettol for washing or cleaning your razors since it is the best disinfectant available in our homes.

Step 4 to shave your Face

Right direction

Facial hair can grow in any direction, and you have to check the right direction. If hair grows downward, then shave in the same direction because if you try it in the opposite direction, it results in scars and irritation. And one important thing to note is that shaving in the opposite direction can make hair thicker if you are a female, and it could cause many complications. 

Step 5 to shave your Face


Must apply a moisturizer after shaving your face, or you can also use aloe vera gel if you have any burning sensation or dryness.

Method 2

Electric razor shaving

Step 1 to shave your Face

Clean and scrub

First of all, clean your face with a cleanser or face wash that suits your skin. It removes dirt and oil from the skin and makes shaving easy.

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Step 2 to shave your Face

Seam and scrubbing

Take a hot bath or take water steam for 2-3 minutes to make your hair soft and open pores. Scrub your face with the help of a gentle scrub or exfoliator. It cleans pores by removing dirt from them.

Step 3 to shave your Face

Electric razor

Always remember to keep your skin tight while using an electric razor. Make your skin tight with one hand and hold an electric razor on the other hand. Shave gently to avoid cuts and bruises since the electric razor has sharp blades and can cause any damage to your skin. Must sterilize your razor after its use with the help of a disinfectant because bacteria can cause many skin infections.

Step 4


Apply aloe vera gel or any good moisturizer after shaving to avoid dryness on the face.

So these are the steps you need to follow while shaving your face. Never share your razor or electric razor with any other person since it causes many bacterial and fungal infections.

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