How to wire a plug?

How to wire a plug?

There are different steps to plug a wire. These steps must be kept in mind to remove any issue in plugging the wire. In the following article, we get to know about How to wire a plug? So please don’t skip the article from anywhere and read it carefully because it will be very useful for all of you guys.


  1. Strip the end of the cable coming from the appliance into the plug. Take off roughly 3 centimeters cut from 3 cm end of the white covering. When the end is cut, three thinner cables can be seen.
  2. Make use of the screwdriver to be used at the center of the plug, with three pins coming out from the other side.
  3. Take the back off from the plug and separate the three wires from each other to be used easily.
  4. Strip the end of the blue and brown wire to make them visible.
  5. There are three wires: live, earth, and a neutral wire.
  6. Put all the three wires through the thick white cable until the cable grip is tightened on the thick white cable.
  7. Use the screw again on the top of the holes to make the wire go through the holes and have good contact with the metal.

There are different plugs, and each plug has its installment technique. The connection techniques are different in every country as the power and voltage ratings are different. To plug a wire, some safety techniques need to be understood before plugging a wire.

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Tools Requirement

Certain tools are required for plugging a wire.

  1. A set of wire cutters 
  2. Wire Strippers
  3. Insulated electrical screwdriver

Why there is a need to plug the wire

The need to plug a wire is to remove the use of the extensions. The only way is to quickly install a plug with no messy patching and extra holes. Three three plug sockets must be installed in the room for plugging a wire. visit here

Use the power source.

There is a need to use the power source for this procedure to work only if there are some following conditions that are seen.

  1. Therefore, if a switch or outlet in a circuit is completely blown out.
  2. Electrical codes restrict the number of lights connected to the circuit. Mostly the circuit cant have more than eight lights. 
  3. To determine the current rating of the circuit, look at the number of breakers and fuse to manually decide the number of appliances connected in the circuit.
  4. Codes also limit the number of wires used in the circuit.

The Mode of safety

Before starting the work, turn off the circuit’s power from the main supply.

Make sure that the power is off before touching and using the wires.

So, ensure that the person connecting with the wire is more expert and has safe connections with the system.

However, the more expert the person is, the easier is the installment of the system wires, and plugging a wire would be easier. 

So, these steps know to every person working in the house to plug a wire.

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