Investing in forex while in recession: A good idea?


A recession encompasses reduced industrial and economic activity that leads to a contraction of the GDP (gross domestic product) of an economy. An economic recession can be a cause of absolute uncertainty and maximum volatility in financial markets. As a forex investor, you might find a recession to be frightening or worrisome. But then turmoil can also create an opportunity for you to exploit. Is the tension too great to scare you away from risking your money? Or would you rather dive in and pursue the potential rewards of a recession? Figuring out your next move can be a difficult task. Additionally, relying on historical patterns might also not reveal obvious clues to possible future outcomes. A recession could last a year, or less, or longer than that. The most important question is, what will you do next?

Is it safe to invest during a recession?

A sharp decline in currency prices during a recession could be a good opportunity to invest in or pull out of the market. Well, financial markets have always gone through a cycle of recession, recovery, expansion, and peak. However, the recovery sometimes takes longer to arrive or might not be massive as expected. Furthermore, some currencies might not recover for years, and others might completely fail to recover. There is always a chance of experiencing profits or losses from forex investing. If you do not invest, then the risk of losses is eliminated. But then, you could also miss out on the initial stages of recovery. On the other hand, a strong financial position and high-risk tolerance could make you invest more during a recession. If you lack both or either, then you probably should back off from the forex market during a recession.

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What is forex?

Forex, in simpler terms, involves converting a country’s currency into another. In a more complex sense, it is the transactional activity between a buyer and a seller to exchange two different currencies at a stipulated price. You can also refer to it as FX trading or foreign exchange. If you have traveled between or among different nations, then you have most likely engaged in a forex transaction. There are those who engage in forex transactions for practical purposes and others who are in it to gain profits. Nonetheless, every daily forex transaction that is done has an impact on the currencies’ price movement and could make some currencies more volatile than others. And that is why many traders are attracted to the forex market.

Why is investing in forex a good idea?

Traditionally, forex trading was only popular among affluent investors and behemoth corporations. That has since changed, with forex trading currently gaining a lot of interest globally. Today, even an average investor can participate in the forex market. The forex market is easily accessible to investors via online trading platforms. In addition, compared to other markets, you do not need a lot of money to start trading. You also get a shot at profitability provided that you own a laptop and have stable Internet. The forex market is not prone to compromise or influence from giant corporations or well-endowed investors. Everyone has an equal chance, and you can make an accurate analysis of demand and supply without worrying about external influence.

What are the guidelines for forex investment?

Before you embark on a forex trading journey, here are some of the things you should note:

  • Have a well-funded account in order to feel the impact of forex trading

  • Avoid risking over 5% capital per trade

  • A trader should react, not predict

  • Avoid deviating from your trading plan

  • Every market turn does not necessitate a call; do not engage in every trade

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Many people actively trade in the forex market globally. Whether or not you choose to invest in forex either during an expansion or a recession should depend on an individual analysis of the demand and supply patterns. It is necessary that you do not entirely rely on other people’s assessments.


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