How to make distilled water?

How to make distilled water?

Even if you hear distilled water, some people don’t get it right, right?

Distilled water is a type of purified water and it is not recommended to drink purified water, but distilled water is water made for human consumption.

I’m happy that distilled water has good effects on everyday life, such as beauty and health effects.

In this article, I will introduce in detail how to easily make distilled water at home and the expected effects.

Know how to make it and incorporate distilled water into your life.

What you need when making distilled water

When you hear the word “distilled water”, you have the impression that it is difficult to make.

Distilled water is at home and is surprisingly easy to make.

The following is necessary for distilled water, so be prepared in advance when making it.

  1. Pot with lid
  2. A bowl large enough to fit in a pot
  3. Wire mesh and baking rack

How to make distilled water

Let’s make distilled water immediately.

There are basically three ways to make it, but this time I will introduce the method that is said to be the easiest.

Put tap water in the pot

First, add water to about half of the pot.

A typical deep pot is about 20L.

The water at this time is not mineral water, but tap water.

Put a glass bowl in the pot

If you can add water, put the bowl in the pot.

Please note that if the bowl on the bottom of the pot sticks, it may burn.

If the pot gets burnt, you’ll feel depressed …

This stage is still in its infancy, so let’s take proper measures.

As a concrete measure, you can prevent burning by pulling a wire mesh or baking rack so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pot.

When it boils, put the ice in a pan

After boiling, turn the pot over.

By placing ice in the pot turned inside out, the steam that has risen due to boiling is condensed.

By condensing water vapor, it changes to pure water.

Some people think that boiling is just to produce steam, right?

In fact, it’s not just about producing water vapor.

Boiling has the effect of removing ethanol and methanol.

Ethanol and methanol are substances that are not good for the human body, so it is safer to lose them.

Bring the water in the pot to a boil

You can imagine that when it boils, water vapor collects on the lid of the pot.

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The steam accumulated in the pot turns into water when it touches the cold pot.

When it condenses and changes to water, the mass becomes heavier and water droplets fall into the bowl.

When the words “condensation” and “mass” come out, it feels like a science class.

I was not good at science, but I managed to make it.

It will be completed soon, so let’s do our best.

Completed after transferring to a container

If you can transfer the water in the bowl to the container, you’re done.

Did you complete it?

You learned that distilled water is surprisingly easy to make.

Let’s make distilled water as needed.

Precautions when making distilled water

If you don’t follow the precautions when making distilled water, even if you make it with all your might, it will be ruined if you make a mistake or get injured.

If you want to make it, I want to master it at once.

Let’s see what you need to be careful about in order to make distilled water perfectly.

The water in the bowl should not be boiled

If the water in the bowl is boiled, it will be a factor to lose the distilled water that could be stored.

The water in the bowl is already completely distilled water.

If you boil the water in the bowl and the distilled water you make evaporates, you will have to distill twice.

Once distilled, no impurities are contained in the distilled water.

It may be troublesome twice, so be careful about the heat.

Beware of burns

Since there are many opportunities to adjust the heat, it can be expected that the work of checking the temperature will inevitably increase.

The most important thing to watch out for is an injury caused by a burn.

Be especially careful when picking the bowl out of the pot.

The distill water in the bowl is quite hot, if not 100 degrees Celsius.

When removing the bowl, be sure to touch it with gloves or a towel.

Distilled water can be safely produced with simple measures.

Distill water is highly safe

What is the reason why distill water is said to be highly safe?

The answer is directly linked to the low safety of tap water.

Tap water is not pure water but chlorine added for sterilization.

Chlorine is considered to be a fairly irritating ingredient.

People with weak stomachs and intestines may take in chlorine from tap water and get sick without knowing it.

Distill water has impurities such as chlorine removed and can be said to be water that is close to pure water.

Distilled water made in the right way is sure to be good for you.

Effect of distilled water

Everyone knows that distill water is good for your health.

From now on, I will introduce the specific effects of drinking distilled water.

Has a beautiful skin effect

Many women are happy to hear that it has a beautiful skin effect.

As I mentioned earlier, the water is gentle on the skin just because it is chlorine-free.

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As an element to beautify the skin, not only is it gentle on the skin because it does not have chlorine, but it is also a nice point to increase the permeability of lotion etc. to the skin.

The recommended usage is to soak it in cotton etc. and lightly apply it to the skin before applying the lotion, so that the penetration of the lotion will be improved.

It can also be expected that germs on the surface of the skin will be absorbed by distilled water and disappear.

If you have skin problems, please try them once.

Become hair care

When you hear that you have beautiful hair, you long for it.

You can use distilled water to make your hair beautiful.

Distilled water does not contain any components that cause damage.

You can expect the effect of improving the permeability of treatments, etc., and you can get smooth hair.

If your hair is not moisturized, please try it.

Baby hydration

A must-see for the child-rearing generation who are worried about the water in their babies.

“If you can master distilled water, your baby’s water problem will be solved.”

Babies are very delicate because they are less immune to bacteria and chemicals.

If it is freshly made distill water, it is unlikely that it will be contaminated with bacteria or chemical substances.

Since there are no harmful substances, you can give it to your baby with confidence.

If you are suffering from water problems with your baby, try distill water once.

Ideal for humidifiers

Have you ever heard of the term Legionella?

When Legionella bacteria are taken into the body, infants and the elderly may cause pneumonia and die.

It would be scary to hear that dangerous bacteria such as Legionella are present in the water of the humidifier.

Rest assured.

By putting distill water into the humidifier, you can prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria.

Even if you add distill water, it is meaningless if the inside of the humidifier is dirty, so let’s maintain it regularly.

Precautions when using distilled water

So far, I’ve only introduced the good points of distill water, but you also need to know that you have to be careful.

Some People mistakenly think that “distill water is all-purpose water.”

Let’s check the precautions to eliminate the misunderstanding about distill water.

Use up early

Safe just made Stored in a refrigerator that can contain bacteria that

cannot be sterilized Within 3 days Some people may want to make a large amount of distill water at a time and store it.

Did you know that long-term storage of distill water is dangerous?

Distill water is unprotected water that does not contain bactericidal components such as chlorine.

You can drink it with confidence if you have just made it, but there is a risk that bacteria will get mixed in if it is left free for a certain period of time.

Try to drink within 3 days of making.

Distilled water has no moisturizing ingredients


Skincare is a set

to support penetration

Many people mistakenly think that distill water contains moisturizing ingredients, but distill water does not contain moisturizing ingredients.

The effect of distill water is to support the penetration of moisturizers.

When using distill water for skincare, be sure to use it in combination with a moisturizer or serum.

Let’s use distilled water correctly

Did you understand distill water?

Distill water, if used correctly, can have a positive effect on the body.

However, it is also a fact that if you use the wrong specifications, it will be meaningless.

By reading this article, you have mastered the correct usage, haven’t you?

Make sure to use distill water correctly.

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