5 Steps for Improving Your SEO Ranking Using Data Science

SEO Ranking Using Data Science

Those days are gone, when a few tweaks in the title, descriptions, or target keywords or URL can bring you to the first page of the Google Search Engine Results Page. Guesswork in SEO is now known as grey hat SEO. And when Google discovers it, it penalizes them until the rankings go down. Therefore, data science has become one of the crucial reasons to win SEO as it is a long-term game and needs proper executions to see the results. Let’s see steps for improving your SEO ranking using data science.

Because we all know SEO is organic (free). Thus, if you do it the right way, you can make the most of its benefits for a longer time. SEO is one of the prime reasons digital marketing is so important and why so many fail in it.

What is Data Science?

Data Science is the combination of the multidisciplinary field of computer science, mathematics, and statistics, along with programming languages. In other words, you can say it is a combination of various tools. And machine learning algorithms for finding out the hidden insights using different sets of raw data.

According to the recent survey by Maryville University, around 1.7 megabytes of data will get generated every second on the planet in 2020.

Why Do You Need Data Science as a Digital Marketer?

Data science is the advanced way of unveiling the hidden insights about a website and its keyword performances for the first page in the search results page. Therefore, data science provides valuable insights through measuring website performances and suggesting ways to boost your ranking through various SEO campaigns.

Data Science provides valuable insights into the performance of a website on the Google Search Engine Result Page. Wherein these insights can help you to enhance your SEO performance and campaigns. By using data science, it is easy to forecast upcoming trends. And whenever there is a change in Google algorithms, what actions can you take to remain at the top of search engine results.

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Along with that, it also helps you to understand customer behaviors and the buyer’s journey. It will allow them to be retargeted in a more personalized way, which will result in a higher level of conversion and longer time spent on your website. The best way to do that is to provide the same that customers are looking for a buy. And how to do it is by researching to find out new trends.

How Does Data Science Help in SEO Ranking?

Data science has a lot of potentials when it comes to SEO and digital marketing. It helps you to visualize the combinations that can make a massive impact. And create strategies aligned to the requirements of customers. Understanding the buyer’s intentions and pain points, along with ways to connect and build long-term relationships.

Although it is possible to determine where your visitors come from (social media, organic, direct, and referral). You also can track other crucial metrics such as loading time, indexing, bounce rate, redirects, and crawled URLs, along with broken links from the competitors, and create backlinks to keep yourself ahead in the competitions. This way, when you plan accordingly, you can see positive results and a boost in SEO rankings.

How Can You Apply Data Science to Your SEO Data?

The term data-driven marketing is considered the most disciplined marketing. That focuses on qualitative and quantitative data to create a promising strategy, and proper implementation of it gives you 100 results in the stipulated time. Therefore, data science is a prime component in successful marketing.

Not everyone can understand SEO. Most of them do not know what SEO and marketing campaigns are. But for digital marketers and SEO analysts, these data are like gold mines, were hidden tons and tons of opportunities. To rank better in Google SERP and to reach more customers through it.

Build Your Data Sets, Clean, Massive, and Well-Organized

You can plan your strategies with your database. When your company specializes in digital marketing, you endlessly need to monitor too many metrics at once. Some members may be working on SEO, while others focus on google and social media ads to boost click-through rates and reduce bounce rates.

Therefore, you manage everything on a database. You get clear cut ideas, how well your campaigns are performing, and what more tweaks you can add to take it to the next level.

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Rely on The Digital Ecosystem Instead of Data Generated Through Tools

Search Engine Optimization is perplexed and involves many other aspects of digital marketing. It includes content marketing, sales, paid ads, conversion rate optimization, and so on. Therefore, relying on the digital ecosystem will give your insight into many things. Including the ways, you can enhance the performance of your campaigns. But data science helps you find out the accurate and cumulative data from digital ecosystems and tools generated data.

Match Your SEO Strategies with Marketing Initiatives & Business Goals

Target your audience and your products with the right long-tail keywords. The advantages of using these keywords are:

  • it has higher chances to rank in the search engines.
  • And secondly, the competitions are lower in it.

It means you need to put a little effort into your products and services ranking on Google SERP.

This way, with minimum efforts, you can land your potential customers directly on your websites, sells your products and services. Plan and ideate and execute your marketing strategies according to your business goals and objectives.

Visualize Your Data with Google Analytics, Search Console, and AdWords

Google has always made marketing look easy, compared to other paid tools (Ahrefs, SemRush), to give crucial metrics about your website, ads, and other things. With Google Search Console, Analytics, and AdWords, you can track real-time data, demographics, devices, and uses. Cohort Analysis, Page Performances, Bid Simulator, Page Speed Insights, and other metrics.

You can analyze data visually, measure many metrics accurately, and do your necessary tweaks to get your ranking better on google SERP. When you position on the first pages, there are higher chances that people will be more likely to click on the URL and land on your website.

Use A/B testing To Find Out the Best Performing Ads

Running ads is a way to position your products on your website, where you bid for your keywords, displaying your products at the top of Google SERP.

When you run your ads through A/B testing for a similar product, you will learn which ads convert best. And you can use it more to maximize your results. This way, with more clicks to your website, your SEO rankings will boost insignificantly.


With data science and its audits to the database, you can eliminate all the guesswork of presuming what works and how it may affect your business goals. Instead, you can plan your strategies effectively and execute them better with the proven results. And add quality to your process and quantity to your success.

Apart from identifying hidden opportunities, with data science and machine learning algorithms, it becomes easy to handle the large volume of data and gauge the various performance of marketing campaigns seamlessly.


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