15 Proven Methods to Increase Your Blog Traffic Fast


Anyone who runs a blog has struggled to gain more readership at one point or the other. 

While it would be great if readers would naturally flock to your blog just because your content is valuable, things simply don’t work like that in the digital world. 

Instead, you need to proactively look for ways to build and engage with your audience. 

Let’s look at some of the proven methods that will help you increase your blog traffic, bringing more prospects to your business. 

  1. Update your blog regularly 

Various research has suggested that the more frequently you update your blog (with quality content, of course), the more traffic it will attract.  

Google seems to prefer websites with fresh content and give them priority in search.  

Aim at updating your blog once a week or every two weeks, depending on your industry.  

But be careful not to sacrifice the quality of your content for sheer volume. 

  1. Invest in blog design 

A well-organized and visually appealing blog layout is more likely to attract and keep your audience’s attention resulting in a higher time on page and lower bounce rate. It will also be more likely to bring your audiences back to your blog. 

Consult a custom website design company on how to optimize your blog design for performance.  

Keep in mind that your blog should reflect your brand style, but it should also look clean and professional. 

  1. Use social media for promotion 

With 3.78 billion social media users worldwide, these are some of the biggest pools of traffic to tap into 

Share each new blog post on platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to attract organic traffic. 

  1. Create better titles and title tags 

When writing titles for your blog posts, invest time into making them interesting to increase their “clickability.”  

Your blog post’s title is the first thing readers will come across, so make sure it grabs their attention.  

On top of this, keep SEO in mind; create SEO-friendly titles that will intrigue your readers and help you rank better in search results pages. 

  1. Identify your niche 

One of the most common mistakes bloggers make is when they try to appeal to everyone.  

While you may have various interests and feel excited to discuss them all with your audience, this can only dilute your focus and confuse the readers.  

 Find a relevant niche or angle and stick to it when creating your content. This will help you appeal to your target audience and get them excited about coming back to your blog. 

  1. Add photos 
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Adding interesting visual elements such as high-quality photos to your blog is a great way to attract and keep your audience’s attention.  

According to research, including photos in your blog posts increases your readers’ time on page and, in doing so, improve your SEO  

Speaking of, including relevant keywords in your image alt tags will make your content more visible in Google image results. 

  1. Find the right keywords 

Keywords play a huge role in SEO. Ranking for the right keywords in search engines helps you attract more targeted organic traffic.  

For example, ranking for location keywords is a great way to attract your local audience through search. Let’s take an office management business based in Texas; If they were looking for web development help, they would be more likely to look for the top web developers in Houston than for a generic keyword such as “top web developers.” 

  1. Add links 

Another thing Google is a huge fan of are quality outbound links.  

So, if you ever mention another business’ product or service, include a link to their website. This way, you not only improve your users’ experience and, with it, your blog’s appeal to Google, but you also might earn a link back from the said business – a triple win.  

  1. Include share buttons 

Make your blog posts shareable. Including the social media and email sharing buttons will encourage your readers to spread the word about your valuable content and recruit their networks to visit. 

  1. Revive your previous content 

The content you previously shared can also be used to drive more traffic. Simply go back to your previous posts and see how you can update them to make them relevant once more, thus giving them a new life. 

You can also share it on social media and spark new conversations around all the changes that happened.  

  1. Accept guest contributors 

By accepting guest contributors to your blog, you’ll enjoy several perks. For starters, you are getting content you didn’t have to spend any time creating.  

On top of that, your guest contributors are likely to share their content – featured on your blog – with their audience, presenting your blog to a whole new crowd of people.  

  1. Consider adding video as well 

Aside from the photo content, you can also add video content to your blog. 

Since Google is the owner of YouTube, featuring YouTube videos in your blog posts can also increase the traffic to your site. Embedding videos into your blog is likely to increase time on page and lower the bounce rate, which are some of the metrics that tell Google you have quality content. And quality content will also bring higher rankings on Google.  

  1. Create guest posts 
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Similar to the previously-mentioned method where you should accept guest posts, you should also reach out to other bloggers and see if any of them would have you guest post on their blogs as well. 

The perks of this are quite similar to the perks of accepting guest posts, which are increased exposure and the ability to reach a whole new group of potential followers. 

  1. Make your content easily skimmable 

Next, whenever you create any type of written content, you need to make sure that people can go through it easily. 

Some of your readers may not be interested in reading your entire blog in search of a single piece of information. So, make sure you divide your content into smaller chunks by implementing headings and subheadings, bullets and lists, and dividing it into clear paragraphs. 

If you present your readership with a block of text that’s not easy to skim, they will be more likely to bounce off the page instead of spending time on it looking for relevant information. 

Naturally, depending on your audience, you also need to get the tone of voice right, as you don’t want to risk deterring your audience by using overly complicated or overly-simplified words and phrases.  

  1. Create good meta descriptions 

Finally, you need to make sure you – once more – cater to the SEO rules and create a good meta description for your blog. Ideally, meta descriptions shouldn’t be longer than 160 words so your audience can easily get the gist of what they can expect from your blog. 

Meta descriptions, just like title tags, affect the “clickability” of your blog in search results, which means that if you do it right, you can expect more page visits. Also, remember to include your main keywords in your meta description as well. 

To sum up 

The content you create and feature on your blog will need to be created in a way that will spark your readers’ interest and attract them to your page. 

The more you focus on creating good content and promoting it through various channels, the easier it will be to attract a new readership. 

With these 15 proven methods, increasing your blog traffic will be made easier than ever. 


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