What Are the Differences Between a Professional SEO Audit and an Amateur One?

What Are the Differences Between a Professional SEO Audit and an Amateur One

Through a Professional SEO Audit, You Will Collect a Lot More Useful Information!

Nowadays, there are a lot of SEO agencies that you can find on the internet. But unfortunately, most of them are amateurs. They do not have either enough SEO knowledge, not the experience required to produce top-notch results. There are indeed many gems as well. Agencies that have a strong knowledge base and over a decade of experience in the field. But you will need to do some research to be able to find a reliable SEO agency. Keep in mind that the first task of an agency is to understand the site of their clients. And an SEO audit is mandatory for that. So, you need to ensure that the audit made by an agency is a professional one. The first difference between a professional audit and an amateur one is the amount and quality of information that it provides.

Your first task to determine the skill levels of an agency is to check the information provided through its audit. You should know that SEO can be separated into three parts. And it is essential to get information about all of them. If an audit does not provide even that, then it should not even be called an audit. The information that a professional agency should be able to give you is: Most Comfortable Headphones

  • Technical SEO. The part of the SEO audit that checks this part must obtain information about three critical elects of your website. The first element is the quality of the links on your website. The address links of the site need to work correctly and be as short and easy to memorize as possible. The second element is the loading speed of your website. You need to be aware that most of your visitors will not be willing to wait more than 4-5 seconds for your pages to load. So, you must make sure that the loading time is faster than that. And lastly, the audit must find out the compatibility level of your website with different devices. There will be visitors that use smartphones and tablets as well, not only PCs or laptops.
  • On-site SEO. The on-site part of the SEO process only has one essential element. And that is the content used on your website. Be it text, images, or videos, all of them must be top-quality. A reliable audit must find out the originality level of the content, the relevancy for the visitors, as well as the engagement level of your potential customers. And this is essential information that will help the agency build a better strategy in the future. And also, modify or get rid of the content that does not reach the standard.
  • Off-site SEO. And lastly, SEO must also consider the factors that are not on your website. Those are the online presence and the authority of your website. The website presence is also the renown that your site has in the industry. And the site authority, as the name implies, represents the influence that your website has over the industry. The audit can acquire this information through the use of several tools. The main factors, in this case, are the backlinks of your website.
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A Professional SEO Audit Will Contain Explanations and Solution Proposals!

A Professional SEO Audit Will Contain Explanations and Solution Proposals

Both an amateur SEO audit and a professional one must contain the parts mentioned above. Although the quality of these parts will differ, they will be present in both types of audits. But there are two other types of information that will help you find a professional SEO audit service much faster and easier. Almost no audit made by a substandard agency will contain the last two factors that are essential for a long-term collaboration with an agency.

  • Errors and problems explanations. Through the parts mentioned above, an audit will be able to find out a lot of problems that will cause the ranks of your website to drop or keep them down. But most of the clients of an agency will not be able to understand them. For this reason, a reliable agency must explain any problem or error found. It must help you find out how it affects your site. And why it does that. By doing this, it will help you to avoid making the same mistakes in the future. And you can also use this knowledge to check the quality of the work done by the agency. Best Pillow For Neck
  • Solutions and strategy proposals. But knowing all the problems and errors does not mean that you know the solutions as well. For this reason, the agency should tell you how to solve everything. There will be two types of problems and solutions, the short-term ones which can be solved on the spot, and the long-term ones that will need a strategy. And the agency will specify both types of solutions, and most likely offer their services to help you.
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How Can You Find the Best SEO Audit Service for Your Company?

Now you know what you need to look for while searching for the best audit on the internet. You know how to make the difference between a professional one and an amateur SEO audit service. But there are a few steps that will help you make use of this information correctly. Firstly, you need to check the site of the agency and see if the audit will provide all the information mentioned here. You have enough options. So, make sure to search all the agencies thoroughly and do not accept subpar quality.

The second step is to either search reviews about the agency on the internet or directly contact its customers. You will be able to find a lot of opinions about the agency on the internet. But those may not be reliable enough to make a decision based on them. So, your best bet is to find the information directly from the customers. Only then can you find out trustable information, which will help you decide if the agency will accomplish the promises on its website.


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