Why Civilians Need Tactical Gear


Tactical gear was initially meant for military and law enforcement use. That has changed
significantly in recent times. Civilians have developed an appreciation for the functionality and aesthetics of this gear. They realize the benefits of owning gear that serves different purposes and still looks trendy. In this piece, we discuss top reasons why civilians need tactical gear.

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What is Tactical Gear

To understand why a civilian would find  tactical gear useful, you must first know what tactical gear is. When we mention tactical gear, we usually refer to the specially designed equipment made to facilitate the unique needs of those in the military, law enforcement, and other security roles. The key distinguishing features of tactical gear are the intended use and capacity to safeguard you in dangerous situations.

Due to its unique features, tactical gear is often more comfortable and secure than standard gear. Tactical equipment can be subdivided into four categories. Those are:

● Load-bearing gear such as plate carriers and backpacks
● Eyewear, helmets, body armor, and other protective gear
● Tactical apparel like cargo pants, gloves, boots, and knee pads
● Tactical equipment, including multitools, night visions, and gas masks.

Although most of these are used by security personnel and can be costly, many civilians acquire them today. Here are some excellent reasons for civilians to own and use tactical gear.

Benefits of Tactical Gear to Civilians

Now that you know what tactical gear is let’s look into why you, as a civilian, would benefit from them.

Functional and Fashionable Clothing

Tactical apparel is widely worn among the civilian community today. Whether you’re a hunter, hiker, or just the average guy in the neighborhood, there’s a tactical piece of clothing that suits your needs.

If you walk around long enough, you’ll likely notice several men in cargo pants. These guys are neither on duty nor trying to camouflage. Some simply wear the outfit because it’s become a fashion staple. What’s more, it’s made from heavy twill and has several convenient pockets. It’s also loose and comfortable and has an air layer that makes it warmer than slim-fit jeans.

MOLLE pouches safely hold items like cellphones, multitools, and other survival equipment you may need for hikes and camping. Also, those who practice everyday carry (EDC) require cover garments. Although baggy clothes work well, tactical apparel such as battle jackets are perfect for the job. Some of these are sleeveless and light enough to be worn in the summer. They also come in different colors to match various pants and accessories.

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Camouflage is a vital hunting gear. It allows you to get extremely close to your target without being noticed. Your prey could walk straight to you without sensing danger. Besides the patterns and dull colors, your camo must be durable and allow for a full range of motion. These are qualities that tactical apparel must have. Therefore, when you get tactical gear for this purpose, you will receive the desired quality and beyond.

Protective Footwear

What you wear on your feet determines how long you can trek, run or hike. If you plan on going for a long hike, you need comfortable footwear to keep your feet dry and safe.

Tactical footwear has well-made, sturdy, and flexible soles. These permit unrestricted
movement and protect your feet from extreme conditions. Some boots are designed specifically for harsh weather like snow. They have a better grip, allowing you to move easily on ice and snow. Ordinary winter boots have similar features, but tactical ones are made with extra emphasis on safety and performance.

Also, since tactical boots are waterproof, you can walk through shallow pools of water without wetting your feet. If you hike for long, that could cause issues with breathability. Considering the flexibility, durability, and functionality these boots offer, breathability is a small price to pay.

Stylish and Protective Eyewear

Recreational shooting is among the leading hobbies in America. Millions of Americans visit
shooting ranges yearly for leisure shooting and competitions like 3-Gun. If you’ve ever been to ashooting range, you know how important it is to protect your eyes. The clay and other targets you shoot fall back as debris, and your guns produce hot gasses. These can hurt your eyes.

Again, standard protective glasses will keep your eyes safe. However, tactical ones meet the American National Standards Institute’s (ANSI) threshold and can withstand extreme-velocity impact. They also come in various lens types and frame sizes. If you have eye problems, they will act as visual aids and safeguard your eyes. Besides, some tactical glasses are polarized to offer protection against UV rays.

In addition to protecting your eyes, tactical eyewear can double up as an everyday accessory. If your style is to wear sunglasses every time you step out in the sun, a few pairs of tactical glasses will help you accessorize your outfits.

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Self-Defense Tools

Lately, parts of America have become extremely dangerous. A few decades ago, the main
reason why most Americans owned guns was recreational shooting. Today, a vast majority buy guns for personal protection. You cannot blame them because the streets are dangerous.

Shooters repeatedly walk into public spaces and fire live rounds at innocent civilians. Riots also take place, and muggings are on the rise. Luckily, the Second Amendment allows you to carry. Tactical equipment like guns is a great way to deter aggressors. No sane person would proceed with an attack if you pulled out your weapon and fired in their direction.

If you intend to immobilize an aggressor briefly to allow you to escape, you have options like Tasers and pepper sprays. All these were initially designed for law enforcement and security personnel. However, due to high insecurity levels in some American neighborhoods, the law allows civilians to use them for self-defense.

Storage Alternatives

American civilians collectively own at least 393 million firearms. The latest US Census shows that America has just over 331 million residents. That is more guns than people in the country. Since only adults are allowed to own guns, these figures mean that many Americans have more than one firearm. Some of these are powerful rifles like the AR-15, which you cannot walk around with in concealed carry zones.

Guns are designed to kill, and owning more than one is a huge responsibility. If you leave them at home, your kid or other unauthorized people could access them. They could use them to commit crimes or accidentally hurt themselves. If you leave them in your car, someone could steal and misuse them. Car gun theft is more common than you may imagine. In the US, thieves steal one gun from vehicles every 15 minutes. That puts you, your family, and your community at great risk.

As a responsible gun owner, you need proper storage alternatives for your weapons when in transit or not in use. You must have car and home gun safes to secure all your weapons. Gun cases and ammo cans are also helpful in transporting your firearms and ammo to and from the range and other places. All these tactical gear make it safer and more convenient for civilians to own and move with guns.

Wrap Up

Overall, tactical gear offers the same benefits to civilians as to the military and other security personnel. It provides comfort and mobility, allowing you to go about your daily activities with ease. More importantly, it keeps you safe, especially in insecure neighborhoods. Stay ready with the right gear!


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