Social Networking – Jacked Up Web Traffic


Social media is one of the most famous promotional tactics for any business to engage the target audience. Social networking sites are a highly effective source to get web traffic. Nowadays, social media is the backbone of our business infrastructure. Social networking is like a hangout spot for many people.

People from every age fraternity are active on social media, whether they are business oriented or from the entertainment community. It is the right spot to attract the audience to your website and generate web traffic. Social media is a robust way to connect with your ideal audience.

Love – Hate Association With Social Media

Marketers have a love-hate association with social networks. Using it right way drives million visitors to your digital platform and generates massive sales. About 67% of businessmen consider social media as a source of organic traffic. Social networking can be organic and paid.

Paid advertising certainly boosts your web traffic.

But if you are bound due to budget limitations, then social media marketing is a little trickier. In this case, your strategies should be appealing enough that highly rank your website over the search engines.

How To Drive Traffic From Social Networking Sites? 

Social media is not all about likes and shares and does not confine to Facebook and Twitter.

There are a number of fantastic platforms available to advertise your product. All you need is a strategy that can create steady traffic to your website that is efficient and cost-effective. 

Let’s dive into some of them!


  • Enhance Your Profile

A profile is the representation of your brand, services, and websites, and the first thing that is visible to the digital market. It is the first impression of your business, and your first impression should impress the audience to visit your website. Your brand’s logo, color scheme, image, etc. should be perfect. Your profile contains a description of your services that engage the reader and provoke him/her to visit your website. 

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  • Attractive Visuals

For this purpose, you must have to hire a graphic designer who is capable enough to make your profile’s visually engaging, appealing, attractive, and worth a visit. Being a marketer, we should know the psyche of our customers. People are more attracted to beauty, so make your profiles visually fascinating that ultimately forces the user to visit your web site.


  • Shareable Content

If a domain-specific customer is visiting your social network, he/she must read the content about your services, websites, and products. He/she may share it with others, so make your blogs and content worth sharing. According to research, people are very much influenced by the number of shares your profile gets.


  • Visible URL

URL is the address of your profile. Make sure that it is visible in about section and page bio. So that visitors can have easy access to your social network. It also legitimates your profile.


  • Call-to-Action

After interactivity with your social media account, let your visitors know about the next step using a call to action. Different social media networks have a different call to action. Some of the CTA’s are “comment below,” “visit now,” “share now” etc. Some networks have buttons, but on some platforms, you have to put them explicitly.


  • Post When audience Is Active

You should post when your target audience is online. It is useless to post when there is no one to see(the people you actually want to see your post). You may have a few hits, but they are of no use if potential customers don’t visit your site. So post when your targeted audience is active!

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  • Engage Consistently

Engage with your audience on a daily basis. A social network is a unique platform where you can interact with clients directly and can have valuable feedback. It is an effective technique to increase web traffic. 


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